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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Lady Gaga was waving the Slovenian flag!

Croats were baffled, while Slovenians cheered

Lady Gaga loves Slovenia! Well, she probably does not. But that's what Slovenian netizens think today. She had a concert yesterday in Zagreb, in the capital city of our neighboring country Croatia. Since Zagreb is so close to Slovenia, a lot of our people also went to the concert. But the crowd was not only full of Croats and Slovenians, there were many Italians, Austrians and Hungarians, she attracted people from all over the region. Well, the concert would not be so noteworthy, if there wasn't an incident, that left the Croatian fans baffled and the Slovenian fans stunned. A Slovenian female fan, who wrote on the flag "Italian girl from New York, my only love" for her (see here), threw it on stage and Gaga picked it up. She wrapped herself in the flag and continued dancing and singing, but dropped it few seconds later (so it was like nothing...) But those photos are now all over the web. You can imagine that many Croats weren't amused, especially because the relations between our countries have been strained for the past 20 years, but especially in the recent years, when a border dispute (read here) heated up like never before. Slovenian and Croatian netizens constantly provoke each other online, they come to our forums, we come to theirs. Our languages are pretty similar and it's not hard to learn few phrases and go to the opposite forum and be a jerk. And today the provocations continued. Croats were bitter, some angry at Lady Gaga and wondering, if she did that on purpose, while our Slovenians were overly proud and full of silly remarks.

Can't we all just take a chill pill and relax? She probably had no clue which country's flag that was, nor did she care, if she'll upset anyone. She didn't mean to offend Croats, nor did she express love for Slovenia. I hope those Slovenians, who are now full of national pride, would be fine, if she waved a Croatian flag in Ljubljana and I hope that those Croats, who are now offended, would be equally critical, if their flag would be waved in Slovenia. But I'm afraid both sides would react the same, just the roles would be exchanged...

How would you feel, if a singer waved a flag of a foreign country on a concert in your country?


I don't suppose I'd mind much.. They can wave whatever flag that they want! =D

I don't think I would mind unless it was an obvious act of defamation. which it wasn't.

I can't stop looking at her butt with envy. Damn.

@Blair: Yeah, I agree.

@linda: True. Yeah, she's in good shape :)

Those stars really don't care. Many times some of them even didn't know in what country do they sing, mistaken one capital with another. They are not interested in politics. What counts for them, I presume, is how big are the money they make, to stick to their concert schedule...not to be out of the business, and that's all. Especially the stars are already beyond the problems us, common people, have. Their life is completely different, that's the reason most of them do drugs, etc.

@Traveling Hawk: Good points, very well said.

Apparently, she was telling people to "break free from race, policitcs and society". Waving a neighbouring country's flag is a good test of whether her disciples were paying attention ;)

You're a bit off with the tensions bewteen the two countries, though. Ever since the border dispute resolution is sort of on track and they're actively handling the NLB issue, they've improved a thousandfold.

Imagine, during the football world cup, one of the main Croatian web portals posted a "cheer for Slovenia" banner accompanied by the Slovene football cheer song.

To sum up: No big deal.

@dr filomena: There are less tensions today, of course, but I wrote "in recent years", thinking about the Slovenian veto from 2008/09. I don't see anything being resolved between the countries, what change is the political approach, that's all. If you read forums on both sides, I don't see any real reconciliation between the netizens. And I was referring to them in my post :)

And that Slovenian flag on was only seen in Slovenia, not Croatia. Ask had :))

MKL - here you are not right, it was not only seen in Slo. Actually your posted link demanded that.

Mmmm... I guess the Croats weren't cheerful, but hey! They could have done the same, couldn't they? I mean... what has politics to do in a concert?
Is Lady Gaga Italian?????????????????

@Pullga: Check the comments under Had's post, not the post itself. There's also a link to a screen cap of No flag of Slovenia on the background. And I think it's not important anyway :)

@Daisy: Haha.. everything gets politicized between Slovenia and Croatia, every football or basketball game :P But most people don't bother anymore. I was only talking about the netizens, they always get riled up for silly things. Yes, Gaga is of Italian descent :))

You guys should listen to this... the mystery explained :)

@dr filomena: For those who understand Slovenian, everything will be clear now :) Thanks for sharing :)

ah.. flags are always a touchy topic...

and gaga.... is just gaga as usual haha :P

now let me think a while...

if Lady Gaga stands in front of me wearing black latex knickers she can wave any damn flag she likes!

she'd prbably be wondering what all the fuss is about.

