March 29, 2010

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My 30th birthday in Diamond Tony's 101 Observatory Restaurant in Taipei

How to put such amazing experience into words? It's impossible. And I don't want to talk too much, let the photos do the talking. But I need to mention how it all started. I just turned 30. And few days ago, before my birthday, my wonderful girlfriend Lily told me, that she plans a big surprise on my birthday. I only knew, that we'll be going somewhere, but I had no clue where. I try to ask many times, but she won't tell or she'd make up something else to confuse me. Today she came to me around midday and we spent the afternoon together, anticipating the evening. She looked stunning, when I saw her. All dolled up in a wonderful dress and high-heels. She was always beautiful to me in so many ways, but today she topped all that and looked more gorgeous than ever.

We took the subway to Taipei City hall station around 5pm and walked around a little. I started to guess all kinds of silly things, like: Are we going to a night club? Will there be naked girls dancing for me? I became nervous. She just wouldn't tell, although I had a strong suspicion, that we'll go somewhere near Taipei 101. And then the clock turned 6 and she told me: We're going on top of Taipei 101, on the 85th floor. I was like: Wow! Amazing! And I started to look up on top of the building. It was a humbling moment. The photo above was taken around 6pm.

We went to the 85th floor of Taipei 101, which is located somewhere in the middle of the last 8th segment of the building (see arrow) very close to the roof. The height is around 370m, the highest I've ever been. The restaurant's name is Diamond Tony's 101 Observatory Restaurant, which serves Italian food. There are two more restaurants on top of Taipei 101: Another one also on the 85th floor, offers Taiwanese food and it's named Shin Yeh 101 欣葉. And above these two, occupying the whole 86th floor, is a seafud restaurant named Ding Xian 101 頂鮮101. I'm perfectly happy with the restaurant Lily chose, because the food was the best I've ever eaten. More about that later.

How to come here: Go to the MRT Taipei City Hall station and walk south. You'll see Taipei 101 from afar easily, because it's so tall. You have to enter from the Xin Yi road.

Off to the elevators, one of the fastest in the world!

It was a great experience to take a ride.

We were taken to 65th floor, which took us about 30 seconds. Then we were directed to another elevator, that took us to the 85th floor, which took another 10 seconds. And then we were there, at the Diamond Tony's 101 Observatory Restaurant or 隨意鳥地方 101 高空觀景餐廳 in Chinese. Because the restaurant has to be booked, Lily's name was checked and then we were let inside.

The entrance of Diamond Tony's on top of Taipei 101.

The bar on 370m.

We were brought to our table for two, the one on the left was ours.

This was our neighboring table. If you get this one, you have a magnificent view.

This one is set for a group of people. Do you see the table setting? Perfect, isn't it?

The first thing we did was taking a look down. I felt like I'm on a plane.

The view of Taipei below was amazing! Don't you agree?

A view to the other side: The restaurant. It was full around 7pm, because of dinner time.

The waiters and waitresses were extremely polite and did a great job. We were given the menu soon after being seated and a glass of water was poured for us. We didn't wait long for the first starter.

1 First starter: Bread and tuna dip is served to every guest as the first starter.

2 Second starter: Left is my salad with raw salmon, right is Lily's salad with beef: Delicious!

3 Soup: Left is my creamy mushroom soup, right is Lily's tomato soup (I think). Yummy!

4 Third starter: I thought this was the duck, the main dish I ordered, but it was chicken (I guess). It was very soft and tasty. I loved it.

Lily ordered a prawn with dumplings, that had a prawn inside. It tasted great.

5 Main dish: Finally, my duck. It was really soooooooo yummy, one of the best meals I've ever eaten. The duck was so soft, the sauce was great. And there was a piece of pork and a beef steak in contrast of the soft duck. The steak was raw inside, but yummy. Really an amazing dish.

Lily ordered prawn again. She regretted ordering it twice, but it was yummy nevertheless.

Then came my surprise: The waitress brought a chocolate muffin for my birthday and of course that was organized by Lily, who had a naughty smirk on her face, when she saw my surprise. She said I had three wishes free, but I should not reveal them. I quickly came up with three things I really wish would happen to me and to give you a hint: One is related to a woman, one is related to a country and another is related to... Can't tell ya! ;-)

I quickly noticed that an "h" is missing. Oh oh, what is that? Engrish on my birthday? Haha. Another reason, why Taiwan needs more English teachers, perhaps. That was the only 'flaw' of the evening.

