November 14, 2010

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Longdu Dragon Restaurant, Taipei

A culinary experience, that will make your taste buds explode

Read my wife's review in Chinese | 中文版食記>>

Dear readers, today I decided to give my girlfriend Lily another chance to be a guest blogger on my blog, because she's had an amazing dining experience in Taipei and the post she wrote was so good, I begged her to give me the honor to share her experience with you all. She celebrated her birthday and invited her friends to join her in what will later be one of their best dining experiences of the year. Let me allow Lily to introduce one of the finest Cantonese restaurants in Taipei.

Every year on my birthday I pick a restaurant where my friends and I have dinner. This time I picked an old but famous Cantonese restaurant in Taipei named Longdu Restaurant 龍都酒樓 (sometimes romanized as Dragon Restaurant), which is open since 1983. Their most famous dish is Cantonese roast duck, it is also the most expensive duck dish in Taipei city (one duck costs TWD 1,200), but people give it a lot of praise. If you want to eat their duck, you have to book it at least 2 days in advance and one desk can only book one duck.

The restaurant is quite big inside.

I invited 12 of my friends. We were sitting at 2 tables, each with one whole duck. We also shared some dim sum together. The dinner starts, when the waiter brings the duck and asks, how we would like to have it cut.

The traditional round table.

The whole duck as it was served to us.

They have 2 ways to cut the duck, one way is meat with skin and the other way is meat without skin. Because the duck is so big, so we chose both. The waiter was so skilled, she cut the meat quickly and moved on to my friend's table. In few minutes, both ducks were cut in beautiful pieces and together with a steamed thin pancake (called 麵餅 in Chinese, literally meaning dough skin), the dinner was served.

The duck being cut into small pieces.

And this is how it looks like when they finish cutting.

The steamed dough, the cut duck and the sweet noodle sauce.

The carefully arranged vegetables.

Doesn't it look delicious?

You eat this duck by spreading the dough in your palm, you then add vegetables, the duck and the sauce on top, roll it up and eat. I have to say it's super delicious. All of us couldn't stop eating and complimenting the food, it was simply amazing!

Besides having the famous main dish, we also ordered some other Cantonese delicacies:

Cantonese fried rice: You must order this one, this is the yummiest fried rice I ever had.

Barbecued pork puffs. Yummy.

Fresh shrimp dumplings. They look perfect.

Fried radish patty, the patty was so soft, you must try it.

Steamed shaomai with crab yolk: the shrimps were so fresh!

Steamed beef ball: If you like eat beef, don't miss this one.

Steamed chicken feet with soy bean sauce: Good taste, if you dare to eat.

We also had steamed spareribs with soy bean sauce, fried spring rolls, and one cup of almond jelly. All of them were very yummy, I couldn't find anything to complain about. And we finished the main course with a soup that was made with the remaining duck bones and pickled cabbage. It was very tasty, too. We almost finished the whole bowl, even though we ate a lot already.

At the end my friend SunnyPie, who sells homemade cakes online, unwrapped the birthday cake I've previously chosen and my friends sang "Happy Birthday" to me. After that, I followed the custom of making three wishes and then I cut the cake for them. The cake had the French chestnut flavor tasted very good, SunnyPie really did a great job and so it's no wonder, that so many people buy her cakes.

The birthday cake.

It was a piece of cake to finish this.

I really had a great birthday, because not only did I receive my boyfriend's lovely gift, but also had a delightful birthday dinner and received tons of blessings on facebook, plurk and twitter. I think I was really so blessed that day. I hope I could share my happiness with others, especially with the readers who read this post.

English name: Dragon Restaurant
Chinese name: 龍都酒樓
Romanization: Lóngdū jioǔlóu
Address: 台北市中山北路一段105巷18-1號
Phone number: (02) 25 63 92 93~6
Opening hours: 11.30 - 14.00 and 17.00 - 21.00
Money per person: Over 600 NT$ (whole table paid 3235 NTD or 110 USD).
Need to book: Yes (but only the duck).
Find location: Google maps, my map


  1. am still deciding whether to go taiwan or thailand mid dec. if i finally go to taiwan, i will drop by this place :D or perhaps lily can take lily around town :)

  2. Fantastic post, well done Lily!

    Looks like Lily had a wonderful birthday dinner, food looks yummilicious!! My tummy is growling!! Haha..
    Did Sunny bake the cake? It looks wonderful! Sponge cake is hard to get right, but that looks spot on. *thumbs up*

  3. @Lily Riani: Hehe.. shall see, if Lily has a free time, she's always busy in December. Who knows :P One Lily will surely walk around Taipei, hehe....

    @LaiSan: It's a great post. I also feel food looks so yummy. Wish I was there. Regarding the cake, I'll let Lily answer that :)

  4. @LaiSan:
    Yes, SunnyPie baked the cake, her cakes are so delicious! She is especially good at baking chiffon cake, her "Lady Grey Chiffon Cake" is the most popular product.

