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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jeannie Hsieh 謝金燕: Taiwan's Wonder Woman

An exceptional Taiwanese woman

Xie Jin Yan aka Jeannie Hsieh (or Chinese 謝金燕) is a famous Taiwanese singer and actress and for me an exceptional Taiwanese woman. And you will probably agree with me later. I must say I was not familiar with her until recently. My girlfriend shared one of Jeannie's latest songs with me and asked me to guess how old she was. Well, I would like you to do the same here. Check her latest video to the song Beep Beep Beep (嗶嗶嗶) and then tell me how old do you think she is?

Enjoy "Beep Beep Beep, Jeannie Hsieh's most famous song.

Enjoy "Beep Beep Beep" live...

She looks hot, doesn't she? And she's famous for her legs. When it comes to her age, I suppose your guess was something like 25? 27? I remeeber mine was 26. Anyhow, to reveal the big secret: Jeannie will be 36 this December! Not only that, she's also a mommy. Amazing, huh?

Xie Jin Yan謝金燕 was born in Kaohsiung on Christmas in 1974. Her father is also a famous Taiwanese artist named Zhuge Liang (豬哥亮, real name Xie Xin Da 謝新達). She entered show business in 1990 at a very young age (she was barely 16). She was chosen "Miss legs" (美腿小姐) in a TV variety show (which is not surprising, since her legs are seemingly endless. She's 170cm tall, so no wonder.) and soon after new opportunities emerged for her. She started to act in movies and drama. She released her first music album in 1993. But she really rose to fame after 2000, when she changed her music style to electronic dance. Her best year was 2005 with many smash hits as well as this year, when she returned with her dance hit Beep Beep Beep (video above), which is sung in Cantonese, Mandarin, Taiwanese and English. She usually sings in Taiwanese (which is similar to Hokkien Chinese) and commonly spoken around Taiwan. Jin Yan is an exceptional woman, because she's one of those East Asian pop stars, who just keep going even after the dreaded age of 30. Her music style may not be what I would listen to, but I admire her for looking dazzling and remaining popular at age 36 in a genre that's usually dominated by teenagers. Few years ago it was normal that East Asian pop artists ended their careers when they hit 30. But in recent years stars like Lee Hyori, Ayumi Hamasaki and Namie Amuro go against this trend and they're better than ever before. Maybe that "old wine tastes better" analogy could be applied to these artists here. Anyway, you can check two more videos of Jeannie below.

A ballad.

One of her best songs.

Could she possibly have the hottest legs in Taiwan? More photos from the concert here>>

How do you like Jeannie Hsieh?


God please let me look this good at 36!! I never heard of her before either, but she's GORGEOUS and ridiculously hot. Here in the States we have a term for women like her: 'MILF' LOL ;-)

@Kay: Hahaha.. I know the term, but she doesn't even look like a MILF. I really thought she's 26. I was wrong for 10 years :) Hope you can look like her, yes :)

wow, i must say, am embarrass with myself then. ehhehe

Me too! I thought she was like 26 or at most 27!! O.O

Although I keep noticing there are more and more women looking very beautiful (and youthful) well past their 30s. Like Shu Qi. Did you know she's 34! Yes, 34!! Yet still outrageously beautiful and young looking. I wanna look like her when I grow up. ~.^

@Lily Riani: Haha.. don't be :P

@Kay: Haha.. yes. Shu Qi is one of these women that seem to have amazing genes :) Some are just blessed :)

she sure looks good for almost 36 but i've always said that aged wine tastes mch better than fizzypop!

@Adamantixx: Yes, you always said that and I remembered your words while writing this post :)

first clip...damn she sings cantonese+hokkien+mandarin+english... lol funny!!! anyway i didnt know her until i read this...okok ehem ehem... quite hot ya

ok, i'm going to go stock up more on collagen, sign up for facial courses, hair treatment, boobs and body toning and everything to look this good when i'm 36! hahah
yea she's hot alright, my initial guess was the same as yours, 26 :)

What??? She's 36? She looks awesome!

Wow!! Props to this woman, I thought she was only in her twenties also! haha wouldn't every girl love to look so flawless and youthful at that age :D I know Hyori is another 30+ pop celebrity that's still super hot.. unfortunately I know about her plastic surgery so that turned the hotness notch down a bit.

