February 3, 2010

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Lovers in Taipei

Thoughts about my upcoming journey

My days are passing fast lately and my departure to Taiwan is closer day by day. I'm not really nervous or so, but I do think a lot about Taipei and her, about how things will be there, how will I feel and how good I will blend in the new life style and environment. I think I will be fine, I'm actually very postive. But sometimes it feels like when you go swimming and you're afraid to jump into the pool, because you fear the water will be too cold. Of course in the end you jump in and the shock you feared before turns out to be very brief and harmless. Soon you're swimming around and enjoying it so much, you don't want to get out. I'm not sure, if this comparison makes any sense, but this waiting reminded me of that.

Besides waiting, there's really not much going on in my life currently. I mean, sure, I'm making plans, I'm taking care of some things, sending tons of CVs, gathering information... You can never plan too much, but then again, there's only so much I can do now. I need to be there and go to interviews personally. I mean, it only makes sense. They need to see and hear me in real and I have to make a good impression - in real. So I guess it takes a leap of faith to do something like that. Speaking of faith, at least I have a guardian angel there: my girl. She's really so caring and sweet, she's my pillar there, I know I can trust her and rely on her. That gives me hope and confidence.

Do you see the photo above? She sent me this one few days ago. It's two lovers in Taipei and it even looks like he's white like me (click to enlarge). It made me think: Wow. In few weeks I can be at the exactly same spot with my girl. That's just mind-blowing to me. Because every day, when I wake up, I see the snow covering the landscape, it's a long cold winter and so was my love life for a long time. I didn't hold a girl in my arms for exactly a year. It's about time: I need a girl in my arms, her lips on my lips and my eyes lost in her eyes. And that will happen soon. It's a big journey for me, it's a long way to Taipei. But guess what? It's worth it. You know, I'm someone who doesn't just say: "Girl, I'd fly half around the world just to be with you" and then not do it ;-) I do it. I'm doing it. I'm gonna jump in the pool very soon - because she's worth it.


  1. This is so sweet :)

    Aww love, such a wonderful feeling :)

  2. Awwww, have a safe journey to Taiwan to find your love and best of luck with your relationship and new job as well :)

  3. That's so sweet. I'm so very excited for you. If I were you I probably wouldn't be able to sleep!
    I totally understand your swimming analogy. Once you jump in you're never going to want to come back out ! =D

  4. Have a great journey. I know you and she are gonna love it once you are there for sure :). Being away from someone you love truly sucks and then when are are beside you feel like you are the queen/king of the world :).

  5. wow...i don't know what to say. This almost made me cry. The things you wrote. It is like you are writing about me two years ago. You are too much alike me. How is this possible? Exactly the same things. Exactly the same thoughts.
    I wish to meet you.

  6. this post gave me goosebumps :P but in a good way.. i longed for the same thing too :(
    hang on Nino, i suspect the days are passing by faster and faster because you wanted them too! hehe
    do update us on how it feels like to have her in your arms on the first time.
    as cliche as this might sounds, im still a sucker for romance story :)

  7. According to the only witness of this picture, the man of this kissing couple is not white. They're both Taiwanese o. And the swimming theory is quite proper, I can totally understand. So I should be the coach to help you to get used to the new swimming pool. :-P

  8. Splash! ^^ when's the big departure date?

  9. very apt theory, but i usually dive and don't think too much about water :)

  10. @Krissy: Thank you. It truly is. :)

    @Karen: Thanks. I hope everything goes well :)

    @applePIE: Thanks. But so far, I sleep well, hehe.

    @Harini: Thank you :) I think it will be just the way you said it :)

    @Saša: Well, glad to hear that someone can relate to my story :) So it's best you keep reading my blog and see, if there's other similarities :)

  11. @Sharon: Hehe.. Yes, I will update you, don't worry. Days are really passing rapidly.. wow.. I hope I gave you a good romance story, haha :P

    @Lily: Ah, thanks for clarifying the facts. But the photo is dark and it's like a piece of art, so I take my right to interpret this photo my own way. I see a white guy and a cute Taiwanese girl, she may not even be from Taipei, maybe she's from Yingge :-P

    @Kit: Won't say here :-P Check my Facebook wall, hehe.

