November 29, 2010

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My list of Top 10 Taiwanese models

Taiwan is full of beautiful women! I think that's clear to everyone who's ever visited that beautiful country. From young to old, most Taiwanese girls and young women are graceful and classy, but bold enough to be sexy when they feel like. Be it beautiful girls selling betel nuts on the countryside or sassy urban women in Taipei, who make streets look like catwalks, Taiwan is simply a pool of exceptional beauties like rarely seen in other countries. Why is that so, I'll leave it to someone else. What I want to do here is introduce to you the hottest Taiwanese models of 2010/11.

Interestingly, I only knew three models from Taiwan before (who are now over 30): The always labeled as number one model in Taiwan Chiling Lin (林志玲) and the the eternal runner-up Pace Wu (吳佩慈). These two dominated the model business few years ago, but are less active now. Even more famous is another model (turned actress) from Taiwan: Shu Qi (舒淇). She gained international fame by appearing in various popular movies. Who doesn't know her from the movie Transporter?

Today however, I want to show you, that the new generation of Taiwanese models are more than eager to grab that invisible crown from Chiling's head. The girls listed below were introduced to me by my girlfriend, who also helped me composing this post. However it was I, who picked and listed them in the order of my preference. So this may also be a list of Taiwanese beauties seen through a foreigner's eyes. These girls are pretty known, if not very famous in Taiwan. I'm sure most of them would land in the top ten of an average Taiwanese guy as well. They're not only models, who go to fashion shows or make photos for the magazines, they usually appear on TV in various Taiwanese talk shows, advertise beauty products and appear on various events. Some even act or sing. In Taiwan most celebrities have multiple talents and are usually engaged in a lot of projects at the same time. Many of them are also known in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and PR China. Beauty is very important in Taiwanese culture, especially for the women. And once you make it in the Taiwanese beauty business, wealth, fame and admiration are guaranteed.

The models on my list were all born in the 1980s, they're mostly tall, skinny and photogenic (which was the essential criteria to be on my list) and they're probably some of the hottest women in the country at this moment. Please vote on the poll at the end, I want to know your top ten. And be careful not to get blinded by all that beauty (wink).

My list of Top 10 Taiwanese models (name first, family name last):

SONIA SUI, 1981, 173cm

Sonia Sui or 隋棠 (pronounced Suí Táng) was born 22. 10. 1981 in Jhongsing village. She is one of the most famous Taiwanese models of our times. She's part of the famous Taiwanese model agency Catwalk Production House. I chose her as my number one Taiwanese model, because she has the perfect body of a model as well as a perfectly beautiful face with a gorgeous smile. She always looks classy, but with a touch of a cute girl next door. She's certainly a dream woman, who just looks perfect on every photo. Check also the video on the left to see how good she looks in TV commercials. She's also an actress, starring in several Taiwanese drama

Photo and info sources: [WikiEN][WikiTW][FB Page][][MY POST] 

YVONNE YAO, 1981, 173cm

Yvonne Yao or 姚采穎 (pronounced Yáo Cǎiyǐng) was born on 16. 11. 1981 in Taipei. She's probably the most photogenic of all the models and has the perfect model body and face. She's not the cute girl next door, but more of a femme fatale. She's famous for a life with many ups and downs. She grew up in poor circumstances and without a father. She became popular as a model in 2000 and her fame peaked in 2004. Being in the focus of the media, a photo of her smoking a cigarette spurred an outrage, because she was engaged in an anti smoking campaign. She publicly apologized. In 2008 she was arrested and suspected to be in possession of marijuana (someone used her name), but tests proved, that she did not use any drugs. But the negative press damaged her name again. In 2010 a video of her smoking was leaked on You-Tube.

