August 23, 2011

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Best Taiwan trip ever!

A trip that made me love Taiwan more!

Hottie BabyMy cute driver.

I just came back from the best Taiwan trip I ever had! I spent 3 days in Eastern Taiwan, saw the best spots of Taitung and Hualien county and just couldn't stop wondering how beautiful this part of Taiwan is. Not even the Sun Moon Lake impressed me as much as the beautiful colors of the Pacific ocean in Taitung County or the breathtaking natural wonders in the Taroko gorge. My wife was my driver and guide and we rode a scooter over 100 km in these 3 days! We went from Taitung City 台東市 to Little Yeliou 小野柳 and all the way to Chenggong 成功鎮 and Sanxiantai 三仙台. We cruised around Hualien City 花蓮市, visited many temples, scenic spots and popular night markets as well as cruised inside the famous Taroko gorge 太魯閣. But not only that, we ate food at some of the most popular shops in Eastern Taiwan, we took a plane from Taipei to Taitung and we were blessed by awesome weather all the way. I have never taken so many photos like on this trip: The pictures are simply amazing. And because they are so good, I will not stop blogging about this trip until everybody gets sick of it. I don't care... I just think that travelers, who come to Taiwan, really really need to visit this part of the country and I will show you the best spots, tell you where to go, what to see and how to make your trip unforgettable. This was my best Taiwan trip ever! And I hope that I will make it interesting to you, my dear readers. I want you to feel the excitement I felt, when I saw all these gorgeous places for the first time. Please also follow my second blog and my photo blog, because I will use them to share images from the trip as well. But all the main things will be posted here. Enjoy!

[My TRAVEL IN TAIWAN page][Photo by MKL, 2011]


  1. I can't wait, MKL, even if there are few chances for me to visit Taiwan! I would like to but time is too short...

  2. 100 km on a scooter in 3 days, can you still seat down?

    I also really enjoyed the East coats when I went there. So much to see and so little time...

  3. I am glad you have found such a nice area of Taiwan. Now, when you are feeling stressed by the pace of life where you live, you have a spot you can retreat to for a few days. Looking forward to seeing the pictures!

  4. anyone of you have local tour guide for Tai Chung trip?

  5. @You mean 台中? I had a friend guide me in 2010, when I went for the first time. As for 台東, we had no local tour guide, we did it by ourselves :)

  6. Thank you everybody :)

    Ps: Arnaud, you have a point ;)


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