January 8, 2011

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My Kafkaesque experience with the bureaucracy

Moving to another continent is not easy

These days I'm very busy. I'm totally focused on getting my documents translated and verified, so I can move to Taiwan and tie the knot with my sweet girlfriend. Although I had the feeling, that things won't be so easy, I'm surprised how complicated it is to get 4 documents translated and verified. I keep getting different information everywhere I go and every time I come to a new office they say I've done something wrong. The only good thing is, that it gets fixed that way. It's a very slow progress and at this point I still don't know when I can step off the plane and set foot on Taiwanese soil. I'm now somewhat half way through, but the expense is bigger than I expected and it's more time consuming, because I have to do 3 times more things than I was told initially. And most of them can only be done in the capital city, which is over 2h away by train. Once I have all my Slovenian documents translated to English and verified by our courts and ministries, I need to submit them to the Taiwan Trade Office in Vienna (equivalent of an embassy) and when it gets verified there, I can apply for visa. After I get that, I can finally travel to Taiwan and tie the knot with my cute girlfriend. Of course it doesn't stop here. Once in Taiwan, I need to translate everything to Chinese and verify again (and pray that they don't say something's wrong with my documents). Then and only then I will be able to marry my Lily and live in Taiwan with her. I do feel stressed sometimes, not only because I feel like Joseph K., but because it's a long and cold winter and a lot of time has passed, since I've been together with Lily. I miss her more and more by the day. It's about time we meet in Taoyuan, don't you think? So please, my Kafkaesque bureaucrats, work faster, I have a plane to catch and a woman to marry.


  1. I am sorry to hear all these, MKL, but it shows me that bureaucracy is the same everywhere... I know too well... I wish you (and keep my fingers crossed) that everything should solve positively soon and that you may go to your Lily again!

  2. @Traveling Hawk: Thank you. My love for her keeps me going :)

  3. geez, good luck with the bureau-crazy!

  4. whatever you have to do, imagine yourself on your wedding day looking back on this troublesome time and you'll know it's all worth the stress!

  5. Nino,
    I cannot wait for you two be reunited and as man and wife!

    Good luck :)
    - Linda

  6. urgh it sucks that this kind of thing gets in the way :( hope all these hurdles that you're going through will strengthen your deep love for your lily :) i'm wishing you the very very very best of luck, tai lou!

  7. You slow slow wait a little bit longer all will be just fine. All the very best wishing you 一帆風順 and get over the crazy bureau soon ~;).

  8. Wow, those are indeed a hassle. But once you have overcome these obstacles, your relationship with Lily might just get stronger. May God bless you two. =)

  9. YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED!!!! This is so GREAT!!!!! Wonderful! Don't let bureaucracy get in the way and be happy!!!!

  10. invite me to you wedding!(does self-inviting allowed? ahhahaha...) i find a way, my annual leave and money to go taiwan for you guys!

  11. you will overcome all the obstacles. “If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere.” Wishing you the best...

  12. Hi, thanks for the blog's tips :)
    they are really hopeful!

    I have read many posts of yours, but have not left any comment yet

    this's the first one !
    and I really like your blog! lots of interesting articles!!

    I hope those left procedures can go smoothly so that you can move to Taiwan sooner :)

    and hope you'll enjoy your future life in Taiwan

  13. @Kit: Thank you.

    @AdamAntixx: Well said. I hope so :)

    @Linda: Thank you :))

    @Lizzy: Thanks a lot. I hope so, too.

    @Bananazஇ: Thank you.

    @Joan: Thanks.

    @Daisy: Yeah :) Thank you.

    @LilyRiani: Awww.. that's so sweet, hehe. Well, for now we only register, we plan to hold wedding dinner end of year, not sure when yet :)

    @Design Elements: Thank you :)

    @TaiwanJoyceUS: Thank you for reading and thanks for the lovely wishes. :)

  14. Nino, I wish you all the best for the new year.. I want to see you tie the knot with your cute girlfriend too!! So crazy how complicated the process is for you to just obtain a visa.. all the time and money is a big sacrifice but will certainly be worth it in the end. Good luck with everything and count on us when you need some support! :)

  15. OMG OMG OMG!!!! I didn't even know you guys were engaged!!! Did you post anything up about the engagement? I shall stalk your past posts and see! haha! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! but at the same time sad that it's taking you so long! Don't worry though, once you two are reunited, all this will seem so small compared to the joy you'll feel to be together. YAYYYY NEENERS & LILY!!!

  16. "Short-term pain, long term gain." That's what I always tell myself when I such obstacles come along.

    Your love will break all barriers, and all those silly bureaucracy stuffs.

    Supporting you all the way from the tiny red dot!

  17. All the best buddy :) when it's get harder just think of the knot :D ROFL

    yes the knot! you will get through it some how. you're smart and handsome all the office in Slovenia would just say okay to all your documents...

    you'll on your way to the airport very soon :) worry not heheheheh

  18. Congrats on your upcoming marriage! Hopefully the paperwork nightmare will soon end and you will be getting on that plane headed to Taiwan.


    You are getting married?? Congrats dude!!! Wishing you and Lily luck!

  20. Oh wow. Congrats to you then! you're the man! :D

  21. @Karen: Thank you so much, Karen. Your wishes make my heart warm.

    @Kym: Thanks, Kym. I'm a little private about all this, hehe. Only share a little.

    @Shingo: Thank you, bro :)

    @Netster: Yes, I'll think of the know, hehe. Thanks for your support. ;)

    @ChristieinBC: Thank you so much. Your words mean a lot to me :)

    @Gnetch: Thank you. Yes, it's in the plans, hehe.

    @Kyh: Thank you, my friend :)

  22. ermm I was looking for the proposal post! :P where is it?!!!!
    anyway Congratulations to both of you!

  23. @Sharon: There is no such post :P I haven't proposed yet, it's all in plans, hehe. Thank you :)

  24. I don't envy you. On the other hand, I know of people who have married someone in Pakistan from the West, which is a process that can take years in some cases.

  25. @Adeel: I know that some people have it much worse, but these days I'm only focusing on me and hence the stress I'm going thru. No time to think about others, it's too vague for me now. But I'll be fine.

  26. Ah :(
    slowly but surely...
    I have faith you will make it in time! :)

  27. @*~kAy~*: Thank you. I feel more positive, too. :)

  28. Hey bro,

    Geez, I'm such a lousy person. I don't even know that my bro is getting all these hardship >.<

    I guess we're on the same page dealing with the sucks bureaucracy, keep fueling by remembering that after all this hard work there's nothing sweeter than to be able to be together with our loved one ^^

    I'm almost there,bro and I wish you will get there soon. Jia you, bro! All my prayers with you along the way ^^


  29. @Selvy: Thank you so much for your kind words. I really appreciate them Hope everything goes well :)

  30. awwwwwwwwwwww that's sweeeeet!!
    ur gonna get married to lily soon dearie! im sho happy fo u woots! all the best n love!


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