Photo and info source: [WikiTW][Blog][FB Page][Flickr pics]

VICKEY WANG, 1983, 178cm

Vickey Wang or 王伊平 (pronounced Wáng Yīpíng) was born on 18.6.1983. She's famous for having a very nice curves and Taiwanese gave her the nickname "美胸名模", which means the "super model with a beautiful chest" (see a famous video of her walking). Besides these outstanding assets (no pun intended), she's one of the tallest models on the list and the one that probably has the most beautiful face. She's also one of these models that looks amazing in all types of clothes, especially in jeans. Besides being a supermodel, Vickey is a talented musician. She graduated in traditional music at TNUA. All that combined totally convinced me to put her in my top 3. Ain't she amazing?

Photo and info sources: [Bio][Sohate.pixnet pics][Babe1616 pics]

JENNA WANG 1987, 173cm

Jenna Wang or 王思平 (pronounced Wáng Sīpíng) was born on 22. 5. 1987. She part of the younger generation of the current top Taiwanese models and proved herself to be a very versatile and photogenic model. She became popular in 2009 by being on the cover of FHM Taiwan (see the photo shoot in the video). She's not so famous like some other girls here, but I really like her photos, because she always looks good on them, especially when she's wearing elegant clothes, such as gowns. She's also amazing casual wear, such as shorts and tops. She's definitely the cute girl next door type and not a vamp like Yvonne Yao or Vickey Wang. I'm sure she'll be more famous in the future.

Photo and info sources: [WikiTW][Blog][FB Page][][MY POST]

LENE LAI, 1989, 169cm

Lene Lai or 赖琳恩 (pronounced Lài Línēn) was born on 6. 6. 1989 in Taipei. She the youngest on the list. She has recently became popular and is known as a very versatile and talented young woman. She started her career with beauty pageants (2nd runner up in Miss Asia Pageant 2008) and continued to play in dramas, movies and music videos, as well as appearing on various TV channels either as a guest or as a co-host. She's said to be the younger version of another famous model named Ruru Lin (the girl below), because they look alike a little. I think she belongs on this list, because she extremely likable and cute, probably the cutest of all the girls on the list (check her video). In a couple of years, she'll probably be the number 1 model in Taiwan.

Photo and info: [WikiEN][WikiTW][FB Page][RainDog pics][Purple gown pics][MY POST]

RURU LIN, 1981, 175cm

Ruru Lin or 林葦茹 (pronounced Lín Wěirú) was born on 28. 11. 1981 in Taipei. She's a popular TV presenter and model. She also appeared in music videos and did several advertisements and promotions. She's one of the "oldest" on the list here, close to that dreaded 30 mark, but she looks way younger. If I didn't know she's born in 1981, I would think she's way below 24 years old. She does have an awesome body (like most girls on the list) and obviously she feels great doing shoots in bikini (it wasn't easy to find pics of her not in one), because that's where she looks the best. But she also has a face to remember, a cute girly face that is. She looks more like a hot girl next door than like a supermodel (compare to Yvonne Yao). She could've easily be in the top 3 here, but I gave other younger girls the chance to be higher on the list.

Photo and info sources: [WikiTW][Blog][Album][FB Page][Osaki99 pics]

YUFEN LI, 1985, 163cm

Yufen Li or 李毓芬 (pronounced Lǐ Yùfēn) also known as Tia or Keiko, was born 11. 5. 1985. She's said to look a bit like the younger version of Vivian Xu, a popular Taiwanese singer. But that wouldn't do her justice, because she's much than just a lookalike of her. She's the shortest of all the girls on the list, but she's definitely a great model. She makes up for the lack of height with her charming persona and beautiful eyes. She really has great modeling skills and if you'd not know that she's so short, you wouldn't think she's any different than other girls here. She looks petite and cute, these are her biggest assets. But she's also very good in looking serious and seductive. She's definitely on the right list.

Photo and info: [FB Page][Blog][Osaki99 pics][RainDog post]

ABBY FUNG, 1982, 164cm

Abby Fung or 馮媛甄 (pronounced Féng Yuànzhēn) was born on 30. 10. 1982 in Chiayi. She a famous model and TV persona in Taiwan. Her nickname is little cutie (小可愛) and many people say she's the small version of Taiwan's famous supermodel Chiling Lin. Abby is probably the cutest girl on the list. She's also not the tallest, but you'll forget about that completely, when you hear her speak. She has the cutest voice ever. You gotta see the video and hear her speak. I asked my girlfriend, if it's really her voice and she guaranteed me, that this is truly her voice. Amazing, huh? She's not the supermodel type, but she's definitely the cute girl next door type, the one you'd love to have as a friend, if not girlfriend. She has a very good figure and a smile you won't forget. And I'm not even gonna mention her voice again.

