June 9, 2011

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Taiwanese are obsessed with smartphones

This is an image you can see in Taipei every day: People standing still and completely losing themselves in their smartphone universe. Apple's iPhone is so popular here, it looks like everybody's having it. And Nokia, Samsung, BlackBerry and HTC are not lacking behind a lot. I do plan to get me an iPhone, too. It's not yet 100% confirmed though, but I'm very strongly leaning to one. So I guess you'll be seeing me standing like these two beautiful statues girls. In case I become like them, tap me on the back and wake me up, I will be grateful to you.

Do you lose yourself in your smartphone?


  1. I just received a smartphone today. A bestie presented me the latest HTC Incredible S and I think it is more fun than iPhone4. Do check it out man.

  2. same here. had to giggle when i stepped into the elevator the other day, everyone else was furiously tapping away on their phones totally oblivious to the rest of the world!


    i am so obsessed with texting, i fall asleep with my cellphone in hand, mid-text.

    ...and i have no idea why i just admitted that out loud in cyberspace but OH WELL. smartphone geekery ftw!

  4. LOL I really try not to be like them on a daily basis. hahahaha sometime you really wants to do that.

    btw, congratulation on owning an iPhone bro and welcome to the club :)

  5. My favourite is the resteraunt with 2 people sitting at the same table lost in their phones for a few hours.

    Not a word gets spoken (I've started collecting photos of it for an upcoming article lol :)).

  6. When I read this title my immidiate thought was: WHO ISN'T??My second thought was: MKL, that's who..

    Then I read on and it says you are concidering getting an iphone?? Whaaat? I remember a certain someone who were sooo anti iphone when I got mine in october. His sister had one, but he himself was NOT on board.. I'm not naming names though... lol

    If lived in Asia I would get a Blackberry. In Norway they are virtually non available if not I would have had one..I want to BBM! What ever that is ...

  7. Carina,
    iMessages coming soon :) :) :)

    Can I add you? hahahahaha

  8. I think it is almost as bad here in Canada. Maybe it seems worse in Taiwan because there are more people, thus more phones. Last night we had guests for dinner and at one point four of us were sitting in the kitchen and two of those people were madly texting away during the conversation.

  9. i have to admit now i have an iphone i couldn't imagine life without it!!



  10. Guess I'm old-fashioned. I only have a basic cell phone and I buy minutes for it every 3 months. I don't even know how to text.

    I find it comical seeing all these people in NYC walking around lost in their little tech bubbles. Pay attention to your surroundings!

  11. Its happening in Malaysia too. Been to a relative's wedding dinner and one couple hardly talked to each other but texting their phones whole night through and have no time for the rest of the 8 of us. Think that's not quite right though we may not know each other, well its their life.

  12. Haven't yet bought an iPhone, still thinking, hehe... Thanks for all your comments :)

  13. 3 out of 4 of my friends use the iPhone.

    I'm not a fan of smartphones. No doubts about their useful functionality, just thought it's pretty addictive with all the games and easy chats available.

    I won't let a phone take charge of my life. =p

  14. @Shingo: So what would you let to take charge of your life? Food? Wife? Gambling? :P


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