    @Amogh: Hehe.. Ok, I didn't expect that :-P

  12. i will be the swimteam cheerleader xD
    rooting so much for you and her :D

    this is absolutely hilarious ahahhahahaha

  13. @Manju: Yaaaa!! Where are your pom-pons? :P

    Oh, I just had to highlight the rules, because some people just don't get it :P

  14. Awwww :)
    A plane ride away is not so far to be with the one you love!!!!

  15. Sooo romantic.... you deserve your luck!
    Don't let fear ruin the beauty in your life (though I know you won't! ;)... I'm a little witch!) ;)

  16. @Sarah: Yes, you're right :)

    @Daisy: Haha.. No fears, hehe. Will be fine ;) Thank you, my favorite witch :P

  17. Sounds more like an advert to attract your many female readers mate, sorry!

    One year, really is not a long time at all. I'd actually consider that a pretty short time between serious relationships.

    But the length of time really isn't that important since love is timeless ;)

  18. @Mark: Hey, I love to write catchy titles, check my older posts. That's my style. And my female readers don't need an extra bait to read my post, they read it, because they like me and I couldn't be happier about that ;)

    I guess you don't know me well. A year ago, I had a different girlfriend, the one I'm meeting now: We're just starting. I was more or less single for a year.

  19. What a sweetheart!!!! She must be someone super special to have won your heart in such a way. And for you to travel across the oceans for her, wow. What a love story. I'm wishing you all the best on your journey to Taipei. For the meantime, let's work on that Project Ken of yours, and see some tie collection. hehehehe. =)

  20. @Mel: She's really special, indeed :) Thank you so much, Mel, for your warm wishes... Regarding Project Ken, it's off! Cancelled! :P

  21. Awwww...i'm so happy for you that you've found such an amazing person babes. Hope everything works out

  22. @ChinkyGirLMeL Now, I don't want to be a killjoy or come across as some troll BUT, crossing oceans doesn't really mean anything. If someone has the money for a plane ticket then its pretty easy to jump on a plane. Especially if sex is on offer at the other end. I'm not saying this is not romantic but simply that flying half way around the world to meet someone is not romantic in itself IMHO.

    The blog post starts with "My days are passing fast lately" which is exactly the opposite of what you would expect from someone who can't wait to meet someone.

  23. @Saby: Thanks, I'll do my best :)

    @Mark: Honestly, what's your point of commenting here on this post? I don't mind, if people have different opinions, but your comments bore me.

    We all got your point:

    Me flying to my girl is nothing special for you. We get it. Point made.

    But you come here, don't know me at all and lecture my followers. Some of my friends here follow me for almost a year and know what I've been through and they're genuinely happy for me. So you won't impress anyone with your repeated points.

    And you had to put sex in there. Do you really think, if it's about sex, that I'd fly half-around the world? Lol.

    The blog post starts with "My days are passing fast lately" which is exactly the opposite of what you would expect from someone who can't wait to meet someone. And you explanation of this nonsense is?

    Seriously, you don't have any clue about me and my girl and I don't owe you any explanations.

  24. @MKL: Wow! I didn't expect that response. You've always been really measured in your words before. I assume its because I referred to one of the other commenters. But I wasn't attacking her, just disagreeing with her take on something. Its a discussion. I hope I'm not being disrespectful. I certainly don't mean to be and don't want to be. But across cultural boundaries this is not always easy to judge.

    You said my comments bore you. But they rather seem to anger you. I'm sorry for that too. I would never have written something with the intention of angering anyone. Yet more evidence that I don't know you.

    And you don't know me either. Every single one of your points (in that response) missed the mark (no pun intended). You think you flying to meet your girl is nothing special for me? I responded to your post because it touched me deeply.

    To answer your other two questions. No, I don't think you would fly half way around the world for sex. I don't know you so why would I think that? You've made assumptions about what I said. I certainly didn't say that.

    Your third question labels my final point as "nonsense". That's your judgement which I'm comfortable with but please see that I'm not judging you.

    But to answer your final question, well, time flies when you're having fun...

    Peace :)

  25. that's so romantic and sweet...hope that both of you are gonna have many memorable moments together

  26. @Mark: Ok, finally I understand you a bit better. You are right, I don't know you. If you were a blogger and linked to your blog, I could've gotten a better impression of you by checking your blog. But when just I see Mark, it's same as Anonymous. And I have a lot of negative experience with those. So yeah, I may have overreacted partly and for that part I apologize. Yes, I always try to be measured in my responses, but I will also defend my points, if necessary.

