March 14, 2010

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Taste buds gone wild: Taiwanese food #2

Here are some dishes I've eaten in the past three weeks

I posted some great food pics of my first week in Taiwan before. If you haven't seen those, you can see them here. Today's post is a continuation of that. And my goal is to make your taste buds go wild... or at least to make your mouths watery, hehe. Enjoy some more pics of the Taiwanese yummy food (or the food you can find in Taiwan, including foreign food).


Beef noodles, very yummy, had them in Xinzhuang.

This soup with beans and peanuts helped me when I was sick.

Beef noodles and tofu. Was recommended, but it was a bit disappointing. Not so yum.

Dumpligs bought in the same shop. Not so bad, but nothing special (in Xinzhuang).

One of my favorite street foods: omelette with curry at Yumin st. night market in Banciao.

Curry omelette seen from close.

Thai food in a nice restaurant in Banciao. Veggies and chicken in coconut milk curry sauce.

Very soft tofu, looked like fried mozzarella.

Pumpkin soup and salad from Dante's café in Banciao. Not bad.

Chicken in curry sauce with rice (by now you must've figured out that I love curry sauces).

Spaghetti in Dante's café near Xinpu MRT. Tasty like at home in Slovenia.

The above Japanese "Tempura" and the foods below are from a nice restaurant in Yingge.

Rice of very good quality, like mostly in Taiwan.

This one is "Kung pao chicken" or 宮保雞丁 in Chinese.

This one is named "Hakka fried dish".

Slices of cooked pork in soy sauce. Yummy!


Squid in three kinds of sauces, called 三杯小卷 in Chinese.

Thai pancake named "Popiah hoor kung", very yummy.

Japanese soy bean fish miso.

This is named "Hibachi beef", fried beef on hot plate.

Takoyaki at the Yumin st. night market [板橋裕民夜市]. Not bad, but I've had better.

Grilled chicken at Yumin st. night market: Very yummy! And so cheap.

The famous Taiwanese crepe sold on nearly every corner. This one at Yumin night market.

Taiwanese crepe from inside: many veggies, tuna and a sauce.

Tofu in a soy sauce with sesame seeds served as a snack with tea and coffee in Taichung.

Cold noodles with chicken, eaten in Yingge. That was my first time to eat cold ones. Not bad.

"Kimchi hotpot" near Xinpu MRT, very yummy and cheap.

Chicken in a sauce with veggies and rice served in a hot plate. Looks better than it tastes.

My lovely girlfriend invited me for a Japanese barbecue in Taoyuan. She treated me, too.

This was the most expensive and abundant dish I've had since I'm in Taiwan.

A lot of meat and veggies. So yummy.

A hotpot goes well with grilled meat.

Looks and tastes great :-) Thank you so much, sweetie! ;-)

From a hawker at the NTNU night market. Supposed to be Malaysian food :-) It was ok lo.

"Arnor's crepe" near the NTNU night market. Very fulling.

Typical Taiwanese oyster omelette bought at Yumin st. night market, really yummy.

Vietnamese spring rolls with rice noodles at Yumin st. night market. Cheap and yummy.

And to ease my thirst, I'm totally hooked on the famous Taiwanese bubble tea :-)

And my favorite coffee here, a latte you can buy in 7/11s and Family Marts around Taipei.

So yeah, food is really great here.

[Taipei][Taiwan][All photos by MKL, 2010][Related: Taiwanese food part I]


  1. Thats a lot of yummy food :) I totally want a beef noodle soup now LOL
    I haven't had a croissant stuffed like a sandwich before. And I've never had pumpkin soup either. Interesting...

  2. @Karen: It is a lot of yummy food, yeah :) Well, there's many things I've tried for the first time here and most of it is amazing :)

  3. Kung Pao Chicken looks real good. You like spicy food?
    Good to see that you are eating so well :D

  4. Apart from the soup (I don't like any kind of soup...) Everything looks tasty!!! GNAMMMM!

  5. very adventurous of you... wow! must see all this when i am there

  6. I'm a big curry fan too. The Yumin St market looks interesting, I like egg omelette. =p

  7. ooohh all this looks great! did u put on any weight yet? ;p

  8. Drool......

    Everything looks great.
    I had a tasty gyuudon yesterday.
    Have fun in Macau!