    I did have a great birthday dinner, the duck was super yummy! :-D

  5. happy belated birthday lily!!! =) that restaurant looks like the kind of place i would definitely go with my friends. such a fun way to celebrate birthday :)

    p.s i love chicken feet soup! (not the one with soy sauce, but the simple clear one) :)

  6. oh my *faints* my favorite dishes! duck, ha gao (however u spell it XD), sao mai, bbq pork puff! i'm hungryyyyy now >.<

  7. I have visited Taiwan several times and loved everything there! I have tried this delicious duck too but in other restaurant. The birthday cake looks appetizing.

  8. greatttttttt, i was already craving for roast duck, this just made it worse >_<
    looks so good O_O *wipes drool*

  9. It seems wonderful! So many dishes and it was not so expensive after all. You wrote the post very well, Lily. I am glad you had such a great birthday!

  10. I know in Kuching not many places you can have good duck, at least there's one of my favourite and a hoem cook one by by wife (ROFL)

    This is one serious deliciously cut duck! I mean wow! Look at that! Nino is like what? "shite if I knew it was the delicious duck I would fly to Taipei for the duck!"

    The duck look good and delicious, period.

    Nino, we should go there when we all there... see you when I see you there!

    For the Duck! (Nino & Lily 1 table, Me one table and we throw Stef at another table.... so we can have 3 delicious Ducks!)

  11. Wow such an indulgent meal!! Love the roast duck and pork puff! Will be going to Taipei next year in May!! Perhaps we should meet up to have the best roast duck? :))

  12. god. i never call my parents this late (10pm on a weekend) and i always call them after work and when i break the cycle they have heart attacks because they think i must be dying.
    i'm now calling them at 10pm to tell them when I'm in Houston for Thanksgiving, we MUST get dim sum.

    All because i read this blog post.

  13. Can I have a duck for my birthday too? ^_^

  14. after the yummy looking duck and dried rice... that cake sort of change the setting a little :P

    TWD1200 for a duck? wow!

  15. Oh My What The Duck!

    I've never seen Chinese food that looks damn gorgeous in other blogs before, and coming from a Slovenian's? I just can't accept it. Hahaha!

  16. And oh ya.. happy Birthday dude! u're a Novemberian? High five!

  17. @Chris: This is my girlfriend's guest post. She took the photos, it was her birthday :) So I'll pass on all of your compliments to her :)

  18. Oh sorry, i just realized that after re-reading. Can't really expect me to be really clear minded at 6.30 am working on assignments haha. happy birthday to her then.

  19. @Chris: Haha.. no problem, my friend. I totally understand. And thanks for the warm wishes :)

  20. happy birthday lily! what a great dinner! before meeting my fiancee, i never tried duck... i didn't want to but i eventually had to b/c they had it at every big family dinner and i didn't want to be rude! Surprisingly, i quite like it... i've never had it cut table side though. Their cutting skills definitely show in those photos!

  21. @de.lizzy.cious:
    Thank you!! That restaurant is a good place to go with friends, every thing is amazing yummy! Chicken feet have lots of collagen, good to our skin. :-)

    Hehe, good! Glad to know you like these foods, too.

    Happy to know you like my country, I am honored.

    Try to get a yummy roast duck without any reason, maybe you could go with your beloved family. :-)

    @Traveling Hawk:
    Thank you so much, I think I was blessed. We always go with friends to this kind of restaurant, thus we can eat more and share less. :-P

    Your dearest wifey must be a great cook. Next time if you come to Taipei again, go to eat the duck, you won't get disappointed.

    The foods were really delicious. If you have the plan to come to Taipei next year, maybe we could have the best duck together.

    @linda:'s my pleasure to make you eager to get dim sum from my pics and post. Yes, you must get them. :-P

    @Shingo T:
    Yes, of course, when you have birthday, go to @Netster 's place and ask his dearest wifey to make for you. Kidding lah. :-P

    Ya, sweets are always a must to eat after meal. :-P

    @chris federick:
    Wow, you work so hard! Thanks for the compliment and blessing.

    Thank you!!! Duck could be very yummy if we cook it well. The waiters' cutting skills also amazed me.

    It looks similar with Beijing duck, but I heard that the roasting way is a bit different, but both of them are delicious.

  22. NOT COOL!! U guys always post up some amazing food pics when Im hungry! ;'(


    Btw...what did u get Lily? :D Heheh *curiousss*

  23. The cake looked absolutely DELICIOUS!! I'm salivating over here. LOL
    I'm traveling to China (Beijing, Lijiang, Shanghai, Xian, Hong Kong)in Aug. I'm a little concerned about the food. I'm vegetarian. Is there decent vegetarian cuisine in China?

  24. omg I love duck, if only I can buy it more often cuz it's more expensive than chicken haha. but yumm, duck is one of my fav dishes

  25. I'll skip all those dishes and have the cake instead :D

  26. I've been craving duck since forever! Gawsh that looks so mouth-watering!
    All the food looks so nicely presented :)

    Happy belated birthday!!!

  27. I love the way the duck is presented after the waiter cuts it. and I can see chili peppers! I'm getting hungry. honestly!

