January 30, 2011

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My Penang tour, 2007

See Penang through my eyes

Penang Name
Penang! Oh glorious Penang! The beautiful tropical island of exceptional food, yummy girls, friendly people, pristine beaches and the eternally hot and humid climate. Penang will greet you with a warm kiss in the morning and pour a hot shower over you in the evening. But don't worry, you will be dry... and wet again in no time. This will be the last post of my 2007 Penang adventures. I definitely need to return one day and go on a foodventure. During that time I have tried a lot of awesome food, but I forgot to take photos. Well, I wasn't a blogger yet and taking pics of food was not something I would regularly do. But after being with a passionate Taiwanese blogger such as this cutie, I'm totally into food and blogging and food blogging. In the past, I usually went on long walks and took photos of the things I saw along the way. That's what I did in March 2007, when I decided to walk around Penang, from Gurney to Komtar. Let me show you my best photos:

The muddy waters along Gurney drive. On the other side is Peninsular Malaysia.

Penang is a mix of old houses and new high rise condos.

A colonial house. There are many on the island.

Penang is not really pedestrian friendly, the roads are much better for cars.

The water looked so good that day.

The Eastern & Oriental Hotel. Charlie Chaplin and Sun Yat-sen stayed here.

Not sure, what this building is, but it looks a bit like Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris.

This is the Penang Museum and Art Gallery (homepage).

Penang is sometimes spelled as Pinang.

This is Penang Town Hall, a beautiful building.

Another part of the Town hall. Read more about it on this blog.

Old streets in central George Town, which is the biggest city in Penang, the state.

New and old together side by side.

A big roundabout. And in the middle is...

The Jubilee Clock Tower, one of Penang's famous buildings.

The clock tower as seen from afar.

A food stall and locals enjoying their lunch break.

Malaysian construction site safety measures are not so strict.

Penang Customs Department Building or Wisma Kastam is a beautiful building.

I like the clock tower.

Bangunan U.A.B nearby. Not sure, what this is, but looks good.

And then I came to Little India.

The area is really nicely done. I wish I had someone with me to eat something yummy.

A nice Chinese temple close to the Indian Mahamariamman temple.

The Kapitan Keling Mosque, Komtar and another mosque at Acheen Street.

The majestic Kapitan mosque is really breathtaking.

Another smaller Chinese temple in the area. Penang is full of them.

This is only a small part of Penang. The state, the island, the city have so much more to offer. I wish I had a better camera last time, but on the other hand I'm happy I could at least take some decent photos for my own personal memory. I really had a great time in Penag, because I had just graduated and this trip was like a reward for me. Penang is full of precious memory for me and I cherish them. I know I will revisit one day, but as a different and older person. I had my 27th birthday in Penang, how cool is that? Anyway, it was tons of fun. Penang is amazing, visit, if you have the chance.

[My MALAYSIA page][My PENANG page][All photos by MKL, 2007]


  1. I've gone to Penang twice. The first time was when I was still an infant and had to be carried. The second time was during my elementary school graduation trip. We popped into lots of temples and I held a snake in the snake temple to snap a picture.

    Penang's also the place where my parents met each other in university. This place sure does mean something, so I think I'd like to return to the place for a visit in future.

  2. Wonderful mix of architecture! I t has to be a great place to visit!

  3. Oh nostalgia time reminiscing those golden days in Penang. That was my old office at the 8th floor directly facing the sea in your 13th photo the so called 'Dallas Building' becoz of the glass panel on four sides fo the building. Nice shots clear and sharp pixz.

  4. Now I know Charlie Chaplin & Dr Sun Yat Sen stayed in E&O Hotel which we often joked about 'Errors & Omissions' Hotel. One special & outstanding 'antique' that's still in operation in this hotel is the old ancient lift where it is operated using collapsible & sliding iron grille doors. tQ.

  5. Have you noticed I sent you a meme on my blog? It's not compulsory to accept it, you know. It's your choice :)

  6. i miss penang galore. and i stayed at E&O hotel, very very antique

  7. Growing-up amongst the picturesque landscapes and buildings of which I never grow bored of. :) The place keeps progressing esp since Penang has earned the UNESCO heritage city status.

  8. @Joan: Wow, you surely have some special connection with Penang :)

    @Traveling Hawk: I've checked your meme, thanks. I think I'm gonna pass on this one, I have so much to blog aready :)

    @Bananazஇ: Oh, mr. Bananaz had golden times in Penang? How great. I haven't been inside the hotel, thanks for the additional info :)

    @Lily: Oh, cool. I would love to stay there, too.

    @Envoy: Missing Taiwan more :P But I'd love to be at Batu Ferringghi now ;)

    @Pinknpurplelizard: I'm happy, if Penang progresses. It has been sleeping for a while :)

  9. To think that you were THAT close but we never met!!! Soo sad!

    You absolutely must come again babes and i will take you for my very own food tour!!!!

  10. Sabrina is right, that Penang is all about touring for food. Come to think about it, you walked past a lot of delicious food stalls esp the famous Weld Quay Beef Noodle, nasi khandar, nasi beratur, etc. It's ok, I will eat on your behalf for now. LOL

  11. Very nice post! My Dad actually had intentions on taking me to Penang back in October 2010 when I was in Malaysia with my parents. He had worked in Penang years and years ago (before I was born and before it was all commercialized). But when we talked to a distant family relative who was our travel agent for this trip, my Dad and I did not want a commercialized beach and I simply wanted to visit my first tropical beach. So the travel agent recommended Redang and so we went - and it was so beautiful I cried when I left the place....and I was only there for two and a half days! I don't think I've ever been so moved by a place.
    So this post was nice for me to see the difference...I'd love to visit Penang one day especially with my Dad. I LOVE the colonial style buildings. So beautiful!
    And what?! You meant exceptional food and yummy girls - not yummy food and exceptional girls :P
    Hmmm that is a bit annoying that there's not much sidewalks for pedestrians and yes, as you pointed out, safety in construction (sheesh, in general) is not a top notch priority in that country. Malaysia has a long way to go for that.
    Did you do any beach activities while in Penang?

  12. @Pinknpurplelizzard: Alright :-P Stuff yourself senseless, I'll let my tummy growl for now, hehe.

    @Karen: Thanks. It's a pity you haven't seen this awesome city. Especially the food is awesome and some beaches are truly divine, but they're outside the city. I only went once and had a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing your views :)

  13. my dad likes to eat betelnut. ahahahha

    p.s verification word for today is "masin" which is a malay word for salty!!!! aagagaga

  14. Hey, interesting travels here!
    Stunning images!
    I will put a link in my blogroll to see everything you post here!
    Good luck to you!
    Best regards from Romania!

  15. @lizzy: Sungguh masin, ah? :P

    @Wind: Hi there, thanks for following :) Hope you'll like my future posts. Greetings from Slovenia

  16. I miss Penang maybe for its Cha Kueh tiaw hehehehehe they said its the best so I say so also la... When I was there my friend did took us to her fav place and yup very very nice.


  17. @Netster: I agree, it is the best. I tried it, it was very yummy :P

  18. Am checking out your penang posts, LOL!

    I like how u call them yummy girls! Haha!

    The notre dame like building is the Church of the Assumption (Catholic). :)

    And the white building beside the ochre yellow town hall is the city hall. :D

  19. @kyh: Thanks for your comment. Sometimes I miss this city very much - I truly had one of the 3 best months of my life there! Sweet memories of a yummy girl, great food and beautiful scenery are engraved in my heart forever :)


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