March 25, 2012

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Photos of Ulm, Germany

Part of my 2011 European travel adventures

Ulm is a small town in southern Germany, located between the big cities Munich and Stuttgart. I happened to have a business meeting in one of the small towns nearby and decided to book my hotel in Ulm. I stayed here for three days and really had a great time exploring this medieval gem. I love the small towns in Germany, because the people are friendlier and warmer and usually the historic parts are left intact. Ulm was so far one of the most beautiful towns I've seen so far in Germany. The town is famous for the tallest church in the world, but if you think that's the only thing that makes a visit worth, you are wrong. Ulm is full of nice little spots waiting to be explored.

1. My impression of Ulm

I booked a hotel within walk from the main railway station. At the same time, it was located within walking distance to the historic center, which was for me perfect. Ulm is great, because you can see most of it in a day and by merely walking around the old town, everything is located next to each other. The 161.5m tall tower of the Ulm Minster is dominating the skyline and it's the landmark of the town. The biggest square is right in front of this gigantic church, but there is an older part of Ulm located south of the Minster, close to the river Danube. That was for me the most charming part of town.

2. My photos of Ulm

Take a walk with me around the old Ulm:

The Bahnhofsstrasse is leading your from main railways station to the Ulm Minster.

A view on the Ulm Minster from the Hirschstrasse.

The Minster again.

One of my best shots of the Ulm Minster.

There were few tourists found in Ulm that day.

Read my post about Ulm Minster here>>

A traditional German house.

A street in the center.

The center's brim.

Heading south to Ulm's oldest part.

This is the interesting facade of the Ulm town hall.

The Marktplatz near the town hall.

The glassy building is the public library, reflecting the town hall nearby.

The Ulm Library.

The oldest part of Ulm is located near two streams.

This is the famous Leaning house (Schiefes Haus), it's a hotel today.

Small bridges are connecting the houses in the area.

This one is surrounded by water.

This stream is flowing towards the Danube.

This type of haus is called Fachwerkhaus in German.

A promenade near the Danube.

I spotted these ducks.

Are these flying seagulls?

This uncle was feeding the birds.

This duck was taking a rest close to me.

The old Ulm skyline with the historic wall.

Metzgerturm or the Butcher's tower is one of the oldest buildings in the area.

3. Ulm in conclusion

Ulm is simply a gem. Not only it's full of beautiful historic remains, I found the people very friendly. If you're not bound to stay in one of the bigger cities in the area such as Munich, Augsburg or Stuttgart, choose Ulm, you'll definitely not regret it.


  1. wow very nice! I've always wanted to visit Germany. Hope I'll have a chance soon :)

  2. The Ulm Minster looks like some kind of fighter ship from a sci-fi movie.

  3. Such amazing pictures. I really love Germany - small vilages, big cities, whatever. Just the atmosphere is great there.

    I´ve never been to Ulm though so thank you for a recommendation:-)

  4. @mimika: Good luck!

    @Tommy: Indeed :)

    @Lucie: You're welcome.

  5. Hi,

    I am moving to Ulm end this summer, and am bit worried about my communication with people as i dont speak German.

    Is it possible to survive couple of month on english (or french) before learning german? Are the people easy with tourist? or newly relocated people?


  6. @Anonymous: I was there three days only, no idea about the proficiency in English language of the local population, since I speak German. But I think most young folks should be fine with English, don't worry.


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