Nino, thank you for your kind comment.. I hope I can get close to 500 followers someday so that mooore people can be bombarded with my posts on CF products, or I hope that I can be featured by some important org's & websites like you are! ;)

Thank you so much for sharing this awesome content! Looking forward to seeintg more blogs.

dzheneriki sialisa po telefonu

36 :O. She is amazing for that age. I wanna know how can i look like her when i m 36.

Hot! Gorgeous pair of legs. Karen Mok has won awards with her legs too.~;)

I didn't know she's 36 and daughter of Zhugeliang! Oh well, I never really like her with a reason that I don't even know :p.

Thanks for visiting my blog btw, really appreciate it :)

i totally guessed that she was in her mid to late 20's! she looks great for a woman who's not far from 40! i hope to still look young when i'm her age.... well, i wouldn't be surprised since people still think i'm 16 today. hahaha!

@FuFu: Haha.. see, you learn again xD

@Sharon: Hehe.. we think alike :)

@Gnetch: So do you.

@Karen: I saw a website that compared Korean singers and models when they were younger. I wonder if there's any who did not do a small surgery. Guess it's pretty normal in Korea. And some do good jobs, so you don't even know. I still prefer natural, though :)

@Harini: Good luck :)

@Bananazஇ: Oh yeah, Karen Mok is not bad either :)

@Dina (XYYan): Hehe.. now you know her and you're welcome.

@Kym: You look young and you burst with energy. I can't imagine seeing you age. You won't age :-P

Yessssssssssssssss! 36!!!! YESSSSSS!!!
you go girl! You are our 35-year-old pride!!! ;-)))

@Daisy: Haha.. that's what I expected from you :-P

She's a mommy indeed and his son has 12 or 13 years old!

I remember having very funny moment trying to sing 練舞功 with drunk friends :)

Damn! She sings in Cantonese in beep !! I love Cantonese!

I don't know you are familiar with 謝金燕. I only know 你愛台灣!This is very cool. So are you in Taiwan now? I better not to mention my real age here. This is what I got from your followers comments. :-P

@Achi: Hehe.. yes. You're right. But I'm not in Taiwan now, I plan to go there soon :)

@Lily: Haha.. ok, don't mention your age, however people would be surprised, too :)

Taoyuan is also a beautiful place. You should be visiting here to play.

@Achi: I have been in Taoyuan few times, but didn't like it so much. I prefer Hsinchu. You can click on my Taiwan page (2nd small white link bar) and you can see the places I have been and blogged about. Taoyuan is among them :)

I've been living in Asia for 17 years of my lifetime and pardon my ignorance for I haven't heard of this songstress before. =P

She's definitely gorgeous. It's definitely amazing that she still appears to be so young and radiant at the age of 36!

However, from the outfits she wears during performances and the way she tries to capture the audience's attention, I think she's rather slutty. Personal opinion anyway, no pun intended.

@Joan the Black Iris: I think she's sexy and classy, but different eyes, different views :)

haha nice..
A lot of people always say the reason why people like her look young is because 'she's Asian' :P
I'll take it! haha :P I hope I have the Asian genes of youth! :P

I heard ayumi went under the knife quite a bit though :P Had my friend wanting plastic surgery solely for the reason that ayumi had it -___-

She looks gorgeous for her age and as a Mom - I absolutely agree. But to be honest, from my trip to Asia I've seen so many girls that look good like her. Just a bit of makeup, nice hair and an outfit to go with it. I saw so many like her in the clubbing districts - seriously! I don't find her look unique at all....and many many women in Asia for some reason, bounce back very well to their pre-baby shape after having kids. My cousins that have kids look fantastic and they're also in their 30s. Idunno....maybe they're hiding secrets from me LOL

Yes, that's why there are 'angles and perspectives'. =P

@*~kAy~*: I'm sure you have those genes :)

@Karen: Haha.. yes, I saw that, too. Some women in Taiwan have bodies of young girls, you need to look close to see that they're over 40.

@Joan the Black Iris: True :)

Xie Jin Yan is much more than her work. Once you know her she is an amazing human being with real insights.. that is why her work is so good.. she is tuned into where her culture is heading.

Yes I know her well!

@Anonymous: I'm sure she's more than her work :) Thanks for the additional info. How do you know her?

That information I cannot share.

She is heading in a slightly different direction now so it will be interesting to see if it works out for her.. wish her well of course.

@Anonymous: I also know Jolin Tsai, but that information I cannot share.

I like the new songs more than the disco trance stuff from few years ago.