Photo and info: [WikiTW][Bio][Blog][Osaki99 pics]

BIANCA BAI, 1982, 175cm

Bianca Bai or 白歆惠 (pronounced as Bái Xīnhuì) is born on 23. 10. 1982 in Taipei. She's born in a family of entertainers, her father used to work for a TV, her mother was a singer. She's a famous model and TV persona, who starred in dramas and music videos and also did a lot of TV ads and other promotions. She's famous for a large chest, which she cleverly uses to her advantage (just check the video on the left and you'll know what I mean). Once on a fashion show her nipple was exposed (see NSFW photo), the media gave her the nickname "pink nipples" (粉紅乳暈), because according to my girlfriend (*cough) that color is rare (*cough) for Taiwanese women. I have never even thought about it, and I guess you haven't, too. But well, now you know it :-P Anyway Bianca deserves to be on this list, because she's really a great model with a lot of grace. Maybe not the model type at first glance, but once you see her TV ads, you'll realize how talented she is.

Photo and info sources: [WikiTW][FB Page][Baidu pics][Osaki99 pics]

ANNIE CHEN, 1984, 175cm

Annie Chen or 陳庭妮 (pronounced Chén Tíngnī) was born on 28. 4. 1989 . She became known in 2008, when he modeling career took off. Her striking beauty and long legs made her a new star on the catwalk. It was easy for her to transition to acting and TV, and capture the attention of drama lovers. She is starring next to legends like Mike He and Zhuge Liang. She also appeared in several music videos.

Photo and info sources: [Wiki][Blog][Album][Yuan3652 pics][Iamayuan pics]

It took me a while to compose this post and I want to thank my girlfriend again, who provided me all the information I needed about the girls. I hope you have learned something more about Taiwan and about the Taiwanese idea of beauty. There are of course thousands of Taiwanese girls like them, who could be put on this list, but these girls, albeit seen everywhere on Taiwanese streets, are not famous. Many dream to be famous, only few succeed. And I've chosen the ones who have broken through and climbed all the way up to the top of the Taiwanese beauty industry. And believe me, it's not easy, because the competition is fierce. This post will be translated in Chinese and also I may do another list next year to see how much has changed in a year. For now, I want you to vote on the poll on the left and tell me which girl is currently your number one Taiwanese model.
If you can't vote on the poll, go and vote here>>


  1. Wow, it was really, really hard to choose since they're all very beautiful. But in the end, I voted for the second one, Yvonne Yao. She just caught my eye somehow.

  2. i cant pick. they're all so pretty!!!!

    some of them are even way too hot that i feel.... disappointed. :( no wonder no boy left hahahahahahhahaha.

    nah just kidding.

  3. what a terrible task to choose between so many very beautiful young ladies...but i managed to pick my favourite in the end.

    Vickey Wang has a special something extra that makes me love looking at her!

  4. @Van: She's definitely eye-catching.

    @Liz: They're pretty, but so are you, gurl. And you're tall, too. Wanna appear on my blog? I'm gonna make you famous :P

    @AdamAntixx: Sorry, I know you were stuck between a rock and a hard place. I thought she'll be your choice, because she looks elegant and refined.

  5. Impressive list, MKL, or better said gorgeous girls! I vote with your no 2 but I'm not a guy :) does it count?

    On the other side, I would emphasize what you wrote about multi-talents. It seems to be a characteristics for South Korea too. At least this is what I observed since I am following KBS (English subtitles) and Korean dramas on internet. In my country one is actress/actor or singer or model, etc. and when they have success in one field they stay there. Seldom one chooses to do another "job" too. But to have 3-4 talents in one person that's great for sure! Chapeau!, as the French say.