6 Dessert: Both had the same dessert and it was small, simple, but yummy.

On top of that, we also ordered coffee for me and tea for Lily, plus two glasses of excellent Chardonnay to say cheers to my 30th birthday. Food and drink wise it was the best dinner of my life. And of course the I enjoyed the best view and had the best and most beautiful lady by my side. It just couldn't be less than perfect. Sorry for the gourmets among you, I'm not so good with the names of the dishes, I just eat them, hehe.

After the last bite and sip, we took tons of photos like most of the visitors did. There was even a live band playing all kinds of music, from jazzy stuff to some modern hits like Lady Gaga's "Just Dance". It was funny, when I heard Gaga's song, because we have birthday on the same day. I was wondering, how she's celebrating. Does she have more fun than me? Who knows...

There's really nothing to criticize in this restaurant. The waiting staff is polite and works fast and they all speak English. The food is top notch. A small inconvenience are the long dining tables, which make it hard for two people to talk. But maybe it was because of the music, I don't know. We still had a great time, the food was so delicious, we had no time to chit chat.

Some more photos for you to enjoy:

The great view from the window behind Lily's chair.

Lily taking photos. She used a saucer to bring the camera in a better position. Smart.

One of the best photos of Taipei at night.

Taipei, city of lights.

The table next to us. People enjoying themselves.

The live band with the delightful female singer.

The way to the toilet, that comes with a marvelous view. But I have no pics.

When leaving 101, we were greeted by a full moon.

All in all, it was really a great day, a day I will never forget. I celebrated my 30th birthday on top of the famous Taipei 101, former tallest building of the world. Guess what, it was also a first time for Lily to be on top of the building, although she's from Taipei, but she had to wait all these years for me to finally make it on top of Taipei 101. That's why it was a special occasion for both of us. It was really a day both of us won't ever forget. We also won't forget the receipt: It cost around 100 Euro for two persons.

Thank you so much for giving me the best experience of my life. You made it so special for me, I was really touched. And thank you for the card, for organizing everything and for the big surprise. And thanks for treating me. You're simply amazing and I love you.

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A short video to give you an idea of the ambiance in Diamond Tony's 101


  1. What a nice post. I would have loved eating there, views make everything so much more surreal. Perfect serenity. The food looks great to!

  2. awwww lily is so sweet!!! you better love her well, tai lou! ;p you've had an amazing birt(h)day i gather. i'm so happy to know that. hehehe. tell me how does it feel to be a day old as a 30yo :p i'm sure nothing change, except maybe your love for lily grows a lot more hehehe.

  3. OMG that still reeling from the a scaredy cat. i can do mountains n stuff, but i cannot stand on top of really high buildings *shivers*

    the food looks gorgeous thos and i want to see a pic of pretty lily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD

    happy birthday again nino!

  4. Awww, Happy 30th Birthday Hun! I wish you all the best for a wonderful year ahead of you and many more to follow!
    That's so nice that Lily took you to the top of Taipei 101 tower for a wonderful dinner. The salad with rare beef looked really good! And the view of the city lights is just spectacular :)
    And very neat that it's the fastest elevator in the world!

  5. Awww! That is the nicest and sweetest thing. What an awesome way to celebrate the big three zero. All that food, wow! What a FEAST! I wish you more things that would make you happy and happier.

    ☮.♥.✮ ☀..✈

  6. Happy belated Birthday, MKL! I hope the 3rd wish is 'no more premature mid-life crisis b4 the middle ages'. :D

  7. Wooohoooo, u seemed like u had so much of a great time :D

    Ahhh and the view, simple WOWWW :D

  8. oh man... you are surrounded by hot babes in your entire taipei trip eh?

    happy birthday!

  9. Thanks a lot, everybody, for the nice comments. I'm a bit busy now, so I can't reply every single one of you. Will read your blogs some time later as well. :) Thanks a lot, I read every comment, hehe.

  10. Happy birthday again dude!

    Foods look good. So is the view.

  11. Happy Birthday,
    seems like you feel good in your new homecountry.

  12. wow...u r one lucky dude, nino! even my husband havent brought me to dine in such places, lol.
    You must treasure her!!

  13. Lily is such a sweetheart! Awwww... I'm glad to see that you had a wonderful wonderful birthday. And I'm wishing that everyday could be your birthday so you could always be this happy. =)

  14. Awww... belated Happy Birthday :).

  15. Thanks, guys, for your kind birthday wishes. I really had good time and enjoy every day in Taiwan :) All that is because of my awesome girlfriend of course.

