August 7, 2011

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Zhongli Night Market, Zhongli

One of Taiwan's most beautiful night markets

Taiwan Night Market List
Zhongli Night Market 中壢夜市 (or Zhongli Tourist Night Market 中壢觀光夜市) in Zhongli City is one of the most pleasant night markets I have seen in Taiwan. Located on the Hsinming Road 新明路 in the city's northwestern part, it's one of the most visited places by the local and regional population. The size of the market is not very big, but the pleasant atmosphere, a wide range of delicious food and aplenty of friendly vendors make this market a must-see destination in Taoyuan County. Read more about the market's origins here>>

MY IMPRESSION: The market is located on a wide street with two aisles for pedestrians and three rows for the vendors and their stalls. There's a plenty of food, but many other things are sold as well, such as clothes, shoes and fashion accessories. We came a little early, around 6.30, so it wasn't as crowded as when we left (19.45), that's why walking and eating was a pleasant experience. I think it can get very crowded, that's why I recommend you to come earlier.

WHAT KIND OF FOOD IS COMMON: This night market is not dominated by a certain kind of food, it offers a lot of standard night market snacks such as oyster omelette, marinaded tofu, fried sausages and much more. This is definitely a great night market for those, who love Taiwanese 小吃 or little eats.

MUST-TRY FOOD AT ZHONGLI NIGHT MARKET: I would recommend you to try something fried, like sausages, satay, baozi or noodles. If you're bold, try the snake soup, if you want to try something different, try the "fried milk". You also have a wide choice of all kinds of sweets and fruits and don't forget to try the bubble tea ("Hello! tea tea" has a very good one).

Let me show you a video and some photos from Zhongli Night Market in July, 2011:

This is Zhongli Night market on a Saturday evening, at around 7.45.

Let's go in.

Clothes on the right, stalls on the left.

Real turtles offered as pets.

Beware of the cables on the floor, especially if you walk in high-heels.

Interesting T-shirts.


We ordered fried crab and squid sticks here, 3 pieces are 50 NTD (1.25 Eur).

You need to use a paint brush to paint them with a sauce.

And that's how it looks like: I have to say I expected a better taste, but it was still ok.

This part is close to the end of the night market.

Here were far less people as at the main entrance.

A nice modern paifang at the back entrance of the night market.

We went back in and walked along the second aisle. Suddenly there were more people.


This guy from Poland is known localy. He's selling Polish pastry.

These types of pastry are very common in my country, so I wasn't excited over them, but my wife bought few and liked them a lot. For me they were just normal, but I definitely recommend them to you, if you want to try something different. His stalls is very popular.

What a nice display of cute T-shits! xD


This bubble tea was very delicious and one of the highlights of the night market. I definitely recommend it, even though we had to wait for a while.


We ordered the original taste fresh fried milk 原味鮮奶.

I have to say this dish was surprisingly delicious. I recommend.


This is roasted meat on sticks (called satay in Malaysia), one of my favorites.

This type of pastry is common here. Looks like something for a whole family.

The other side got very crowded, but we were slowly leaving.

A lot of clothes were sold in this part of the market.

These beetles are a popular pet in Taiwan, they are not eaten.

Sexy underwear for a decent price: This night market has plenty of it.

A view from the main entrance from a pedestrian overpass: It became so crowded.

Zhongli YeshiFinding the night market is not so hard. Zhongli is a relatively small city, you can walk from the train station to the Xinming street, it will take you 20min, if you rush and probably over 40, if you take it slow. A cab from the main station would be a good option, too (click on the pic for the Google map).

IN CONCLUSION: Zhongli City doesn't offer a lot of famous historic sights, but this night market is definitely something you have to experience, if you come to visit. It's common in Taiwan, that people are going to visit places based on the food that is offered and Zhongli Night Market is definitely a regional tourist magnet. It's indeed one of the most notable night markets in Taiwan.


  1. Lively images, MKL, and full of colors. On December we will go to Bangkok for a week and I'm sure we will enjoy such places too. I can't wait to try satay.

  2. Great post!
    My best regards from Romania!

  3. I want Hello Tea Tea!!!!! :(

    Bro, I will only enjoy this place with Hello Tea Tea and after that I'm out of that place. hahaha


  4. @Traveling Hawk: Thank you! Envy you the Bangkok trip :)

    @Wind: Thanks for dropping by :)

    @Netster: Bro, you're a bubbleteaholic! Don't drink too much of it, your tummy will get big! :P

  5. Don't doubt that I don't read your blog, haha. I read it, sometimes would browse quickly, but I almost read every post.

    For me, Zhonli night market is a nice night market, I only felt a pity that that day was so hot, and I didn't wanna try those hot foods.
    Otherwise, some of the food stalls are pretty popular and famous.

    However, finally I tried the polish cakes, I really liked them.
    The taste reminded me of your mum's cake and Marco's grandma's pie, I just liked those homemade flavors. :-)

    I believe we would return here, maybe in wintertime, and then we can try those hot foods, hehe...

  6. Spent a month in Zhongli back in '09 and the Night Market was a definite high-point in an otherwise not too exceptional town. I'd like to swing back there next time I'm in TW and pay a visit to the Polish cake shop.

  7. Crowded indeed would be rubbing shoulders inside the night market. Wonderful pixz of the things sold there. tQ.

  8. I miss true authentic night markets like that! The copy cat one we have here just doesn't do it! From the top view, it looks like the market is very organized and clean :) Love the food and of course, the engrish t-shits. ;)

  9. I've always always wanted to go to a night market and try all the street foods and maybe try my luck at a little bargaining at the little stalls. I heard there are a lot of neat things for good prices at the night market.

  10. @FOARP: It's truly not the most exciting town, but I had to see it :)

    Thanks everybody for your lovely comments :)

  11. Hey just to let you know, I'm a Taiwanese originally from Taiwan and your blogs are one of the most informative and inclusive ones I've seen about Taiwan. It makes me miss Taiwan very very much! Keep up the good works!! I will definitely refer to your blog when I take my girlfriend around in Taiwan!
    BTW.. those arn't roaches those are beetles with horns coming out of the top :D

  12. @Sean Hsu: Hi Sean, I'm happy you like my blog, feel free to share. One of the ideas behind blogging about Taiwan is giving people a valuable resource. And thanks for the heads up, will change it to beetle :)


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