@adamantixx: She's not really my type of girl, but I must say she looks pretty hot on those photos. But maybe the Slovenian flag makes her look hotter than she is, who knows ;)

I don't really like Lady Gaga so whatever she does, I would probably find it annoying or I just wouldn't care at all. But if she waves the wrong flag in our country, I'll probably just laugh at her stupidity. ;)

@Gnetch: Haha.. cool. At least one girl that's not gaga over Lady Gaga :P

Whenever the World Wrestling Federation (WWE) goes to a town for their shoes, the good wrestlers will say things like "Finally, The Rock is back in New York", while the bad wrestlers will say something like "The crowd here stinks like the New York Yankees". Either way, the crowd reacts loud when their home town/country are mentioned in live shows. And being a show, everything is scripted.

Similarly, I think Lady Gaga is just doing "the right thing" when she got the flag. Like you said, she probably not knowing what country the flag belongs to.

Must say I'm pretty amused to see such small issues become a heated discussion, but then again, Singapore and Malaysia do have their fair share of such quarrels too.

Another interesting post, Nino!

@Shingo: Haha.. yes, many countries have silly quarrels, like Malaysia and Indonesia about some food. Or imagine the Taiwanese flag waved in China? Or the Japanese in Korea? That would generate much more passion, haha.. East and West are not so different in some things, ah?

You can always depend on someone to make a big deal out of nothing.
I'm just like you - I don't think Lady Gaga had a clue what was written on the flag or what country's flag it was. If she really wanted to piss off Croatians, I can think of so many ways she could have done it unmistakably.

I could imagine how do Croatian feel and understand what they care. If one day Madonna comes to Taiwan to hold concert, and a fan throw a China flag on to the stage, and she picks up and waves or covers herself like Lady Gaga, we would feel upset, too. But we couldn't be emotional, because the celebrity may not tell the difference of flags, all she does just for performance, she doesn't think any political issues.

So I think let art be art, and politic be politic, don't mix them together. If any art development needs to consider to the local political cares, then it isn't fun anymore. I think only in China you may have this issue, and our celebrities are used to call China as our motherland. So fake, but I could realize it's hard for them, but what to do? We are just a small country. :-(

@LilyChen: Very well said. Seems the ROC flag is really hated by the communist neighbor. Maybe they're jealous, that Taiwan is doing so well :P

There´s good and bad music, and to some extent, the show on stage may matter, too. I prefer simple design - everything else only detracts from the performance - and unless there are particular circumstances, I think waving national flags is just a useless detraction.

So in general, I agree with Lily Chen. But when in Taiwan, I once heard a world-famous orchestra strike the ROC's national anthem before turning to Beethoven. That somehow felt right.

@justrecently: I hope they'll play it more often :)

I doubt that Lady Gaga's fashion permits her entrance into Malaysia for a concert. Even Rihanna faced such problem last year. :S

@Mabel: You're spot on. Imagine she comes wearing that "meat-dress" and imagine it's pork -_- I think it would be 100 times worse than waving a Singaporean flag.

Thank you so much for the well wishes. I will miss your blog posts and comments as well :) I always feel that 1/3 to a 1/2 of blogging is responding to others and I think you probably feel the same seeing that you are very thoughtful in your responses as well and always follow up :) Take care and I'll catch up with you here in December!!

@Karen: Thank you and I agree 100% :) Have fun in Bangkok :)

It was a mistake, plain and simple. You don't wave another country's flag during a concert. It's hard enough as it is to even acknowledge Croatia's existence, let alone learn its flag. Checkers anyone?

@MLSCrow: It was nothing, big fuss for nothing. And she didn't wave the flag, as far as I know, she just held it for few seconds. It may be bad for Croatia's publicity, but at least she made some PR for the Slovenian flag :)

so now you are proud of it huuh??? good =p gonna reserve me a post here when i go visit slovenia next year

@fufu: Not really proud of it, but also not appalled. I don't take it too seriously :)

all i can say is, nice butt.



Not really in China only :) If you do that in Malaysia with hot pant and waving those flags... you get a full news paper coverage the next day :)

Politician will start debating as to why and who allow those hot pant play around with the flag :/ kekekekeke

ahhh politics will always be politics, thats the name of the games.

@Netster: Haha.. yes, Malaysia has some issues with skimpy Western female singers :P

Malaysia jealous of skimpy western singer that's why muahahahaha

Haha, that is so funny! Maybe she feels connected to you since your bday is the same and this was her way of saying "hey Slovenian b-day brother" haha..

@Netster: Haha.. most likely ;)

@Carina: That's a great theory :P

I dont see any heraldic on that flag, only white-blue-red stripes, so thats _russian_ flag :)

@Lulu: It's not a Russian flag. Check the link of the girl that has thrown it, she's Slovenian and the flag was Slovenian.

Aye, I know, but when she waving it like that, there is no heraldic and flags look very similar. Many countries use White-Blue-Red scheme, with or without heraldic, with different order and orientation of stripes.

@Lulu: Yes, sure. But people were upset, because they saw the coat of arms :)

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