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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Macau: What are your comments?

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This is my final post about Macau (for now) and I hope you liked my posts :-) I want my blog to be a source of information for those who search for travel info of the places I've been to, so I disabled comments on some posts. But you can comment now here and tell me, what is your impression of Macau as seen through my eyes. I know some of you have been there, so was your experience completely different than mine? Those who haven't been, would you like to travel to Macau? All I can say is, I had a great time and hope I can visit the city again one day. It's really worth to see, especially because of so much history.

What are your comments?

[Links: All about Macau here, My big Macau map][All photos by MKL, 2010]


Babes i never thought bout visiting Macau before for anythin other than the casinos, but now thanks to your gorgeous pixx and the wonderful posts, it's on my must-see places

Thank you so much for sharing this with us

Wow, it's beautiful there! In some pictures it looks like it could be Europe.

Prior to your pictures I would say that I would definitely go to Macau for the food alone. But now seeing it through your eyes with the help of beautiful pictures it's a definite entry in my bucket list!

Thank you for sharing! ;p

I had the "real" Portuguese egg tarts in Lisbon.
Ha ha... Macao weather was so English!
You only need the rain to complete the pictures.


would definitely love be there sometime in future when i start earning.

did you gamble?

One thing for sure, I want to visit. It really kinda lookslike Europe. Wonder why. The food looks amazing too!

it looks a very interesting and attractive place to visit, almost like a kind of fairyland in parts and i can't believe how clean everything looks over there compared to England!

i wonder if those newlyweds realised they'd started their married life on your blog? :)

Thank you for introducing very beautiful buildings.

From the Far East.
Best regards.

@Saby: You're welcome :) Hope to see you in Macau, hehe.

@Kasia: Yes, indeed. Some parts look like southern Europe.

@Johana: Well, if you ask me, Macau is worth to see. But some may not be impressed. Really depends :) Glad you like it.

@1ondoncalling: I think the egg tarts in Macau are as real, hehe. Yes, weather was a bit odd, from foggy to hot. I guess it's this time of the year.

@Amogh: I didn't gamble, just looked around a bit, hehe.

@Andhari: It looks a bit like Europe, because it was a Portuguese colony. The food was so so, if you ask me, a bit disappointing.

@adamantixx: Well, some parts are extremely clean and well maintained, but some others are really dirty. In Macau you need to be prepared for everything. I guess the couple has no idea :)

@Ruma: You're welcome :)

Nothing much about casino & gambling T.T

@Lizzy: What do you mean? I've not written about casinos a lot, because I wasn't interested. Maybe one day I'll return there to gamble, then I'll write about casinos a lot :P

As i before right that your blog now has placed Macau in one of the places I wanna visit :).

Wanted to know about the gambling. T.T the inside of the casino...

Macao seems a little too 'over-concreted'. But I'll still go there to see how my luck runs

Ok, I think I might add Macau to my travel list now! Where are you off to now, did you plan another little break somewhere else?

yeah macau... have been there
3times... love the place!!! and those local food and portugues dishes =p

Gotta love Macau. Great tourist spots too. =) Your posts about Macau is definitely helpful for those who plan on going there. Hey, Macau's Department of Tourism needs to thank you for promoting their place. =)

sure, i would go there :) i had never heard of it.. hehe. but i love to travel now! maybe i always have but am finally getting to it.

been there, it thought its ok. food was tough for me. my only problem is language...sigh.

@Harini: Good idea :)

@Lizzy: Didn't make many pics of the casino, sorry.

@Kit: Now I only focus on Taiwan. Here's so many places to explore, you'll see it in my next post :)

@fufu: Ah, you're such an experienced traveler :)

@Mel: I don't oppose any credit or freebies from them :P They can send me a free weekend package for two persons, preferably in the Great Lisboa. And few free chips for casino would be nice, too :P

@Floreta: Glad you got to know Macau now :)

@Lily: Yes, yes. Food is ok, not really the best thing about Macau. Language is also a problem. Hope next time my gf can go with me, hehe.

All buildings are beautiful form.
This place has value to see the sights.

i used to live in hong kong and i'm pretty sure we traveled to macau but i was probably only about 7 or 8 years old so i dont remember much about it. I'd LOOOOOOOOOOve to go again though, the architecture looks amazing. Maybe i'll run into you there.. it shouldn't be hard to find you. The first person to turn around when i scream "neeeeeeno" would be you. haha!!!

@Ruma: I agree, thank you :)

@Kym: "Kyyyyyyyym, he's heeeeeere!" :P I'm sure one day we'll meet and you can shout out your infamous "Neeeeeenoooooo", haha.

It's in my list of places to see, I'd definitely go to Macau. I have a friend who's been there and he told me that it's a great shopping & casino place. Did you go to any casinos there?

I love your travel posts to date and I've learnt quite a bit from your blog!
I haven't travelled to Macau before nor have I considered it. I love some of the architecture - absolutely gorgeous some of it. I love the classic, romantic, European feel to it. I'm not really into the more rundown apartment complexes outside of the main streets...And the weather there seemed just like here in Toronto - mostly cloudy and overcast :\
Hmmm...and those egg tarts are a bit burnt aren't they? LOL. I'd eat them still - they're so yummy!
Are you back to Taiwan now?

@r u s s: No, haven't been gambling, but I've been inside the Venetian. I posted some pics in my previous posts.

@Karen: Maybe the weather is similar now, but Macau is usually very hot, I think it's close to a tropical climate. The egg tarts look burnt, but the taste is very yummy :-)

My parents are in Taiwan at this right moment and are loving it! I told them to go to the Modern Toilet Restaurant, but mom says she doesnt want to eat shit :p LOL

@Jaimie: Lol, but the shit they sell, is good. You gotta love their shit, haha :P

i wanna go macau one day! frens kept telling me how cheap their stuffs is over tt true? i will definitely come to ur blog as a /research/source if im gg there one day =)

@Adeline: I guess stuff is cheaper than Taiwan, Singapore and HK, but depends what stuff :) Sure, you can always check my posts or just ask me, if you need any advice :)

@1ondoncalling Portuguese egg tart is invented in Macau. Wikipedia it.

@MKL it's a nice blog. I discovered it through twitter. Cheers!

@Cham Taw Wei David: Thanks a lot. Your blog is great, too :)

Since we're a great team, next time if we go to Macau again, we can snap tons of pics and eat yummy foods!!
When I travel, I don't focus on foods but the scene and spots, then the living place, the third thing is just the foods.
So even if you didn't eat many yummy foods in Macau, but next time we still can go to eat some of them, right?

I would like to go to casino also, because I haven't been there lo.

@Lily: Thanks for your nice words. My blog missed your comments :) I hope next time we can go together, it would be wonderful :)

I can't see the pictures no idea why! But I saw VENEZIA!!! Home sweet Home! :D it's crazy... and really COOL! :-)

@Daisy: Ah, Flickr has some problems recently, sorry. It's really a crazy idea, yes :)

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