December 19, 2011

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Photos of Basel, Switzerland

Part of my 2011 European travel adventures

Basel was my gateway to Switzerland and the place, that made me fall in love with this beautiful country. It's a small city, but it has a lot to offer. Located close to where the borders of Germany, France and Switzerland meet, Basel has an international feel to it. Some of Basel's suburbs even reach far inside the French and German territory, its international airport is actually located in France. I'm very enamored with this medieval gem and very happy to share some of my best shots with you.

1. My impression of Basel

Unfortunately I only had a late afternoon to explore the city. I arrived at the main railway station at around 5pm, decided to stack my luggage at one of the lockers there and headed towards the city center by foot. The good thing about Basel is that the main station and the center are not too far from each other. The streets and roads are fairly small, but not too crowded. Most Baslers take the tram, which is conveniently cruising up and down the city, you can't miss it. What surprised me, was the medieval part, which is located on a rock above the river Rhine. There are several narrow and steep old streets going up and down, it's truly an adventure to explore this part.

2. My images of Basel

One of the biggest and most important railway stations in the area.

The busy square in front of the busy main station.

This is one of the busiest parts of Basel.

Off to the central part.

The view over the Rhine to the other side.

Mittlere Brücke or Middle bridge over the Rhine.

Middle bridge from close.

Marktplatz or the Main square.

Basel's beautiful landmark: The town hall or Rathaus.

Reminds me a little of the old Munich town hall.

A closeup.Heading to the Basel Münster.

The colorful top of the tower.

Marktplatz again.

Typical street in the old Basel.

Closer to the Münster.

The Basel Münster, former cathedral, now a protestant church.

The beautiful golden clock on the Münster.

A closeup on the Münster.

Baslers playing boules.

View from the Münster on the other side of Basel.

The Offene Kirche, a beautiful neo-gothic church.

Offene Kirche from the side.

And then I was back at the Basel Main railway station.

3. Basel in conclusion

Basel has much more to offer than what you've seen in my photos above. I really wish I had at least a weekend in the city, but I hope that the photos will still give you enough impressions to decide visiting this medieval treasure yourself. I can only highly recommend you visiting Basel and Switzerland as a whole. It's one of my favorite European countries.


  1. Hello! My first visit, will visit you again. Seriously, I thoroughly enjoyed your posts. Congrats for your work. If you wish to follow back that would be great I'm at
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks to a BA flight cancellation (seriously, I will never understand the good word-of-mouth BA gets - I prefer EVA) I spent a most enjoyable day in Basel after attending a conference at Gerzensee back in 2008. I even stayed at the Hotel Schweizerhof which can be seen in your third photo.

    Nice pubs, nice clubs, nice city. I even forgive BA's cancellation.

  3. Hi Nino! I hope all is well with you :)
    I absolutely would love to visit more of Europe and Switzerland is one of the countries to top that list! That's interesting that their international airport is in France.
    I can see why the Town Hall is such a landmark - it really stands out beautifully. The roofing is gorgeous as well as the design and colour.
    Hmmm, I'll have to look up what "boules" is!
    You saw quite a bit for a late afternoon stroll - I'm glad you got to take in quite a bit of the city :)

  4. This is what I like :) less crowded and I can dzǒudzǒu and take nice photos :)

  5. @Nelson: Thank you.

    @FOARP: You're truly a globetrotter. Any place you haven't been?

    @Karen Law: Thanks for your kind words.

    @Netster: Haha.. indeed :)


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