  28. @JaiMie:
    Hehe, that's our purpose. Kidding loh. :-P
    I think Nino tweeted you what birthday gifts he gave me.:-)

    Yes, the cake is super delicious, my friend did a great job! In China, they must have decent vegetarian restaurants, better you ask local people when you are there. I'm sure they know which one is good and have nice cuisine!

    @Pop Champagne:
    True, same here, duck is more expensive than chicken, I don't know why though. I love duck, too.

    You like sweets more? You're smart, because my friend's homemade cake is really popular and tasty. :-)

    Thank you so much, I was really so lucky to eat such a great feast.

    Yes, the waiters' cut skills and their presentation of the duck meat amazed me, too. The duck pics really can give people good appetite. :-P

  29. Thanks seeking this nice article, it's very acclaimed blogs

  30. *gulp* I am hungry, i should not be reading this when i'm hungry.. ARGH
    you're horrible Nino! haha .. no, its just my bad timing.

  31. So, the Peking (Beijing) Duck went to Taiwan; not much chance to savor this beautiful dish in Malaysia. Actually I have no idea which restaurant in Kuala Lumpur serves this beautiful cuisine... Thanks for sharing!

  32. @Anonymous:
    Thank you very much.

    Haha, these pics are appetizing indeed. Hope you could soon get yummy foods like this great duck.

    @黄清华 Wong Ching Wah:
    This is not Peking duck, but Cantonese roast duck, the restaurant insists that their duck is from Cantonese way. Glad you like my post, and hope you could find delicious duck in Malaysia. :-)

  33. Awww, Happy Birthday Lily! :)
    I use to love Chinese style Duck when I was younger but I don't know what happened...I just grew out of it. I don't fancy the taste of the meat or skin like I use to. Actually, the past couple of months I've been slightly turned off from meat in general and I really don't know's nothing to do with PETA or what anyone has said/done...all my friends are meat eaters.
    You should definitely do more guest posts on your boyfriends blog :)

  34. @Karen:
    Thank you so much!!

    Maybe you grew up and liked Western foods more, it's normal. I also don't eat the meat skin, but this one is very different! The duck skin is not oily at all, and the taste is very crisp, I was amazed. So you become a vegetarian in these couple of months? Cool. I think eat more vegetables are good to our health, I also like to eat vegetables and fruits more than meat.

    Thanks for the compliment to my guest post, I will try to write more. :-)

  35. Looks like Lily had a great time in her bday dinner. Makes me hungry already.

  36. @Sarah Wu: Lily knows how to enjoy herself :P

  37. I would dare to try the Chicken feet, in fact love them. But I'm not a friend of Chinese cake... to sweet, to creamy.

    Overall this post is unfair. There is no Beijing duck anywhere nearby my place, but now I really really want to eat one :o

  38. @Junjie: The restaurant insist, that this is a Cantonese roast duck, not Beijing duck. So maybe you can check again, there may be some Cantonese cuisine in your area.

  39. now that's what I'm talking about! Lily takes some smashing shots, I tell ya;)

    The only Duck that tops my list is the Beijing Peking duck - eaten in Beijing of course.. but this looks not bad either;) I loved the street food in Taipei (minus the "Chow tafu" Stinky Tofu!)

  40. @Sarah Wu:
    Thank you, but I love to enjoy my beloved boyfriend more.

    Next time you could try Chinese cakes that are made from Taiwan (if you can get some). In recent years, we Taiwanese also feel tired of old style Chinese cake, so we do some improvement to make them less sweet, less creamy, and less oily, even the size become smaller and easy to eat. :-)

    @CUMI and CIKI:
    Thank you so much!!
    Although I didn't eat Beijing duck in Beijing, but the duck I ate was one of the best in my life! It's a pity that many foreigners couldn't accept the taste and smell of stinky tofu! However, we do really have so many yummy street foods, glad you like them. :-)

  41. MKL,
    sorry I just looked at the pictures and the short explanations just below the pictures. Didn't read the full text first, my bad. But Cantonese duck is equally unavailable here. I would check with my local Chinese restaurant, if there was one.

    I'll give it a try, when I visit Taiwan. I have planned to go there, I just don't know in which year I have the time :o

    I like the Hong Kong style dessert though. It's very light often without any sugar. Well It's not cake at all, but it's some kind of dessert. Feels more authentic, too. Cake feels so European.

  42. @Junjie: Sure, no problem :)

  43. Om nom nom! HUNGRY! HUNGRY! HUNGRY! They look super yummilicious and I'm absolutely starving, craving for shaomai!!!

  44. Wow! You've had some amazing food in Taiwan! Made me so hungry! I intend on trying all that out soon when I visit the Din Tai Fung with some friends! :) Thanks from dropping by my blog! Cheers!

  45. @Rosemarie John: Thank you. I surely had many gastronomic delights in Taiwan. I want more...

  46. Have you tried dumplings and roast ducks? They are the famous and traditional Beijing dieshes. And also bird's nest soup? Its a delicacy in China.

    Enjoy your days~~~


  47. @Gillion: I haven't. Thanks for sharing.

  48. Little late to the duck party (Happy belated birthday!) but this is the place to go for duck. I was there twice last year and look forward to going again.


  49. @Kevin: Oh yeah. It surely is a great place :)


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