August 28, 2011

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Sanxiantai, Taiwan's dragon bridge

Sanxiantai 三仙台 (also spelled Sansiantai) is a small island few meters off the coast in the vicinity of Chenggong town in Taitung County. The name means "Platform of the three immortals" and refers to the 3 big rocks, that give this island its unique shape. After over 60km on the back of a scooter, I was released, that we have reached our final destination of our Taitung tour. It was after 3pm, when we decided to take a stroll around this famous landmark of Eastern Taiwan.

Sanxiantai from the distance. The three rocks are clearly visible.

You will need to pay 15NTD, if you enter with a scooter. There's a big parking space available, one part is reserved for scooters. Sanxiantai is about 15min away from Chenggong, if you drive 60km/h. It's definitely a place you need to see, if you're in this part of Taiwan. It's better, if my photos speak on my behalf:

The parking space for scooters and disabled.

Approaching Sanxiantai.

Almost there.

View on the left - direction of northern Taitung County.

View on the right - magical Sanxiantai and the 8 arched bridge.

The bridge is supposed to resemble a dragon. It was built in 1987 (source).

Another view on the bridge.

A closer look.

And then we decided to cross it.

I have to say, if you're not fit like me, it's quite exhausting to cross. Also due to humidity.

A view on the Pacific - beautiful.

I love this photo!

The view on the island. The rocks are really huge.

However, we decided to return.

We didn't go too far inside the island, because it was nearly 4 pm and we had a long scooter drive back to Taitung City (around 60km) and we didn't want to come back too late. There is so much to walk around on this island, you can follow the designated routes and have fun. Our Taitung tour however ends here, but this was only the first day of our trip to Eastern Taiwan. In my upcoming posts you will be able to read a post about Taitung Night Market, a thorough introduction of Taitung City, the train ride to Hualien, an introduction of Hualien City with the night markets and at last our adventure in the Taroko gorge! Not sure, how long I will need to write about these topics, but I have share my photos and observations with you, because those places were really awesome. Please stay tuned and enjoy touring Eastern Taiwan with me.

This video was made by someone, who was lucky to see Sanxiantai in the early morning.

View Larger Map - This is a map of our Taitung tour 2011. The tour ends here.

Our tour along Taitung's northern coast is over, click on the link below or see the big map of the whole tour or continue to read about food in Taitung Night Market (coming up).

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  1. That is a very impressive bridge! It reminds me of a small scale version of the Beijing airport. When you look down from above the new section of the airport is designed to look like a dragon.

  2. @Kristie: Wow, awesome. Hope I get to see it :)

  3. hi! is there a specific time that sanxiantai is open to the public? or we can just go there very early in the morning (as in 4am) to shoot sunrises? how far is this from taipei?

  4. @Gladys: Sanxiantai is open to public nonstop, so no worries. Only you might need to pay parking fee for scooter or car, when you enter the premises, there is a booth with a lady, but no ramps. I'm sure nobody's there at 4 am :) The scenery is magical and taking photos of the sunrise must be divine. From Taipei it's very far. We flew to Taitung and then rode the scooter for 1.5h to reach here. You can check my Eastern Taiwan tour posts for more info.

  5. Hi, what is the fastest way to get to Sansiantai from Taipei? Are there any hotels nearby? Thanks in advance.

  6. @Anonymous: Fly to Taitung City like me and rent a scooter or car there. Or take bus to Chenggong. There surely are hotels, Chenggong is quite big in that area. Maybe there's a way from Hualien as well, but I'm not sure how fast it is.

  7. Problem is, Uni Air web site is in chinese and I can't book a flight to Taitung on Eva air's website too.


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