  16. Wow, it looks like you had an amazing time! Can't wait to see a picture of you two, your gf & you together. ;)

  17. @Kasia: I post private pics on my FB, you can add me, if you want and you'll see pics of me and her :)

  18. .... I am speechless... Really... there's no word to express it.

  19. @Daisy: Hehe.. wow. Good :)

  20. what a brilliant way to celebrate your birthday!

    the view looks astounding and the food looks delish but i'd be absolutely terrified to be so high up in the sky!

  21. happy birthday wow your 30th birthday was dam so nice!!! mine was nothing after seeing how great you had yours >< anyway wish my birthday feast will be better next year =p hohoho well the aerial view of taipei is not that good though... no offense, just personal thought :)

  22. I've been to Taipei 101 a number of times. Also went to my host nephews birthday there. I think it was the restaurant serving Taiwanese food but I'm not entirely sure.
    Reading your blog, I just realised that even I have been to both Taipei 101 more than once and Tuntex Sky Tower (second highest Taiwanese building - in Kaohsiung,) I haven't been up high during night to take pictures of the gorgeous Taipei lightshow you have on display here. Really looks dazzling. I wan't to go there again.

  23. Awwwwwww, what a perfect birthday celebration.. I'm so happy for you Nino! I can really feel the love emanating from my computer monitor while reading your post :) Amazing photos and delicious food, and being with the woman you love, nothing can top that :) And I love the photo of the moon, sooo romantic. I love looking at the moon at night :)

  24. omg i've never been up to that restaurant before! wow itlooks sooo nice. I only went to the food court at the bottom all i could afford back then haha! congrats and happy birthday!

  25. You obviously did have the most wonderful birthday. You have my very warmest wishes to go with the ones you already have received. I am so happy for you.

    What amazing views, splendid plates of nourishment, and experiencing all of that with someone special, makes it all the more memorable.

    What was that quip about tutte amano la cucina Italiana!!!!!! Dicono anche che le donne sono mobile. Mi pare che questi sentimenti non sono proprio vero.

    Salute and continue to enjoy!

  26. Did I tell you I'm jealous of you before? Yes? I did? Well I'm more so because you had duck and all those other delish food!

    And the view is spectacular. And to have your lady love by your side, celebrating your 30th...couldn't get better than that! Happy birthday again! ;p

  27. wtffff why no piccie of u guys!! :) glad u had good fun on yer bday nin. hehe

    one day, just one day, i'll make sure i go thr myself!

  28. @Everyone: Thanks, guys. I really had a blast up there and if you have the money and a special occasion, it's really worth to treat yourself with something like that. I won't go up there every week, if this is my only time, I'm fine with it. It'll always remain special to me :)

  29. That restaurant is amazing!!! And WOW now that is a view!!!
    That building looks like a birthday cake from the outside with a candle on top- haha how appropriate!!!
    Hope you had a wonderful birthday :)

  30. Birthday or Birtday, it was pretty nice the way it's written in chocolate sauce :)

  31. Thank you for showing the beautiful night view of the big city.
    It is the feeling that I entered the top.

  32. @Sarah: Wow, I like your imagination, a cake with a candle, great :)

    @Nashe: true, true.

    @Ruma: Glad you had that feeling :)

  33. Happy belated birthday.
    I clicked the link on your girlfriend and lo and behold, A lilly did appear. LOL.
    Nice food, was it expensive? No mention of price, though i have a feeling, it should be kinda high considering the awesome sight. :D

  34. Happy Birthday Bro!

    Apologies on my late wishes hahahhaha cant help it... the place where I go... having hard time to access internet!

    So wow! what a fabulous birthday you've got there mate!

    Wishing you all the best on your 30th and may your 30th be the unforgettable year! (okay I sound gay! hahahaha)

    Cheers bro!

  35. @Roxy: I did mention the price at the very end of the post. It was about 100 euros for both, which is about 500 ringgit :) And a lily appeared, because her name is Lily :D

    @Netster: Thanks a lot :D Belated is also good, I know you're currently traveling. Thanks a lot, the thought counts. All the best and make many pics :D

  36. She spelled spelled ''Happy Birtday'' , not Happy Birthday. Oops. That's okay. My Chinese is still Greek to me, and completement Busasa. But. Correct for next year!


  37. @dan: Haha, yeah. THat was a funny mishap, hehe. Makes the whole experience unique for me :)

  38. Yes, perfectly normal and small mistakes like that make life so interesting, and it's fun! Imagine a world where everything was letter perfect and picture perfect. Boring! Humor makes the world go round, in any language....

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