January 26, 2011

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I'm closer to Taiwan

The departure date is set

Today I finally managed to get the air ticket and now I have all documents verified and all forms filled out, I just need to mail them to the embassy and hope that they process them fast. I'm worried a little, because Chinese new year is around the corner and people at the embassy may go on holidays for few days. But I still hope my papers will be done before that and mailed back to me. Another thing is my flight, which is at 11 am and I need between 4 to 5 hours to reach the airport from my home, taking various trains and buses. I have to figure out, if it's better for me to sleep over in Vienna a day before departure or leave home very early and hope to get there in time. That's gonna be something to think about in the upcoming weeks before I leave Europe. I still have some time to go. Unfortunately, I won't be able to spend Chinese New Year with my girlfriend the way we hoped before, but well, things went slower than anticipated. I think a smooth transition is more important than one Chinese new year celebrations. If we make this right, we will spend many Chinese new years together and this one won't matter anymore.

Taiwan, get ready. I will see you soon.

[My LIFE in Taiwan][Photo by LilyChen, 2010]


  1. Yayyyy! Good for you for getting through all those documents and getting your flight ticket already.
    Yes you may want to consider sleeping over Vienna one night....you'll probably be too excited to sleep anyways and it might be very tiring for you to take that 4-5 hour trip out to the airport (wow, such a trip to the airport and I complain about my 30 minute drive!). And you're right - it's okay you skipped this Chinese New Year celebration with her as you'll have so many many more to be with her :)

  2. @Karen: Yep, I think so. Sounds reasonable to sleep over in Vienna. I shall see, need to check all options. Thanks for the lovely comment :)

  3. Hi, MKL! I am so glad for you! And of course I advise you to spend a night in Vienna because with this winter's weather it is better to be already there in the day of the departure. Coming back from China, we spent one night at Euro Hotel - Vienna Airport in Fischamend, 5 km from the airport. You may find them on booking.com, that's how I made the reservation then. They have a mini-bus to drive their guest to the airport. May be if you contact them by phone, they may pick you up from somewhere. It's a suggestion but may be you have better choices. I wish you good luck and save return to Taiwan.

  4. @Traveling Hawk: Thanks for warm words and for the tip. I will definitely check them out :)

  5. WoooHooo!! Taiwan, here you come! :)

    As with your other readers, staying over in Vienna before your flight, would be a good idea. You don't want any traffic jams or anything else to cause you getting to the airport late. Plus, you wouldn't need to rush, if you stayed over.

    *Gah! I'm soooo excited for you!!!! :)))) Of course, you and Lily can celebrate a belated Chinese New Year, when you get there and not forgetting the many many CNY, you will be able to celebrate with Lily!!!! :)))

  6. i am so happy and excited for you both!!!! does this mean..... knot tying soon?!!?!? ;P

    so if your flight leaves at 11am, you should probably be there by 9am, which means you have to leave home by 4am?!?! Oh my!!!!! I say if you can, stay overnight in Vienna so you're well rested!

  7. Is it expensive to taxi to the airport from your place? Just curious.

  8. Hey there
    visiting & let you hugs from Turkey

  9. @Laisan: Haha.. your excitement is cute ;) I hope things go smooth... I still have some concerns regarding the authorities, but well, let's hope for the best. Thanks for your support :D

    @Kym: You got that right :P But the info is classified ;)

    @Lizzy: Well, it's very expensive, because it's 250km. My options are train or bus.

    @Lalique: Hey there, thanks for visiting :))

  10. This is terrific news! I am so happy for both of you! And like everyone else I think you are better safe than sorry. Stay overnight in Vienna. After everything you have gone through to be together you are certainly going to have a good story to tell your children some day. :-)

  11. @kristieinbc: Thank you :)) Hope everything goes smooth. Still need to get my visa, but hope there won't be any problems :) Thank You for your support.

  12. exactly! you'll get to spend many other new years together! :)
    I'm so happy to hear that everything is finally falling into place! :)

    and hahaha! thanks for teaching me how to be all sneaky, shutting down my blog and all :P

  13. @*~kAy~*: Thanks for the cheerful comment :) What you say sounds like I'm such a cunning guy :P Actually, I am, hehe..

  14. Nino, I was thinking the exact same thing when you mentioned you won't be able to spend this CNY with Lily.. because you will have many many more occasions to celebrate with her soon :) Sounds like you have some complicated planning to do, but I know you're going to get everything done right. I'm so excited for you!! Keep your chin up!

  15. Happy for you, yes, there will be many many more CNY with Lily.

  16. For sure! Also, I acknowledge that your budget may be a bit tight (just from reading your various travel posts) and I've been there too for sure. Travelling is a luxury. So I guess if you have the day off before you depart to Taiwan, you could always just sleep in during the daytime and well into the late evening, and with your excitement you'll be all adrenaline rushed that perhaps you don't need to worry about waking up on time that morning to catch your train/bus to the airport. So in that case you could skip the night in Vienna and save on the hotel? It really depends.....we know you'll do the right thing and make it to the airport in good time :)

  17. ye ye yippy yippy yay!
    ye ye ye ye yippy yippy ye!

    This is going to be so cool and Taiwan sure miss you love :)

    I thought you'll be CNY there ohh well... it's okay... I'll celebrate on behalf of you :D hahahahaha

    Cheers bro Happy CNY!

    google feeling the joy too http://cl.ly/0F3X3e1S022N130Y2O3P

  18. @Karen (USA): Thank you. I'm sure gonna do my best :)

    @Old Beng: I hope so :)

    @Karen: The cost to acquire all the documents and translations together with government fees was higher than anticipated, but I still have enough to make it to Taiwan :) So I will be fine. I can't get late, that's now my main problem. Will plan well, I always did :)

    @Netster: Haha... sing me the song of joy, do a Bornean rain dance, so the gods start to cry in my honor, lol.

  19. I think you'd better stay in Vienna for one night, it's a good idea. I will book a hostel for you, the owner is Taiwanese, and they charge 23 euro for one night, you can check their room and circumstance here:
    And they offer wirelss there.

    Hope they have empty room on that day. :-)

  20. Gosh, I haven't checked in for the longest time!

    Am I the only one who got a giggle out of your last line "I'm about to come"? Kinky!

  21. @Nashe: Now that you say, it does sound a little kinky. I have changed it :)

  22. Looking forward to reading your thoughts about Taiwan. I hear lots of good reports about it so am seriously thinking of putting it on my travel wish list.

  23. @Spencer: You can read my reports from last year's trips and you'll see how awesome Taiwan is :) You should visit it, you won't regret.


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