May 4, 2010

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Modern Toilet in Ximending, Taipei

Modern Toilet (Chinese: 便所主题餐厅) is a famous bathroom-themed restaurant in Taiwan, Taipei. I've written about theme restaurants in Taipei before and I've been in the Modern Toilet before, too. But that one was located near the Shilin Night Market and my girlfriend and I only shared one ice cream. This time we went for a full meal and we were accompanied by the awesome blogger Shingo, his wife and his wife's parents, who came all the way from Singapore to see all the beautiful spots of Taiwan and try some of the unique (and sometimes crazy) food you can find here.

Modern Toilet MapWe went to the bigger restaurant located in Ximending, which is the biggest pedestrian area in Taipei. Now you wonder where exactly is Modern Toilet located? Well, if you check their homepage you'll find an address and a map, but that probably won't help you a lot. Let me show you how to find Modern Toilet in Ximending:

We went out at Ximen Station Exit 6 (see here) and then walked into the lane on the right (click on my map to enlarge and save it). We were lucky, because my girlfriend, who is a local, brought us to that place, but you can ask some people for directions, if you're not sure. Ximending is full of young people, I'm sure there's plenty of them who speak a little bit English and will help you. Just remember to turn left when you see a 7/11 and Starbucks building.

The first photo above is the restaurant's main entrance. We had to go the upper floors and were directed to our bath tub table.

That's how it looks inside. Pretty crowded, right?

Our neighboring table: The toilet-shaped chairs, we sat on the same ones.

Another photo of the Modern Toilet's interior. Not bad, huh? :)

Shingo's dish came in a mini toilet bowl. That "brown dung pie" is actually just a plastic cover for a small salad.

Shingo's father-in-law had in my opinion the coolest dish: A green toilet bowl with curry, that was still sizzling. That really looked cool in real, because of the color, hehe.

Our dish was also great, albeit less "toilety", hehe. And the drinks came in urinals (尿壺).

The tea inside really looked a little like...

And you the worst best thing is, you can keep the urinal.

In the end, we had dung ice cream, vanilla flavor. It was yummy.

All and all it was a great experience. The food was yummy and all of us had to chuckle few times. I'm happy that I could enjoy that food with Shingo and his dear ones. We had a great time and I'd definitely visit Modern Toilet again. So I definitely recommend you this place.

And to unravel the mystery behind Shingo in my previous post: None of the guys in the photo is Shingo. I think few of you guess it right, kudos to you all. You know me well, hehe. But I took the photo, just a random pic of the Ximending crowd. But regarding Shingo, I think it's better that the mystery behind his identity lives on.

Would you go to the restaurant and try the food?

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  1. The less "toilety" I could go for, but the other ones, even though I'm sure they were tasty I wouldn't have been able to eat. Not out of a tiny toilet like that! Maybe I could eat tomato soup or something.. something that doesn't have the same color as--well, you know!Haha

  2. That's pretty freaking awesome. Would love to go there someday.

    The ice cream looks delish!

  3. @Carina: haha.. I know this restaurant is not everyone's cup of tea :)

    @Rica: It's awesome and the ice cream was delish :)

  4. It's a revolutionary concept. To me at least. I guess out of curiosity I'd go there (if I can) once. But I'm not sure I'd go back there over and over. ;p

  5. @Johana: I agree. I'd not go there regularly, the specialness would lose it's meaning. And the food is a bit expensive compared to same dishes you can get cheaper, just not in a toilet bowl :) But it's not really gross, when you're in the restaurant, more like funny :)

  6. Oh gosh I'm pretty sure we don't have that type of themed restaurant here in Toronto. I don't even think we have something quite like that in terms of themes. You know what, I don't think I could do it. It's all in my head but something kind of turns me off when I look at those pictures :\ But it's definitely unique!

  7. @Karen: Looks worse on pics than in real. It's quite funny when you go there, really. I think most of the ppl who are a bit disgusted by seeing pics would go inside and try the food :)

  8. Maybe you're right....I think the pictures probably do look a bit worse. But in good company and after a beer or two, hey, I'd probably want to go in!! LOL
    Aww thank you so much for all your kind comments and thank you for noticing I had my MK(L) watch on!! Wow you girlfriend must love you for being so sharp on things! Women love it when men notice small things because really...not many guys notice even major things LOL.

  9. @Karen: Ah, you flatter me :-P No, you're right. I do pay attention to the details, but that may not always be good, hehe. But at least I'm rather careful than careless. :)

  10. I think I didn't get good photos recently, maybe I should save money and try to buy another new lens, hehe. Actually, I thought the curry rice should look disgusting, but it just look normal, only use toilet bowl to load it, it's a pity that it doesn't look crazy and disgusting.

    But the urinal got it, it's funny and interesting! If someone really can pretend to drink the urinal without a straw, should be very entertaining.

  11. cool... i saw this in "GUESS GUESS GUESS", there are also hostpital themed, comic themed, strawberry themed, hello kitty etc etc etc... of which mkl & lily must bring me!