@MKL: Seems we are both fortunate to know such talented and beautiful ladies :)

@Anonymous: Haha.. regarding Jolin, it was more of a wishful thinking for me, I don't know her :)

It's awesome, if you really know 謝金燕. So you must be from Kaohsiung, right?

How come you only comment on this post here? So mysterious ;)

LOL I didn’t actually pick up the sarcasm! :)

Yes I really do know her and if I want to stay friends with her I best not comment further! -I am sure you understand.

The reason I posted is that I haven’t spotted a blog like this before and think it’s pretty cool and I wanted to balance some of the comments and judgments coming from some posts. (BTW they have a right to form any view they want)... And I literally tripped over it a few weeks back.

If she authorizes information releases I will be sure to post back here and make up a blog name

@Anonymous: Ok, I was sarcastic, but wasn't too sarcastic on you, because you're a polite person. But you have to know that I've got here lots of anonymous commenters claiming a lot of things. If I saw a name with a link to a "Jeannie Hsieh Australia fan page", I'd be much less in doubts about the claims you make. If you truly know her, if you're her friend, that's good for you. If you just pretend to know her, well, that's fine, too :)

You don't need to ask her for any authorizations, since I think the information I share here is good enough for my readers. And unlike on some other posts, I didn't post too many pics, I let her songs speak for her. And those 3 are my favorites. And I think only one person said something unfavorable of her, which is pretty good, given the fact that most celebrities also draw a lot of negative comments.

Ok, if you see her, say hi to her. She has a fan in Slovenia. And if she sends me an autograph, I'll post it on my blog. ;)

Oh, how's the weather in Sydney? You guys having summer soon, right? :P

Now she will know who this is if she reads this and I am in trouble LOL :)

My IP routes through Sydney but I am somewhere in Asia Pacific :)

Friends of celebrities rarely post on blogs so I am kinda breaking the unwritten rule! and anything I share about her she would need to give me permission to say here thats all.. nothing too mysterious

I have said too much already. Good luck with this blog and I will drop in from time to time.

@Anonymous: I really doubt, that she would read an English blog about her with few videos embedded. And you didn't tell anything personal about her, the whole exchange here is about whether you're her friend or not. And I'm still not 100% sure. You could be anyone and the Asia Pacific is a huge region. Do drop by, I'm planning to write a lot about Taiwan in the near future, also about other celebrities.

LOL that’s why I kept it vague re Asia Pac and she visits a lot of English sites.

Whether you believe me or not isn’t important.. Funny how an impulsive post by me has now turned into this exchange lol.

Anyways probably time your bloggers got back to posting and we desisted :)

I shall be sure to read more blogs as Taiwan has a vibrant entertainment community.

@Anonymous: See you around.

Hey ! Thank you for this, I really like this artist, but I can't find her cds on any websites !!! X-) Do you have an idea simply where to buy her music on the internet ? I tried yesasia,, etc... surprinsing, please explain me !

wow....she's 36?! that's.....incredible...not to mention she's a mum already....Actually saw a vid of her I forgot from where....and recently came to your blog while searching for some artists' info.....thanks for the info about her.....
Anyway...what do you think of Kelly Chen?...I believed she's also in her 30s but dang...still looked young and young as ever...hehe..

Her name should be Hsieh Jin-yan.

and you can find her albums and karaoke on by searching Jeannie Hsieh ^^

@Anon May 22: Check Anon Jan 10's answer :)

@Ky: I donno Kelly Chen, but the way you describe here, I'm sure she looks good :)

@Anon Jan 10: True! Hsieh would be better, but I used to most common result on Google. And it's bringing me many hits :)

i'm that "Anon Jan 10" from Hongkong. I found your blog and your introductions of Jeannie Hsieh wonderful.
Yes! it's amazing how many people misspelled her firstname as Xie on internet. "Xie" and "Hsieh" is the same word in chinese is just like "Lee" and "Li", but no one would call Bruce Lee as Bruce Li, or Jet Li as Jet Lee. However, it's fine if it brings more view counts to you ^^". I'm writing to inform you that Jeannie Hsieh's 2011 album has just been released. Google "Jeannie Hsieh Yue Wan Wan" for it. There's no more dancing song in her newest album, but she looks even more beautiful in the MV. Hope you enjoy it!
: 3

Anonymous: Haha.. next time use a handle like "Big JH fan" or something, then I will know it's you. I saw on TV, that she has new song, not bad, if you ask me. But her old ones are my favorites.

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