October 18, 2010

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Blejski grad/Bled castle, Slovenia

One of Slovenia's most beautiful castles

The Bled castle (Blejski grad) on top of a cliff above the lake.

I wrote about Bled in my previous post, where you can read about our lovely stroll along Lake Bled's coast as well as trying the delicious kremna rezina. After we finished with that, we decided to go up to the castle. The only problem I had, was how to go there? I had fears that the road might be narrow and dangerous and that there's no parking space. So I asked a local and they told me it's no problem to go up there. They have enough parking spaces and he showed me the right way up. So we sat in the care and drove off. Since we parked close to the Parish church, we did not have a long way up to the castle.

✰ Brief history of Blejski grad/Bled castle

The castle was first mentioned in 1011 as Castellum Veldes (Veldes is the German name of Bled), which makes it the oldest mentioned castle in Slovenia. The year 2011 exactly 1000 years since the castle's first mention. That's pretty old for a castle, don't you think? The area around Bled was given to the Brixen diocese from the holy Roman emperor Henry II in 1004. The castle was owned by many different royals until the late 19 century, when it was sold to businessmen. From 1803 and 1838 and again after the World war II the castle was nationalized and was thoroughly renovated (1952-1961) and opened for tourism. The museum in the castle was renovated in 2008 (info source).

✰ Check the awesome Bled castle website for more info. It's really a great website.

We just followed the sign board with Blejski grad. The road up was steep, but not too steep. And the parking space is very big, probably big enough for 30-40 cars and even for buses. There are no worries, if you decide to drive there. Walking may take you a bit too long, better you find a way to ride a car.

The castle looks small from afar, but it's pretty big when you're closer.

We paid 7 eur per person to enter the castle and the museum fee is included.

One of the reasons, why to go to the castle is the breathtaking view.

The view of the town Bled.

The park and the Parish church.

The old fountain.

The castle has two levels. Here we're on the highest.

And the most beautiful view can be seen from this platform.

The lake in its full glory. Look at the colors.

A closeup of Bled island with the beautiful church of the Assumption of Mary.

My girlfriend made a video of the view:
✰ She caught attention

Compared to other tourists on the castle that day, my girlfriend looked really beautiful. And that caught some attention with two guys, who (according to my guess) were Russian and not only started at her, they seemed to have a very juicy conversation regarding her and probably her looks. Luckily I didn't understand, what they were saying, I just suggested to go to some other part of the castle. While I escorted my girl downstairs, they kept looking at her legs with no regards to my presence. I don't know what to think about such behavior. Should I be proud, that a bunch of ill-mannered fancied my girlfriend?

This part is a restaurant.

And this is a museum in the castle, which is very nice. It will show you the history of Bled from the ice age to the middle ages and all the way to the present times. I really recommend you to see some of the things, it's really interesting. And the staff is very friendly, even if you have questions, they will gladly try to help you.

Photo above: View on the other side. Below: The toilet with a beautiful view.

Another view of the whole mountainous area around Lake Bled.

We spent 1 hour on the castle and it was really one of the highlights of our Slovenia trip.

On the way down, back to the car and off to Bohinj.

You have to visit Blejski grad!


  1. I understand your ambivalence with regard to the guys staring at your g/f. I mean you are standing right there and it is probably very obvious that you and she are a couple, therefore, they should be more respectful especially in your presence. My b/f sometimes tells me the same thing. When guys stare at me openly in his presence, he says he's torn b/c a part of him is proud, but as a man, he feels like he has to do something about it. I always say as long as they don't touch they can look and talk all they want. At the end of the day, he's mine and I'm his and that's all that matters. ;-)

    The world is full of jerks, and that's beyond any of our control. So be proud that your g/f is gorgeous and draws attention!!! That's the biggest compliment for you because guys can drool over her all they want, but she's YOURS! ;-)

  2. I browed the official website, and found the medieval festivals are very interesting!! I hope next time I would have chance to see that! And also I hope to have a meal at the restaurant there, I read from some blogs, they said they offer traditional Slovenian foods there!!So cool!! I just couldn't resist the charm of foods and good wines. :-P

  3. Bled Island is a cute little island.

    About the guys, I guess if they weren't talking TO your girlfriend and you are unaware of what they're saying, keeping the peace might be the favorable thing to do.

  4. wow the place sure is beautiful! i dont know when i'll get to go back to Europe again :(
    btw u OUGHT to feel proud that ur gf attracts attention hehe

  5. a church on a island in the middle of a lake? o.O Now i've seen it all :D

  6. @Kay: Good points :) Couldn't agree more with you :)

    @Lily: Yes, yes.. I know. You're a food-a-holic, hehe. It's always good to leave something for next time :)

    @Linda: Yes, there were few meters away, but I saw them almost drooling. I know guys and those two were like from a movie.. like American Pie, haha.. Well, I can't be bothered with such people, I usually move away :)

    @Sharon: Haha.. glad no guy fell down the cliff by gazing at my gf's legs :P

    @Jamaipanese: Oh yeah :D

    @Lily Riani: Mystical indeed :)

  7. Kje si pa kupil ti to tvojo punco?

  8. @Anonymous: Haha.. zavist ni lepa stvar. Kupila pa je ona mene ;)

  9. Ha ha, me veseli, da si nisi mislil, da te sprašujem zato, ker se ve zakaj ponavadi belci hodijo dol med poševnooke punce. Ker so poceni.
    Ti ne zavidam. Imam čist tapravo slovenko, mi ni bilo treba drugje iskat.

  10. @Anonymous: Tajvan ima večji standard od Slovenije, še posebej pa Tajpej. Mogoče to, kar praviš, velja za države v Indokini, Indonezijo ali Filipine. Tam je ogromno takih starih bolj okroglih belcev z (pre)mladimi dekleti. Pri nama je bila ljubezen in še zmeraj je. Ne vem sicer, kje so poševnooka dekleta, na Tajvanu imajo vse punce normalne vodoravne simetrične oči. Me veseli, da imaš tapravo Slovenko. Bi bilo škoda, če bi ugotovil, da ni bila taprava, temveč takšna... kvazislovenka? :)


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