April 16, 2012

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New blog design for 2012

Entering a new era

Click on the image to see how my blog should look like on your screen.

My blog has recently entered a new era: I've redesigned some parts over the weekend and today is official launch of my blog's new fancy outfit. How do you like it? The design was inspired by Apple.com, I've used the Myriad Pro font on the sidebars and in some pages, such as About me. The content bar stayed the same, no sizes have changed. The background is light grey and I've rounded the edges and added box-shadows. I like the effect, because it softens the previously sharp edges. I always liked simple, light and clear designs more than complicated ones with black background and white font.

I am well aware, that this layout won't look that good on other browsers, especially on old versions on Internet Explorer. Please, if you use those versions, I'm sure a beautiful blog design isn't really one of your priorities. This new design looks best on Safari and Chrome, Modzilla is not bad either, at least on my iMac, but on my wife's old Windows laptop it doesn't look that good anymore. The biggest risk are the box-shadows, if they are not supported, the whole layout looks very weird. But at this point want to offer the best for those who expect the best (for example Mac users) and hope that the rest will upgrade soon. Hope dies last.

Two of my most popular posts in the recent months are related to Taiwanese women.

Given the fact that I'm very busy and update less in recently, my blog is doing surprisingly well. My main blog has around 250 subscribers in Google Reader and between 2500 and 3000 daily page views in recent weeks. Last whole month was 75.000 page views, which is not bad for a Blogger blog. I've also passed the 1 million page views mark this year, currently is over 1.1 already. The comments have become less, because I'm not really engaged in the blogosphere (no time) and a lot of my posts are rather informational than thought-provoking. But that suits me: I'm trying to slowly grow my resource on Taiwan and travel and I have no pressure to do it fast. I will also enhance my pages and unify the way my content can be found. I want a simple and easy to navigate blog with great content and a very broad resource. I think I'm doing quite ok.

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  1. Congratulations for the new design and for your blog. It is a reference for me!

  2. Have not been here in so long....missed you guys! Will try to be more regular from now on

    Hope you've been well dear

  3. I like the soft but crisp presentation of this blog design, it is entering a new coming of age I think. As you say, regards people who aren't using Applemac or, Chrome, or Mozilla, 'hope springs eternal'.

    I am an Apple user now (about 2 years). I have no ability in web design and am still coming to grips with a system whole new code, or at least it feels it has. I am delighted with what I see you developing here.

    I'll let you know more about ease of links etc. when I work with them. I guess, though, with your ability, they will be just fine. :)

  4. I love this new look!!!

    And yes, I understand that you're busy! Good for you that your blog stats are high! :) I used to get hundreds of page views in a day but now, I get like, 10.

  5. @Everybody: Thanks for your lovely comments.


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