  12. haha thats so funny! but great as well! :)

  13. wow some experience that!!

    but i cant imagine myself there... eww. :)

  14. @LilyChen: Ah, you made great pics, what are you saying? :)

    Well, I had no experiences with urinals, so that plastic container didn't cause any reactions with me :)

    @Lily Riani: Ah, you're so cool to try all these? haha. Hope you don't ciritbirit :P

    @Kasia: Indeed :)

    @Amogh: Hehe.. To each their own.

  15. Haha, nice pics Nino. Eating at the toilet was a great experience. The food was anything but shi**ty in terms of taste. ^_^

    My in-laws were pretty amazed with how much you and Lily love to take photos of food. Haha. =p

  16. i would SO go to this restaurant and try it out! I love unique places like that and i've actually heard tons about this place from my friends in HK!

    P.S - darn you and your father for stealing my button!!!!!!! hahaha! ;D you should've been there... been my bodyguard. i thought you had my back? sniff sniff

  17. haha when I was in taiwan we went to a hospital theme restaurant where all the waitresses dressed up as nurses. I dont think Id try the toilet restaurant though.. mmm my body is a 1 way street! "do not exit" on one end and "exit only" on the other :P

  18. obviously i know my tai-lou and uncle too well :p

  19. Now that is unique! Although I'm not sure about the poo salad cover, might kill an appetite :p

  20. This is one famous restaurant that i have always seen on TV. Though i wondered were anything more difficult to eat considering the layout. Its quite a feat that a restaurant with this layout is being considered in Taiwan which is a Chinese place. Usually i would think the Chinese would be less open about mixing certain things with certain things, in the example of these, One that eats and one that shits. :p
    Singapore have a sort of similar concept. its called The Clinic. But instead of a toilet themed concept, its a hospital themed concept. There was another one too which was since closed down because its was too macabre, it had wheelchairs as seats, morgue and all sorts. So In an environment like Singapore, where the main population are Chinese who are generally quite superstitious, it did not work out that well. I think i typed too much.
    But anyway last words, i was expecting to see Shingo, but ahhh, i knew you will never let his secret out. :D

  21. I'd be apprehensive if they served the food in bedpans. Wonder which hospital they pilfered it from.

    These toilet themed restaurants are here as well. School kids love them but we working adults abhor them for the prices they charge. LOL

  22. @Shingo: It's Lily and Taiwanese bloggers in general, who like to take photos of food a lot, because they share on blogs, Twitter or FB and recommend places. I wasn't like that before, but Lily's way is contagious :P

    @Kym: You should try it, it's fun :)

    @Julie: Lol. I think it's not so bad, when you're inside, but I sure get what you mean, hehe.

    @Ejann: You sure do, hehe.

    @Andhari: That's just plastic. I tell you, things there make you laugh, not disgust :P

    @Roxy: You need to know, Taiwan was 50 years under Japan and another 60 years independent and always glancing over to Japan and not to the communist China. Taiwanese are different, more open for new crazy things, so it doesn't surprise me. They have a lot of theme restaurants here. I saw the Clinic on one blog, they have a hospital themed restaurant here, too. But the thing with the wheelchairs is a bit morbid, I don't like it. I won't reveal Shingo's identity, he's very private. I'll let him reveal it himself, if he wants :)

    @Lizzy: I understand. But for example the price of that curry was maybe 2 times more than usually, instead of 2 or 3€, it was around 5-6€, which is around 25RM. I'd not go here every week, but sometimes should be fun to bring some people there :)

  23. i doubt i will enjoy the meal... may probably end up laughing out i assume!!! lmao... anyway very creative!!!

  24. @fufu: I thought you've been at MT already :) Yes, it's funny, haha. But the food is also good, I'm sure you'd dig in.

  25. This one's so funny and also great pictures!Thoroughly enjoyed them.Taiwan is such a great nation!Also drop by and have a look at my blog.will be back for more.

  26. @Poet in flames: Thank you. Taiwan indeed is a great nation.

  27. Oh my God! This is just so cool!!!! Ahahahahah

  28. @Daisy: Glad you like it :))

  29. I'm surprised it's still around. The one that opened in M'sia closed down.

    The disturbing thing about this restaurant is they use real urinals, toilet bowls as seats, etc. And some dishes come out looking quite unpaletable especially in a toilet bowl...

  30. @Izso: Taiwan is not Malaysia. Theme restaurants are very popular now, even more were established recently.

    It's funny, but when I was inside, nothing disgusted me or I didn't find anything disturbing, just funny. Had to chuckle a lot :)

  31. I've so gotta take my wife and kids to this place when we visit Taipei this coming summer!

  32. @Tommykey: Yes, you should. It's really fun. There's also a Hello Kitty themed café, maybe you can bring them there as well :)

  33. Hey buddy! I finally got my Modern Toilet post up 10 months later!


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