September 8, 2010

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The beach in Izola

And how we went from Koper to Izola

Izola (Italian Isola) is a lovely seaside resort close to Koper. It's our second biggest coastal town by population, but the size is very small. It has a lovely small historic part and the name comes from Italian for "Island". The center used to be on an island in the past (same like Koper). More about the town in my next post. Let me show you how we discovered the beach in Izola, which locals call "Na Svetilniku" (Near the lighthouse):

Koper and Izola are very close, about 5-10min away by car, only a hill is between them.

We found a free parking space upon entering Izola (on the right from the main road).

The biggest hospital in the area on top of the hill between Koper and Izola.

This is the way to central Izola.

Narrow roads like this are common here.

Instead going straight to the center, we turned right, because we saw the sea.

It was so hot that day, we wanted to join them.

The water reminded me of Kenting, Taiwan's famous seaside resort, but the water near Izola is not as blue and not as clean, but still much cleaner than it's usually said here. Our small (47km) long coast doesn't have a good reputation, while everybody's praising Croatia's beaches. I can say that during our short visit of the Slovenian coast, the water was clean and clear.

This is Izola's small beach near the historic center.

You wont find sand here, it's a bit rocky.

My girlfriend was so excited to see the beach and thought it's awesome. She wanted to bath as well, but prior to her trip, she said she won't swim here, because she doesn't want to get tanned. You know, East Asian girls generally don't like to get tanned (that's why she carried an umbrella during most of our Slovenia trip).

I bought this white umbrella for her to protect her from sun and rain, but guess what? We lost it, when I sent her back to the airport in Vienna when we switched trains. I was so reckless. And it's such a pity, it was a great umbrella and so hard to find a white one. Well, now we only have memories of "her" and a lot of photos. Looks like the fate of this umbrella was to protect my girl during her Eurotrip :)

Panoramic view of the beach in Izola.

Boys jumping in the water.

You can take a Taiwanese out of Taiwan, but you can't take Taiwan out of a Taiwanese!

The other side of the beach with public showers and a park.

The sky was so blue that day.

Can this photo be used on a greeting card?

How about this one? :-P

My rating of the beach of Izola:

Great place for photos ✰✰✰✰
Well preserved and clean ✰✰✰✰
Toilets, parking, souvenirs ✰✰✰✰
Friendly to tourists ✰✰✰✰✰

Titov trg, Koper :Before [Slovenia Tour 2010] Next: Izola's center>>

[My Slovenia page][All photos by MKL, 2010, except where otherwise noted]


  1. My vote is for the last one! And how sad about forgetting the umbrella, I hate it when that happens!!

  2. As always, I love the pictures. And yes, the last picture can be used as a greeting card. Looks like you had so much fun. Too bad you lost that super pretty umbrella.

  3. The second picha, btw I love the boys jumping in the water too! Look great! I agree with you about the umbrella was just to protect Lily's Eurotrip. "Her" mission had completed.

  4. I honestly wish I could get away with using an umbrella here to protect against the sun... I'm afraid it might reduce my "street-cred" by a few notches though!
    That being said, looking like a lobster isn't exactly fashionable either...

    Great pictures, though! And I hope your girlfriend didn't tan TOO much! :D

  5. It's a pity we lost that cute umbrella, I should be careful also, because it's a precious gift for me, you walked in several supermarkets and found for me. I really cherished that umbrella during my trip, because it's useful and strong, that's why I looked a bit moody in Maribor, because I didn't go out with her. :-P I hope the person who picked her would cherish her like us, because she gave us good memories, hope she could give that person good times, too.

    Izola is a great place to spend time here, I like the atmosphere, and wanted to play with them. But now I feel luckily I didn't bring my swim suit and didn't swim there, otherwise the sun would made me become so dark (even darker than now), and I need long time to get back my original skin color.

  6. I vote for the last one too! The beach is beautiful! The shimmering water...*sigh* Reminds me of the ocean I could see from my balcony back home by my in-laws.

    Now I understand the relation between Asians and umbrellas! ;p

  7. last picture is good for postcard or greeting card ya :) anyway not only taiwanese, i guess you cant simply take out of a person from his/her nationality/heart/etc :)

  8. @Carina: Yeah, it sucks...

    @Gnetch: Well, what to do. I really liked it, but well.. I'll find a new one some day :)

    @Stefanie: Mission Impossible, hehe...

    @Luke: Haha.. well, I also don't take the hot Taiwanese sun so well, but I wanna keep my street-cred high :P

    @Lily: Sorry for Maribor.... I should've allowed you to carry it, since there weren't much people around. What to do, ah. Next time I will be more open minded :)

    @Jo Hill: Well, Asians as in "Female Asians". Never saw an Asian guy carrying one :P

    @fufu: Totally true :)

  9. your car is that cute red car right??? xD cute!!!

    ok, that was redundant.

    anyways, the last photo is nicer than the 2nd last. that 2nd last photo has some old naked looking woman.....

  10. @Ejann: Yes, that red Renault Clio :)

    That woman was wearing a bikini. And yes, she wasn't the youngest, but the rest looks good, doesn't it? ;)

  11. Absolutely, the last picture you took looks like it belongs in a tourism magazine!
    It's so nice that you had such beautiful weather during your gf's trip :) And wow, the area of the beach that had the deck where boys are jumping off, it looks quite rocky there. I would think it might be a bit dangerous to plunge into the water there since you might hit a rock at the bottom and scrape/hurt yourself?

    That's too bad about the lost white umbrella. That's okay though - like you said, you have memories through pictures and the umbrella was only meant for her eurotrip. Have you seen the movie Eurotrip btw? :)

  12. @Karen: I've seen Eurotrip long time ago. Didn't find it thaaat funny :)

  13. Hey, great blog. I found it while looking for a nice picture of my street (I'm from Koper) to show to a foreign friend. I must say that you're being very accurate with your descriptions of places and things, good job!

    That beach in Izola is really nice, it's where I usually freedive/spearfish... in the past it used to be quite a mess there tho... Before they built the new sewage water treatment plant, a tube used to disperse all of Izola's waste waters just there... on several occasions, you really needed a gas mask to stay even close to there :)

  14. @Seb: Thanks for your comment and additional info. Yea, I try to write accurate posts about everything and I'm fine with changing or updating info, if needed.


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