November 13, 2011


Stories from Taiwan

I know you're waiting for them

Photo by Lily Chen from this photo stream.

I'll be away for a little while, because of my job. You can already see, that the updates became less here and that's due to the end of year squeeze typical for an IT company. Everybody's scared of the annual reports, because they ain't gonna look too good, even if they'd be embellished with a lot of statistical makeup. I'll be more frequently updating here by end of month, meanwhile wish me luck and check out some from me selected posts, if you happen to be on my blog for the first time. I've spent a lot of time to write them and I hope, that they will still be worth to read in the years ahead.

For more Taiwan related posts check my Taiwan page, where you can read about uniquely Taiwanese things, my life in Taiwan and traveling around the island. You can also check my night markets list or read all my posts related to Taipei. You can find one of the biggest resources on the web about the country through a foreigner's eyes, you're at the right place.


  1. You take care know you spent quite a lot of your time for each post with all pixz and posts superbly done. Great job shall be waiting for more to come in future. All the best.

  2. Get busy but don't go missing, my good friend Nino. ^_^

    And the cosplay gal is yummy yum yum!


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