May 18, 2012

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Photos of Amsterdam, Netherlands

One of Europe's most famous capitals

Amsterdam is the cultural and economic center of Netherlands and definitely one of the most famous cities in Europe, perhaps in the world. The city is known for it's numerous canals, coffee shops that attract marijuana smokers from all over the world, a vibrant red-light district and night life and generally a very laid-back approach to life. Amsterdam might be one of the most liberal cities in the world and those who visit, usually combine the city with pleasure.

1. My impression of Amsterdam

For me Amsterdam is a mix of red-bricked houses along the canals, that cause nostalgia and modernistic cubes with glassy facades, that cause wondering. Although Amsterdam is a big and important European city, the life feels very laid-back. That might be due to the relaxed nature of the Dutch people. Bicycles rule the streets, everything's optimized for biking, which is the quintessential Dutch thing. The public transportation is very well developed and walking around the center is as easy as eating a pie. I like Amsterdam in a way, but I don't love it.

2. My photos of Amsterdam

Following are the photos of my stroll around Amsterdam's center. Enjoy:

Sloterdijk station is close to Holiday Inn Express, my favorite hotel.

Only one stop to Amsterdam Central station, it's very convenient.

The covered roof of Amsterdam Centraal.

Inside Amsterdam's main station.

Common problem in some parts of Amsterdam: Littering. This is at the main station.

Central station from outside.

Damrak, one of the main streets in Amsterdam.

Central station as seen from Damrak.

French fries stall.

Royal palace.

One of the biggest squares in the center called Dam.

Horse with carriage at the Dam.

Magna Plaza shopping center.

Magna Plaza's top.

Magna Plaza from atop.

One of the beautiful canals in the center.

Another angle.

Sexy Amsterdam.

No comment.

Traditional Dutch houses.

Oude Kerk church.

Nikolaskerk church.

Oude Kerk again.

Oude Kerk closeup.

The tower.

The front.

Amsterdam skyline.

Amsterdam is beautiful at night.

Hamburgers ready to be taken. You just need to insert a coin to get them.

Amsterdam at night.

Houses near canal at night.

Live copulation show in Amsterdam...

Ladies of the night.

Amsterdam's infamous red light district.

Back to where I came from...

3. Amsterdam in conclusion

Amsterdam is one of those European cities you should not miss, if you come to Europe. It has a very special ambiance that will captivate you. Unfortunately, it's not famous for good food, something I always look for, when I travel, but it has a lot of historic sights and beautiful spots, that will make it up for it.


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