April 30, 2010

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Gangnam, Seoul's modern center

Let me introduce you the Seoul's modern center

Gangnam 강남 is the place to be in Seoul! The best shopping malls, clubs, restaurants and cafés are located in this huge area, south-eastern from the historic center of Seoul. There's a lot of subway lines crossing this area, so you can't really miss it. I've been walking all around the place and made a lot of photos of the awesome buildings along the way. I wrote a lot of posts about the places in Gangnam, here's an overview of them.

Click on the links below the photos and read about a certain part of Gangnam that interests you.

This is Gangnam:

The megalomaniac Tower Palace in Dogok>> read my post

The long Gangnamdaero from south to north>> read my post

The glassy Samsung Town buildings>> read my post

The colossal Kyobo Gangnam Tower>> read my post

The trendy district Apgujeong>> read my post

The famous Teheranno road is here, too>> read my post

The landmark Trade Tower is in Gangnam>> read my post

And at last, another modern masterpiece: Hyundai I'Park Building. Also in Gangnam.

This is about it. No more Seoul posts. Only a post about Hyori's new album is coming up. Other than that, you are now well informed and if you need some more detailed info on Seoul, check my main Seoul page that links to all my Seoul posts.

How do you like Gangnam and the modern Seoul?

[My Seoul][All photos by MKL, 2010]


  1. You should seriously consider to work for some travel company marketing office or write a travel guide!!! No kidding! I have never felt like visiting Asia but now...

  2. Wow! You been very thorough! Now what will you post about? Will we be seeing some personal posts again? :)

  3. it looks very impressive indeed but all those enormous towers would make me very dizzy even if i'm at ground level looking up at them.

    a fantastic holiday but i'm not sure i'd like to stay there too long!

  4. Whatever Daisy said? I completely agree! Try it. Maybe that's your calling? Who knows! ;p

  5. the hyundai building i kind of prettyyyyyyyyy O_O

  6. As a city girl, I love all those pictures :)

  7. @Daisy and Johana: I just enjoy seeing these places and sharing my experience. I know that not everyone likes these posts, they're not so personal, but actually for me they are. I've been there and I've felt great :) I'm having the best time of my life recently. When I wasn't so happy, I wrote long posts, that won't be interesting to me or to others in a couple of years. But these will :) I still take blogging as a hobby, doing stuff professionally always takes away the joy :)

    @Carina: Next will be more personal, but not too much. Been to some awesome places and had some great times. Will share that soon :)

    @adamantixx: Well, there's people with all kinds of preferences. I just like to visit cities, marvel at skyscrapers and ancient palaces :) Some people like other things. But that's great, to each their own :)

    @Manju: Yes, not bad :)

    Andhari: Cool. :)

  8. Hey! How did it go with meeting your blogger friend in Ximending :)It must be fun to meet someone from blogger - I still haven't done that!
    Ooo the Hyundai I' Park Tower is very cool. The front part of the building is very unique.
    I'm not crazy about how the Kyobo tower looks like - I don't fancy that shade or red brown all the way throughout :\ But it's interesting nonetheless.
    And I didn't know Samsung was so big there that they had a town called it too! I thought it was only a company that did electronics

  9. i like how your blog has evolved :)

    i want to check out as much of asia as i can! and marketing for travel company... i like that idea!

  10. @Karen: The meeting went fine, will blog about it :) Kyobo is very simple in design, but it's a famous Korean bookstore, so it's worth mentioning it, hehe. I bought Lee Hyo-ri's CD there :) Samsung Town is actually an office park of 3 buildings. But yeah, Samsung is a big corporation here, same as Hyundai and Lotte. So there's many buildings with their names :)

    @floreta: Thank you, I'm just blogging about what's interesting me.

  11. It is the wonderful scenery of the town.

    All is magnificent.

  12. great places! Lot of building! woooohooo!

    I have problem with places like this.. too noisy hahahaha :)

    But I think I love it :)

  13. @Lily: Hope you get the chance. It's an amazing place.

    @Netster: Wasn't so noisy actually, Taipei and KL are worse :)

  14. That Korean bookstore you mentioned, are they selling books in English too?

  15. @Traveling Hawak: I didn't spend so much time there. Most was Korean, but I'm sure they have some English ones, too.

  16. @Traveling Hawk: You're welcome.

  17. hi! Do people work in Samsung Tower Palace? I mean. are there front desk tellers or chamber maids?

  18. @Anonymous: Why do you want to know about chamber maids? Please clarify it, I need to know, before I can disclose this information to you, due to security reasons.


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