March 10, 2010

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Theme restaurants in Taipei are totally in!

Do you want to dine in a hospital, a classroom or in an airplane? Come to Taipei!

A video about theme restaurants in Taipei was linked to me on Twitter via a Taiwanese friend. And since it's quite rare for CNN and other international media to mention Taiwan in relation to something cool, I thought of posting it here for you. And it's not about some scandalous theme restaurants from the past like The Jail (惡魔島), which caused an uproar some years ago, because they depicted Nazi camps with gas chamber signs. No, the ones in the recent years are funny and cool. And they're totally in. If you come to Taipei, you gotta visit one.

CNN's video introduces several theme restaurants in Taipei. They mention the Airplane theme restaurant (A380 In-Flight Kitchen 空中廚房), the Hospital theme restaurant, the Classroom theme restaurant and a specially designed restaurant, where everything's made of paper. There's even one, where you play with hand puppets. Crazy. Yep, Taiwanese are totally into wacky stuff.

My best experience with a theme restaurant in Taipei so far was dining at the Modern Toilet, a restroom themed restaurant and probably the most famous restaurants of this kind in the world. And it's a totally Taiwanese invention. If you ever come to Taipei and want to have a wacky dining experience, let Modern Toilet be your first choice. Later you can try some crazier stuff like the Hospital themed restaurant. As far as I am concerned, I plan to visit all the famous theme restaurants in Taipei. I will list them here for you. Hopefully the list will become long through time. And I hope I can help you finding these places and showing you how they look like. The rest is up to you. Enjoy!

Modern Toilet, Shilin, February 2010
Modern Toilet, Ximending, May 2010
Gayke, Ximending, Dec 2010

Would you go to any of these theme restaurants and do you think it's fun or just a waste of money? And which one would you like to try the most?


  1. Nice blog MKL. Love the picture of the shitty restaurant. Very creative place. I look forward to reading more of you writing.


  2. Wacky indeed! I love the airplane restaurant! You should go there and take more pics! ;p

  3. i would never want to dine in the hospital..... pffft!

  4. not really my thing either. i wudnt want to dine in a toilet, or a hospital etc

  5. I can't view the video as I don't have the needed program on this computer I'm borrowing. BUT a toilet restaurant, I don't think I would like eating at a restaurant that makes me think of ... you know! ;) I never been to a themed restaurant, but I love theme parties so maybe it's a thing for me? I have been to club with a bedroom theme, just beds and pillows and that was great!

  6. Ahahahah was it a chocolate ice cream?

  7. Haha, I love theme restaurants, though I will never be back for recurrent visits.

    When it comes to dining, who I eat with is most important, followed by the quality of food, and finally the ambience.

  8. They even have a toilet one here in penang but have not tried the food

    I suggest you go to all the restaurants, sample the food and take tons of pictures for us to see :P

  9. To answer your question at the end of the article directly...
    Is it a waste of money if you buy ski while you like snowboard?
    Is it a waste of money if you go to the sea while you like the mountains.

    I don't know what you like, but if you like it, go for it no matter what the others say. If you dislike it just leave it out.

    If I went to Taiwan my priorities would be to visit fish restaurants and those which serve traditional Chinese/Taiwanese food and of course hot pot. Interior design comes second for me. I have to admit I'm a food lover and spend a serious amount of my income on food, but I leave out things like cinema/amusement parks to make ends meet. With enough income you can enjoy both of course ;)

  10. i would rather prefer a serene place with good ambiance than a wacky one.

  11. Oh that's interesting ;)
    Hmmm, I'd probably want to dine somewhere fun rather than strange (no crappy airplane food for me please). I think dining in a castle/palace, a ski chalet/log cabin beside a fire place or something nice like that would be fun :)

  12. @Quagmire San: Thanks and welcome.

    @Johana: Yea, I thought the airplane one must be fun :)

    @Ejann and Manju: Oh, and I thought to invite you girls here one day *sobs :P

    @Carina: Hope you can see the video, maybe you'd like these places, who knows. Doesn't look that bad actually. Looks like fun :)

    @Daisy: Yes, chocolate indeed.

    @Shingo: I'm agree. Places like these are fun to try once, but I also wouldn't wanna go there more times.

    @Sabrina: I wish I could, but my girl's always busy. If I go to one of these, it'd be good enough :)

    @Junjie: That question was for my readers. I already said I'd like to try some of these. I'm aiming for the airplane one :)

    I'm with you on the priorities, because I eat something from the hawker almost every day. And I had hot pot yesterday and today Korean barbecue. It's like every day I try something new here and have enough pics for another food post :) That will come soon, hehe.

    @Amogh: I see. You have your own unique taste. That's good.

    @Karen: It's interesting and the airplane restaurant doesn't serve airplane food, so. It may not be so bad, hehe. :)

  13. I want to dine in a submarine! And, I wanna see little fishies swim past those little round windows. Oh, and it has to be dim and kinda cold, too.

  14. I love theme restaurants. We have several similar places like that but what I love the most is one called The Apartment. The restaurant's big and just like an apartment, has different segments. You can choose to eat in "bedroom", "living room" even "bathroom". heheh,

  15. @Steph: Your idea is good and I'm sure you have such restaurant in the USA.

    @Andhari: The Apartment sounds cool. I'd dine in the bathroom :)

  16. I'd dine in the part that is themed like a luxury restaurant.

  17. @Junjie: Cool. I like that, too.

  18. wow wow wow... damn nice!!!

  19. @fufu: You like that? Cool. :)

  20. What the heck, just go and enjoy the ambience ... airplane, hospital, classroom or even TOILET theme. Of coz, food should be nice too but it does not necessarily come together.

    JUST ENJOY YOURSELF, don't be so concerned about the $$$, just pick any theme that attracts you the most.


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