March 4, 2011

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Taipei street fashion, 2011

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Some of you might know, I'm pretty famous for having no fashion sense, so please forgive me the lack of proper fashion jargon. I'm about to introduce you the latest trend for girls in Taipei this year.

Women in Taipei, and even more so teenage girls, are not shy to show their legs and extend them with high heels, even if it makes walking difficult for them. I think showing legs is considered a norm here, because it's definitely something you notice very soon after arriving in Taiwan. So besides that, what trend is totally hip in 2011?

Something I have seen very often are boots, black stockings (often transparent) and denim shorts. I don't remember seeing so many denim shorts last year, I think skirts were more popular back then. But I have to say that this year the shorts are very short, sometimes even so short, that you can't really see them, because a longer blouse or jacket is covering them. Below is a photo I took few days ago, when I visited Ximending.

I like this girl's style, the bag and the boots match very well.

Of course there are many other styles in Taipei. A lot of girls would wear trousers and dress more conservatively. But I just had to mention this one, because it really stands out. I'm sure it'll be popular throughout the whole winter and spring 2011.

So how do you like the style? What are girls wearing in the town you're currently living?

[My UNIQUELY TAIWAN page][All photos by MKL, 2011]


  1. First of all.. I'm seriously laughing at the "hoots" post you did earlier. I guess it might be personal preference but I'm not too into that look.. I prefer either all boot or all heel :D but hey I can see the girl in the ad pulling it off nicely.

    The style of Taiwanese girls right now is not bad actually. I always knew they wore longer tops/sweaters but didn't realize their shorts were THAT short! I rarely see that kind of style here.. when it's winter people are wearing jeans, sweaters, peacoats.. including me =\ The pics I took for the White Rabbit tee was actually on a really lucky day 2 weeks ago. It was rainy/cold that week except that day which is why the shorts :)

  2. @Karen: Haha.. the hoots were funny :P And some are still wearing them. But the girl in the photo here is wearing them pretty well, I'm surprised.

    The shorts are really short, oh yeah. It is interesting to see this in a society that is still very conservative, especially when it comes to matters of the female sexuality. But somehow these girls still look decent, so far I haven't seen any that would somehow go too far. But that's just my personal opinion.

  3. More or less, young people here wear the same things.

  4. These girls definitely know what they're doing!

  5. boots ? hoots ? just call them hooves!

  6. It's still winter here so none of the above is an option. I like the last one better! :-)

  7. @Traveling Hawk: True.

    @Nick: I have no doubts about that.

    @Lulu: Oh, what a name, haha...

    @Daisy: Hehe... me, too :)

  8. so funny because this morning as I was packing my overnight bag for tonight, I lamented how I didn't have enough long sweaters to wear with shorts.

  9. @linda: Hehe.. then I hope you get more sweaters :)

  10. I have those black stockings and shorts too! But it's a bit too warm to wear stockings here in Malaysia.. How's the weather in Taiwan now? hopefully it'll still be cool in May... :)

  11. Most young girls in my institution, or in the town I'm currently living in usually wear shorts or sometimes skirts. However, I'd very much prefer wearing long black trousers or a pair of jeans. For some reasons, my liking for clothes, hairstyles, books, music etc tend to be more similar to people at least a few more years older than I am.

  12. I really like their fashion style.

    Wait. Did you just take their pictures like that? Sneaky!!! Hahaha.

  13. europe is digging the same style too. =,="

    btw, check your FB inbox =D

  14. Short short like that with black stockings were super popular in Europe a few years ago. I like the girl in the first photo! She has a splash of color AND fringes on her shoes, both with is super trendy right now.

  15. Btw, thanks for all your kind comments on my white rabbit photos Nino! & you don't need lessons from me on looking photogenic.. just ask Lily :D

  16. The long shirts/sweaters with super-short shorts are worn around my university, too, although such dressing is not allowed. Some of them look real indecent, I must say! Especially since my campus isn't meant to be as fashionable as Taipei...

  17. @iamthewitch: Here's very cold now and rainy (I mean Taipei). Southern Taiwan is always warm, if not hot, reminds me of Malaysia. I think girls will wear stockings in May, too. Some days won't be so warm.

    @Joan: I see. It's good that you have your own style already.

    @Gnetch: Not really sneaky. I snapped a lot of pics of people, the crowds are huge. I cut these out, because they show what I want to say :)

    @Lizzy: You're so European oreddi, meh!

    @Carina: The fashion is always repeating itself, styles always return every few years.

    @Karen: Hehe.. ok, I will :)

    @Nashe: You're right. It's one thing on campus and another in the city.

  18. Well shorts are definitely in these days in everywhere. Great post of you keep it up!

  19. Shorts are definitely in these days! Great post of you keep it up!


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