  6. @Traveling Hawk: Non-guys have right to vote here, too :P In fact, Non-guys are always welcome on my blog ;)

    Yes, it's same in Slovenia, we don't have this type of popular culture, where stars would have so many talents. Some do, but there are not many. Korea, Japan and Taiwan, they all have this concept. A popular person becomes a trademark and can be used to make money in various fields. Once you're big in Taiwan, you're really big.

  7. All very hot! since I'm in the office now and concerntrating on my work...

    will check it out one by one tonight!


  8. I want! I want! They are so sexy and pretty! Now it looks like Koreans and Taiwanese movie stars are in the limelight of Asia. They sure attract many fans! I notice that the ladies dressing sense is so different between Hong Kong and Taiwan when they are not that far apart.

  9. I should say that your ranking is a bit out of my expectation, because mine is different, so that means men's judgments are always differ from women's.

    The top one model of my list is Sonia Sui, too. She is always graceful and has her own class. But my second one should be Bancia Bai, because she has pretty eyes, sweet smile and always looks so cute. However, you don't need to mention that we rare have pink nipples la. =.=

  10. @Twilight: HK and Taiwan are very different, because of HK is a city with little land and under British rule so long, while Taiwan is a country and was independent for the past 50 years. I heard HK girls are tougher than Taiwanese, hehe. Taiwanese are more like Japanese, shy and reserved at first.

    @Traveling Hawk: Funny, up until this post I thought you were a guy. Now I have to shift my whole idea of you, hehe. It's getting interesting.

    @Lily: Fuiyoh Lily! Don't point that out leh.. :P People would not notice, if you haven't mentioned it :P

  11. i liked Sonia the most b/c she looks the classiest of them all :) and i guess it makes sense now why taiwanese girls here have the reputation of being "too dressed up". They really stick out like a sore thumb when you go to places like the malls, movie theaters, or any ordinary places b/c they are wearing mini skirts, high heels, fur coats while everyone else is in sweater and jeans. haha!

  12. Great list you put together, I only know no. 1 hahah. I can't believe you know all these modeel's name. haha I don't even know any. If I was a guy and I will skip 3, 5, 6. They not really my type of look. 5 and 6 is a bit too round face. I don't like No. 3's eyes. lol I'm so picky right? But the rest are so beautiful

  13. Now I know the reason why I got dumped so easily.HAHAHA!

    So many pretty babes out there! Many competitors! But, they are indeed beautiful,cute,decent looking with gorgeous body shape! Envy much.

  14. @Kym: Oh, you have Taiwanese girls there? Cool. I didn't know they dress so well outside Taiwan. Will tell Lily :)

    @Sarah: Well, the names my girlfriend provided to me or I found online. You are so picky, haha :P I like all of them, each of them has a certain charm.

    @Stefanie: Many pretty babes out there indeed :D

  15. :) it's a pitty I destroyed that impression!

  16. @Traveling Hawk: It's not a pity at all :) Just be careful in Seoul, being a white woman can be a little dangerous sometimes. I've read blogs where drunk Korean men behaved pretty aggressively to white women and usually the police won't do much. Maybe those were exceptions, but it's always good to be careful.

  17. omg...damn sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! drooling :p hahaha but well yeah we have many awesome models, well i mean Asian models

  18. @fufu: So who's your favorite? Of course you have so many awesome models, you're the most populated continent :D

  19. Ouch...I didn't think this comment box was going to arrive. It's sitting on my desktop.

    I am sure your choices are all evenly matched.

