April 24, 2011

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Taiwanese shrimp farm sexy girl

A video, that will make your shrimps explode

Would she be too hot for your shrimp farm?

This video was shot at one of the plenty shrimp farms 釣蝦場 (pronounced diào xiā cháng) in Taiwan and became very popular on YouTube. The sexy girl is dancing like she's at a night club and all the men seem to be amazed how direct she is. The best part of the video is at 3.02, when she grabs a young guy's head and gives him a... well, you better see it for yourself! :-P I have to say I heard about this for the first time today and although it was new to me, I somehow wasn't shocked. You see a lot of crazy things in Taiwan and this one is one of the harmless ones.

What are shrimp farms?

These farms allow you to fish shrimps from their pools and the ones you catch, you can either bring home or barbecue them there and eat them right away. You only pay a certain hourly fishing fee. The prices vary, but they usually start at 150NTD per hour (that's around 3.5 Eur). Some farms differentiate the price by the gender of the shrimp, fishing at the pool of male shrimps is more expensive (not sure, if that's sexism or because the male shrimp is bigger). Some farms, like in the video above, hire hot girls to dance in order to entertain the men and attract more of them in the future. I have to say the marketing strategy is very simple, but highly effective.

Here are some photos from few years ago. My wife and her friend went to a shrimp farm:

Shrimp farm TaiwanMy wife's friend caught a shrimp, yay.

Shrimp farm TaiwanAnd then they barbecued it right there at the farm.

Shrimp farm TaiwanThat's how a shrimp looks like after it's done. It looks delicious.

My wife told me that a lousy fisher may only catch 1 shrimp in two hours, but there are people who catch over 30 in one hour. I'm not really that crazy about shrimps, so I probably won't be seen at some of these farms, but who knows. Maybe I'll go to see a hot performance.

How about you? How do you like the girl's dance?

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  1. I don't mind to fish for hot performance hahahaha

    here in Kuching we have something like that but not the hot performance.

    I sure want to go there to probably smell the boobs see if it was dif :p okay kidding.


  2. "my wife"!!! Well I guess I missed the happy EVENT! so.... CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! :-)

  3. I join Daisy to wish you both a hearty CONGRATULATIONS!!!. Pictures, pictures!!!

  4. i'd like to make 3 points if i may:

    1-i feel a sudden urge to visit a shrimp farm!

    2-wife! that's a new word on this blog, did i miss the announcement?congratulations to you both!

    3-wife's friend is terribly cute :)

  5. LoL Nino!! I know you're busy with work but this is something you just had to write a post on huh :P

    I've never heard of shrimp farms so the video is something new... especially with the girl shoving the men's faces on to her hahaha XD

  6. wow I heard of those shrimp farm form tv shows but sexy girl dancing was 1st time Nino lol

  7. @Netster: Hahaha...

    @Daisy: Haha.. oh yeah. I haven't officially announced it, but yes, we married recently :) Thank you :))

    @Clive: Thankssss :) The pics were on Facebook, but not many. I'm very private :P

    @AdamAntixx: Oh, I haven't announced it on my blog. Some things are hard to write about, hehe. Thanks for your congrats :)

    @Karen: I need to cover all the topics, usually the silly trivial ones are my best :P

    @Sarah Wu: Hehe.. cool. Hope you liked her dance :P

  8. hahahha! oh wow :P
    how bout marketing strategy to attract the female crowd??? :P

    Those shrimp farms look pretty cool :3 I love seafood :3

  9. the poor dudes looked like they were more traumatised than they were enjoying it. my gawwd, some girls REALLY need to learn to love themselves more. (in the right way!) hilarious video though. the whole time i couldn't stop thinking "IT'S A SHRIMP FARM FOR CRYIN OUT LOUD!!!" roflmao.

  10. @Kay: Females should have their own farms :P

    @sugarmouse: Haha.. you are so right.

  11. Do u have the address of this shrimp farm?


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