December 20, 2010

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Gayke, Ximending's craziest food stall

Gayke gay cake
By clicking on the photos you can see their uncensored versions, but by doing so, you claim to be above 18 years and solely responsible for the consequences of that action. Some photos may be NSFW, especially if you live in a highly prudish society.

Just when I thought Taiwanese couldn't get wackier or crazier, I was once again proved wrong. My girlfriend and her friend went to Ximending today and tried a very unique "cake". The thing is, it's not really a cake, it's a hot dog. A special "hot dog". Special, because it has a shape of a phallus (to put it nicely). First of all, I want to know what was going on in that person's head, who came up with this cuckoo idea? Secondly, wtf? Maybe he was brainstorming with his friends and then suddenly came up with this question. Actually I have no idea and I don't really wanna know. I heard the one of the aims was to make a dish popular with gays, but now it seems that the most common customers are girls. I wonder why.

Ximending, Taipei's popular district, where mostly young people frequent, is famous for wacky bars and shops, but this one is probably crazier than all of them combined. I think only a sandwigina shop could top that. The small stall is relatively new (it opened in February 2010) and is not really as known as the Modern Toilet restaurant, because not a lot was written about them so far (I'm probably the first English post).

Their main dish is called gayke (combination of gay and cake). In Chinese they call it 大雕燒 (Dàdiāoshāo) roughly translated as baked big bird, ("big bird" is Chinese nickname for the organ). They advertise it as "大雕燒 a piece of gayke", you can't miss their very graphic signboard. In case you want to find them, there's a map below.

Gayke gay cakePeople waiting for their phallic shaped dish (Click on pic for NSFW version).

You can choose various flavors to pamper you taste buds.

This is the mold, where the gayke is shaped and made.

Gayke gay cakeTwo gaykes are displayed in front of the stall (Click on pic for NSFW version).

Gayke gay cakeThe gayke from close, before being topped with a sauce (Click on pic for NSFW version).

Gayke gay cakeThe gayke topped with ketchup (Click on pic for NSFW version).

And that's how it looks like when you bit off the head top.

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Now the 100 million New Taiwanese Dollars question is: How does the gayke taste? Well, according to my girlfriend it tastes great! The ingredients are simple. The bun is made of a common Taiwanese egg cake (雞蛋糕) and filled with a German sausage, then baked and topped with ketchup at the end. So it's not really like a classic hot dog, that uses bread, but figuratively that dog is hot. It's so hot that I would not eat it in public, that's for sure. But my girlfriend did it. She and her friend made a few very funny photos. In fact they were so funny, that I won't post them here. How about you go and try a hot succulent gayke yourself. Would you?

The funniest thing about having a gayke are the conversations you have with your friends while eating it:

My girlfriend to friend: »How's yours? Mine is a bit soft, but stands well.«
Friend replies: »Mine's harder than yours.« LOL!

Or when I asked her how much does one gayke cost, she replied: »One di*k is 50NTD.«
Hahaha.. That always cracks me up.

So what do you think about this unique dish? Would you try it? Is it cool and fun or is it a bit too crazy for your taste?

For more photos and info, check their blog>>

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  1. That doesn't shock me one bit ^_^ Maybe because one of my friends have the nice habit of gifting dick-shaped things. Last christmas, she offered me a dick-shaped sponge x) She gifted our best friend with slipplers topped with dicks x) That is not the kind of slippers you wanna wear when your mom is around :p !

  2. @Carine: Hahaha.. that's funny, especially the slippers. OMG >_< I can't imagine, hehe..

  3. hahha interesting... I don't mind having it. Afterall it' just a hot dog

  4. @sarah: That's understandable. Question is, would your boyfie have it? :P

  5. Well I do love hot dogs LOL And yes, this one does look really good - if not for the shape of it I wouldn't have an issue swallowing it (haha). I'd probably try one if given the opportunity - heck just close my eyes right? LOL
    You've made Taiwan seem so cool and open minded compared to so many of the other Asian countries. I love your posts on Taiwan as I have learnt so much from them.

  6. haha so funny how its just out in the open like that :P
    I've heard that there are some erotic bakeries around here but I've never seen shops all exposed like that :P
    I don't know if I'll try that hahaha! :P

    interesting how they have molds specifically for those special shapes O_o

    btw, I voted for you again :3
    I think you will win though? who is your rival at the moment? :p

    oh and thanks for watching that video from start til end :P Most people like to just skip to the end and don't even get the whole deeper meaning ><

  7. @Karen: Come on. You'd not really close your eyes ;) Thanks for your compliments. Taiwan surely is a cool country with full of awesome things :)

    @*~kAy~*: This shop is pretty out in the open, hehe. They're not really shy about it, since it's their business. Thanks for voting. My rival is close, but hope I keep the lead. Shall see :)

  8. Haha! Very interesting! Now I know more about the Taiwanese's wacky attribute.

  9. @Saby: Thanks babes. Merry Xmas to you, too :)

  10. Haha - you're right, I'd keep my eyes wide open to make sure it really was a hot dog I'm eating :)

  11. Creativity has gone crazy hahaha..any survey being done which part of the gayke been eaten first? hehe. lately Merryn posted a restaurant naming a dish called 'dog food'..crazy.

  12. I wouldn't put that thing in my mouth, that's for sure :)

    Oh, and the conversations on the end are xD

    En lep pozdrav iz Slo :)

  13. @Karen: Haha.. I'm sure you would :P

    @Bananazஇ: Yes, Taiwanese are very creative but they always top themselves, hehe. My vote goes for the top part, hehe.

    @Chemfusion: Hvala in pozdrav nazaj :))

  14. Seems your blog has won the popular vote on Taiwanderful. Congratulations!

  15. @justrecently: Yes, it has. Thank you :)

  16. That stall also sells normal egg cakes, I plan to buy some next time, because their egg cakes have some special flavors, I would like to try. :-)
    Actually in Ximenting, there are still some yummy foods shops we haven't tried, I'll bring you to discover more!

  17. @LilyChen: You're cute and funny. That's why I love you.

  18. wow thanks for sharing! cheers

    may I say "Wo Ai Taiwan?"

    hahaha :)


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