April 17, 2010

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Trip to Seoul: My third day

I walked around Seoul for 10h again

Namsan tower at noon.

Yay! My Seoul trip is really great. Day three and I'm having a blast. Today I explored the new parts of Seoul, focusing on the Namsan tower, Yeouido and the awesome spots around Samseong station. But I also visited some old palaces, because yesterday I had no time to see them all. And I also had Korean barbecue and soju. Will blog about it in the days to come. It was really a long day and I came home very late. I'm extremely tired and happy. I think the soju made me a bit drunk, hehe. Anyway, let my pics do the talking. They will tell you, what I will blog about in the days to come.

I will introduce a statue of the king Sejong the great, who invented the Korean writing system, that looks like this -> 세종장헌영문예무인성명효대왕

I will show you the interiors of several historic buildings.

I will show you the National folk museum.

I will write about Korean girls and post pics of sakura.

I will show you modern skyscrapers like this one, the famous Trade Tower.

And I will blog about the Korean food I had and the soju I drank.

[My SEOUL page][All photos by MKL, 2010]


  1. I'm very interested to learn more about the Soju! ;p

  2. Wow what a nice place, thanks for sharing. For second I thought I was looking at the CN tower, lol. Anna :)

  3. sakura sakura, yoyo ino so rawa..... i hv idea what it meant, remembered this song when i was a kid. love th sakuras... lucky u!

  4. @Johana: Ha, I don't really like soju, hehe. But I'll blog about it later some time.

    @Anna: You're welcome :)

    @Lily: Sakura was really beautiful :) I was lucky!

    @Daisy: Awwwww, so sweet. Thanks :)

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  6. @Shingo: Yea. I decided to put ads, cuz I post a lot of original content and put a lot of effort in it and in my blog's layout. So I'm getting more visitors from Google, who look for Taiwan, Macau or Seoul info. They may click on ads, I thought. We'll see, how long it'll take to get a 100 bucks together :)

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  8. @Anonymous: Apology not accepted!!


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