March 21, 2013

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My Taipei guide is updated!

Around two and a half years ago, in August 2010 to be precise, I published my most successful post to date: Visit Taipei! Best Taipei travel guide. It has become my signature post, and I had no idea at that time that I will become such a passionate Taipei travel blogger two years later. I wrote that post after I had to return to Europe from a three months long stay in Taipei, where I visited my wife (then girlfriend) for the first time. We were traveling around Taiwan, exploring Taipei together, and enjoying the sweetness of a very fresh relationship. It was one of the best times of our lives. It wasn't easy to go back without her, and I pretty quickly decided that I want to move to Taiwan to be with her, the love of my life. But before I hopped on the plane that changed everything, I realized that I have a lot of photos and impressions from my Taiwan trip, which I hoped to memorize on my blog. This led to several travel posts that were quite popular with my readers. I started to think about writing something long, comprehensive, useful, and of long term value: My own travel guide of Taipei. I also wanted it to be multilingual in order to reach as many people as possible. That's how Visit Taipei was born.

The success of Visit Taipei

My original post was at that time breaking all traffic records, and greatly helped to put my blog on the map, so to speak. What caused that was completely unexpected: A Taiwanese bestseller author linked to my post on his Facebook page, and people were flooding to my blog like there is no tomorrow. At one time I had 282 people on my blog at the same time, and over 6000 unique visits in one day. It was simply amazing! And a few days later someone linked my post on PTT, and I got even more traffic: over 7000 unique visits that day (read more about that here). I guess all this sudden traffic explosion gave Google's web crawlers a signal, that it has to be an excellent post: Visit Taipei has ever since appeared on the first page of most search results, that are related to traveling or visiting Taipei. As of March 2013, the post had 48000 page views (check my Google Analytics PDF here). Meanwhile the Visit Taipei in traditional Chinese, the English version translated by my wife got over 27000 unique visits since its launch in 2010 which is another big success story. I have also made a version in simplified Chinese and another in my native Slovenian language.

The new Visit Taipei

Somewhere around last summer I started to think about updating my most popular post for two main reasons. First, the photos were hosted on my wife's Flickr account, and they were loading very slowly (the post had around 60 photos originally). My wife was also paying for an FTP server where she hosted her blog, and she had a plenty of free space for my photos. Uploading with clients like Filezilla is much more convenient because I am able to customize my photo URLs, and when I modify and reupload them I don't need to change anything in my post's code - it saves a lot of time. Secondly, ever since I moved to Taipei I have visited so much more places in and outside the city. My Taipei resource is now nearly 300 posts large, I have thousands of new and better photos which I have used for my updated post. I actually completely rewrote everything, expanded it, and added new photos. I kept the core structure and the idea of the original post, but the rest is completely new. The new post has 75 photos, but I might add more in the future when buildings like the Gate of Taipei are completed. What I also did is cleaned up the old post's HTML code because it was a mess. Now when I want to add new photos and info to the post I can do so very easily.

A look into the future

In the future I will try to further improve the post, add new info, update images, and translate it in several other languages. I might add sponsored ads as well. I know that no celebrity will be sharing this post like they did in 2010, I don't expect a spike in traffic. This update is meant to match the quality of my other posts, and for Google to keep it among top results for the foreseeable future. Believe it or not, I have spent over 6 months to rewrite this post, so it means a lot to me if people read it again. That was partly due to my busy schedule, and partly because I had to write individual posts of Taipei's interesting spots in order to link them in the new version. Ok, let's stop with the talking. The best way to see what this is all about is to check out my brand new:

• Visit Taipei! Best Taipei travel guide>>


  1. Nice!!! My American friend is visiting Taiwan next month, I'll make sure I study, I mean STUDY! your blog before his arrival.

    Thanks again for the resourceful blog! ;)

  2. @daming7562: Cool~! Share and link, I will be happy.

  3. Wow! I think your blog is a great resource! I referred to it MANY TIMES when planning my itinerary to Taiwan, just went there for the 5th time in 4 years!! woohoo!!~


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