May 4, 2010

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Sweet Dynasty 糖朝, Taipei

When my girlfriend and I met up with my friend Shingo, his wife and his lovely in-laws (read about it here), he suggested to go to a Hong Kong style restaurant at the Zhongxiao Dunhua road in Taipei city, one of the most famous roads here (meanwhile the restaurant relocated). The area is known for great restaurants, bars and shops. We weren't sure about the restaurant's location and name, but my girlfriend somehow found out everything and guided us to the right place. The restaurant is called Sweet Dynasty or 糖朝 (sometimes also Tang Chao) and it's famous for delicious Hong Kong style food, particularly for desserts. Let me introduce you the restaurant and the tasty treats we enjoyed.

The Sweet Dynasty from the inside: The traditional Hong Kong style is predominant.

There's many main dishes, but we came to try their famous desserts.

Our dish was Sago soup with fresh fruits: Mmm, simply delicious!

I think this one on the left is Tofu pudding with fresh mango. Looks yummy.

Tofu Pudding with red beans close-up.

After we finished the individual deserts, we ordered Tofu pudding in cask.

It says it's for 5 persons. We were 6 and couldn't finish it. It was very yummy, though.

Hong Kong styled tofu pudding: Even my girlfriend said it's the best she ever had.

The verdict

The Sweet Dynasty is really a great restaurant. I can only pass my judgement on the two desserts I tried. They were top! And Shingo and his dear ones also said they liked the desserts and they came all the way from Singapore to try them. That speaks volumes and also says a lot about the place, since Singaporeans are known to be avid food critics. Thanks again for the good company, Shingo and thanks for treating my girlfriend and I. You're truly a generous man.

English name: Sweet Dynasty
Chinese name: 糖朝
Romanization: Táng Cháo
Address: 台北市忠孝東路4段160號 (old address, they are relocating)
Phone number: (02) 27 72 28 89 (old number)
Opening hours: 11.00 - 23.00
Money per person: Around 500 NT$
Need to book: No.
Find location: Google maps

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  1. I'm glad you and your friends were happy! I think I've said it before on here but I used to think that I loved asian food.. but the food you showing I don't think I'd like.Lol, when I think asian food I think more of duck/rice/and wok. My mistake

  2. @Carina: Asian food is the most diverse in the world and especially Chinese food. Duck, rice and wok are also popular, of course there's much more. This one is actually considered dignified and high class food, you won't find it at hawkers, at least not served as nicely as here.

  3. OMG! Those look so delicious. The lack of culinary diversity here breaks my heart. Especially when I see your food pictures! :(

  4. The tofu pudding is a very popular asian desert. My parents and especially my older sister love it...but I never grew up on it and I'm not keen on it when we order it at restaurants. I'm more into the Canadian/American deserts which I grew up on.
    But I do LOVE mango and that mango desert looks good :)

  5. @Johana: These dishes really were delicious :P Sorry to make you sad :(

    @Karen: I can understand you. If I had to choose, I'd choose the European sweets, because they're sweeter and I have a sweet tooth. But the Chinese are also yummy and look much healthier. So it's better if I eat those, hehe.

  6. all look yummy! love those "thong suei", i am not good with the han yi pin ying thing...

  7. I use to hate tofu pudding or "tofufa". There's one shop in my place called Mr.Bean has the best one in town.

    I love it ever since.

  8. this looks a very inviting place with yummy my tummy kinda food :)

    time to get an icecream :)

  9. @Lily: Hehe.. that's ok.

    @Netster: Cool. I like it a lot, too :)

    @Amogh: Hehe. Enjoy your ice cream :)

  10. I had never eaten smoother beancurd than the one at Sweet Dynasty.

    Thanks for the great company, and thumbs uo to Lily, she's really resourceful.

  11. I'm such a picky eater, it's not even funny! And if that is high class food that explains it, the more expensive the food the less the chance I'll enjoy it.. Haha, I'm completely opposite how you should be. Just give me fried rice or meatball or lasagna, something simple. Just the other day I had to eat a truffle sauce... It was not a good day for me. (",)

  12. @Shingo: Their sweets are really yummy. We had a good time, thank you, too.

    @Carina: Haha.. well, even though it's a special food, it's not the ingredients, that make it "upper class". You can eat same dishes at a food stall. It's the way they make it, the way they refine the taste, cut out the fruits in a perfect shape. That makes the dish yummier than at the hawkers :)


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