  20. It appears I only know Shu Qi :(

  21. I picked Abby Fung, tough choice.

    On a side note, it's great being a man! ^_^

  22. @Envoy: Hope you know more now :)

    @Shingo: Abby is cute. You fall for cute gals, eh? No wonder you're with a cute wifey :)

    @Bananazஇ: Indeed :)

  23. Thank you, MKL, for the warning. You know the motiffs or was it just sexual harassment?

  24. @Traveling Hawk: Well, I've read it's not good for a white woman to walk around in early morning or late at night in some parts and better don't use the subway at that time. On certain lines there are many weirdos (oh yeah, I saw them, too). You know Korean men love to drink soju and when they're drunk, they're brave to harass white women, whom they perceive as hyper-sexual, since there are a lot of Russian prostitutes in the country. I've read pretty bad stories in comments, where white English teacher had bad encounters with those men. And police is biased, they will believe the guy usually. Well, I don't wanna scare you, of course. Seoul is pretty safe during the day, but it's a metropolis of nearly 20 million people (if you count Incheon city), so you can be sure a lot of bad things happen :)

  25. erm... amber chia, a malaysian model :) also some other hk models... specially like those bananas who have oriental looks

  26. @fufu: Amber Chia is not really my type. But there are many hot HK models :)

  27. What a good sport your gf is :P hmm since I must choose to vote.. I pick Sonia Sui as my fav. She's the most attractive in my opinion :) lol to make it fair you need to make a list of the hottest taiwanese guys!

  28. hhaha! I totally agree with Karen! :P I'll be waiting to see who makes it to the top 10 :P

    I like polls! :P How fun! :P I see people agree with your #1 pick :P

    Oh and sorry to keep you waiting :P I was on holiday for Thanksgiving and I extended it a bit :P
    Ah I would think that daily bloggers would receive more attention :P I need to catch up reading your other posts! O_o

  29. @Karen: My girlfriend is awesome :D She always gives me some suggestions about the topics I write. My most popular posts with Google are the ones about women. Sadly, when I write about a serious issue, I usually won't get new readers. If I write trivial stuff, I get them.. And now and then it's fun to write lists, hehe. Sonia Sui is also my fav, how good that we have a similar idea of beauty.

    I've heard the thing about guys, but I always pass on that idea to my female followers. I've no idea which guys are seen as hot, don't wanna embarrass myself :P

    @*~kAy~*: Read above about the guys :P I also like polls. As you can see, I make a lot of them, hehe. Hope you had wonderful holidays.

  30. MKL - I agree with you that Taiwanese are soft like Japanese. Some Hongky gals can be rough and snobbish due to their culture! Just my 2 cents.

  31. Looking at those pictures... evidently, Shu Qi's still unbeatable. Besides, I'm pretty sure that there are prettier ones in Taiwan. If not, there are plenty of beautiful women from China (like Fan Bingbing, Tang Wei, Ruby Lin).

    Just voicing out, no pun intended. =P

  32. @Joan: Thanks for your opinion.

  33. NEEENO IS A BULLY!!! Always leaving mean comments on poor little Kymmy's blog.

    hahaha! just kidding! HI :)

  34. HAHHAHA! I admit.. i do like your 'mean' comments b/c they're so random and completely different than the generic comments. So yes, i give you permission to continue cyber bullying me. hahaha! ;P

  35. @Kym: Thank your for allowing to cyberbully you. That's a first in the history of the internet, haha.

  36. they're all quite pretty. I didn't know that the chick from transporter is Taiwanese!

  37. They're all beautiful so I can't chose either like many other commenters above :) Also, since men are my speciality, I guess I'm more readily able to pick out which guy I would have liked the most....the women sort of blend in and seem to me to have many of the same features. Maybe you can do a post on male Taiwanese models? ;)
    Who do YOU like the most?

  38. did u know that shu qi was fehmes being a porn star before her normal movie-acting fame? :) nyahaahahaa

  39. @Julie: Now you know :)

    @Karen: Ah, ah.. been hearing this a lot of times, haha. I won't do a list of men, you or my other female followers could do that, it would be much more appropriate :P

    @Jess: That wasn't porn movies, but some soft core, no real porn :)

  40. Good idea :) Especially considering that 99% of my blog readers appear to be women!

  41. @Karen: Proud to be that 1% of your male blog readers :P

  42. Sonia Sui is one of the top artist in the taiwanese drama and modelling industry. Absolutely adore her acting in the drama "A Fierce Wife". I hope there is a sequel to the movie.


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