  9. You are making me hungry! All the nice nice foods. Feel like I already went to Taiwan night market after reading your post.
    Bet Taiwan really serve nice beef noodles.

  10. HAHAHAHAHAAHAH you're ill-intention is not affecting me nino!!! cuz guess what??!!! i'm back home and eating everything. yeeeeha.

    but that beef noodles looked good. i should fine local ones tomorrow. time to go & hang out with my siblings :)

  11. Noodles? Tofu? wowwwww those are my favorite foods, two of many :D haha.

  12. Kung Pao yummmmmm, and i love eating fried tofu as a snack!

  13. Been here for just 7 months and can see there's still a lot I need to taste.
    Am missing food from home a little though, and I haven't been able to find any decent spaghetti.
    Now, because of your post here, I'm going to go hunting for some more oyster omelette when I get better, that's for sure.

  14. i should not be viewing this when it's near my lunch break. now you're gonna make me pig out :(

  15. ops i want Yan Shu Ji =p i miss all street food... was there 5yrs ago >< wanna go back again =p

  16. wahahha!! such a long food post! i dont even try out sooo many different foods when i travel. i must do that the next time!

  17. Awesome. You're like Anthony Bourdain in No Reservations, lol. Oh, and the dishes for the Thai food look cute, lol.

  18. evil evil neeno... well you succeeded! my mouth was watering, my stomach grumbling...and all i brought for lunch with me today is swedish beef balls and rice. haha!!! BUTTTTT my family and i did go to a taiwanese restaurant in our city and i had beef noodles! yummmmy! but i bet nothing close to the "real" thing in taiwan! i also had bubbletea twice in the weekend... and probably again today. hahaha! i'm addicted.

  19. OMG you are eating a lot.
    I remember when we went to Singapore few years ago, we started to eat international foods, but then ended up in the Italian breakfast place, nothing like having nice home food, lol. Good luck with your continued trip. Anna :)

  20. @Prometheus: I love spicy and enjoy the food here, yes :)

    @...daisy...: Ah, soups are good here, too :)

    @Lily: Adventurous is my middle name :)

    @Shingo: Hellow Curryman Shingo ;)

    @Kit: Nope, I didn't gain, but also didn't lose any weight. I don't really eat a lot, I try all kinds of food, though. But I plan to work out, hehe.

    @Superman: Some beef noodles are really yummy, some are just so so. Need to get good info on which hawker makes good ones ;)

    @Ejann: Wow, lucky girl! Enjoy your Malaysian delicacies! Your food is yummy, too, hehe.

    @ANdhari: Noodles and tofu is really a good choice ;)

    @Manju: Kung Pao Panda? Ehm, no :P So silly of me, hehe. Anyway, sure, tofu as a snack is great.

    @Sander: Decent spaghetti is easy to find. One is near Xinpu MRT, called Dante's Café. I don't miss food from home, I got used to food here. Thanks for your comment ;)

    @Sharon: Don't blame me lah! :P

    @Envoy: Welcome! Bring money and time and enjoy the food :)

    @fufu: 5 years is a long time. What are you waiting for? :P

    @Adeline: Well, I try many foods, because I stay longer. Besides, I have a gf from here and she can introduce me to yummy foods :)

    @Van: Bourdain is awesome, I'm nothing compared to him. Besides, I'm just a blogger, hehe. He's a TV icon. Anyway, I still enjoy the food and love to blog about it. ;)

    @Kym: I can't compare the beef noodles, but yours may not be bad. Food taste is subjective, hehe. I'm not a food critic :P Anyway, I love bubble tea, too. :)

    @Anna: I'm eating a lot... no, but I eat all kinds of food, hehe. It never gets boring. Singapore is not bad either. :)

  21. Omg I'm so excited to go to Asia and EAT EAT EAT! I'm going in June. Mmmm.

  22. @Ko0ty: Asia is definitely food paradise :) Happy for you :)

  23. I likes all these food compare to your Macau shots!

    I was actually checking out this photos while in discussion of our vegetarian kiosk with my biz partner hahahaha

  24. @Netster: Hehe.. that's funny :)


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