    Let me highlight again: I thought your undertone was provocative in several of your remarks, like:

    Sounds more like an advert to attract your many female readers mate, sorry!

    Crossing oceans doesn't really mean anything. If someone has the money for a plane ticket then its pretty easy to jump on a plane. Especially if sex is on offer at the other end.

    I didn't say you were attacking anyone. And it does bore me, when someone comments twice and tries to make the same point. And that sex remark, I mean, come on. Was that really not provocative in any way?

    How could my story have touched you deeply, if you say "crossing oceans doesn't really mean anything. If someone has the money for a plane ticket then its pretty easy to jump on a plane." What else should I think by reading your comment?

    And the last point: Time can fly even when you're not having fun, but when you're anticipating something.

    Mark, this is one of my personal posts. Don't you think it's a bit hard to debate my personal experience and feelings? You're not me, you don't even know me, so you have to assume that this is how I feel now. I've written plenty of posts, where there was a vigurous debate, but I really didn't anticipate that this post will make someone question my feelings and actions. I hope you will stick around and challenge me on some other posts, you seem to be a sharp guy. People like you are appreciated here. But next time, when you comment on a blog for the first time, try to be more careful, how you phrase things. Those who don't know you, may not understand your points the way you intended them to be.


    @Gaia: Thank you very much :)

  27. @MKL: You said a couple of generous things there, I appreciate it.

    OK, I admit to be somewhat provocative early on, but all I was giving was feedback on how I saw the original post. When you post something public, however personal, and invite people to comment then you have to expect both "good" and "bad" comments. When I read it, that's how it came across to me. Now I could be completely wrong which is why I said "sounds like". I just wanted to share my thoughts, because you invited people to do so.

    Your story is so much more than "crossing oceans". Millions of people cross oceans every day. Many of those just to meet a certain someone but it (crossing oceans) doesn't mean anything to me IN ITSELF. Now, if you have a fear of flying, then that's something else. If you do it in a rowing boat, that's a completely different ballpark.

    Finally, I'm not debating your experience, feelings or actions! Simply how I see your original post - I guess, your written representation of those things. Maybe others will read it and feel the same. Maybe you don't care. That's up to you.

    BTW, why does posting a comment not work in Google Chrome? A small part of me dies every time I have to fire up IE!

  28. Do you know what trolls eat???
    Do you think they eat peanuts??
    *Throwa peanuts on the troll*

  29. MKL World Peace!!

    Of course if the blogger invite his/her readers to comment, he would have to know there will be good comments and "not so good" comments, and it's also normal.
    But in my opinion, if we want to comment on other's blog, to be polite, and be careful not to use provoked words should be a common sense. Otherwise, you'll be taken as a troll.

    Share an old story of my country.

    One day, there are 2 people walk in the park, and when they cross a short bridge on a small pool, one man sees there are some fishes swimming in the pool. Then the man says: "Look at those fishes!! They swim happily like carefree!" The other man says: "Well, you're not fish, how come you can know they're happy and carefree?"

    We can share our comments to others absolutely, but due to the different background and experience of every individual, being polite is the basic manners. :-)

    PEACE!! v(^-^)v

  30. @Manju: Haha, that's a good one :)

    @Lily: You are so right, but unfortunately people show no respect. I had enough of this. I will disable anonymous comments for now, because if someone wants to provoke me and waste my time, at least he could do is show me his blog and then let's see how it will look like when I and my followers come there and provoke him. This is my blog and I won't allow someone to take advantage of my kindness. You know, I reply to everyone, even if sometimes I would rather not. So what, if it's a public blog, it's my blog and I don't need to read everyone's opinion. If in future someone provokes me like that, I will just delete the comment. I don't care.

    It's a common decency to show some respect to the blogger and his loyal followers, when you come on a blog for the first time. I seriously wasted my time with this nonsense, that doesn't lead anywhere. Yeah, the provocation succeeded... but it won't succeed twice, because I lose my respect for people who seek trouble.

  31. You must be so excited!! I wish you both happiness!! You'll be okay there. I'm sure of it :)

  32. @P.T: Aww, thank you! You are really so sweet and you keep crawling in my heart. You'll soon become one of my dearest here, hehe. Good job :-D

  33. nino, don't ever change ok? i think you're such a sweet person and friend and lover (to your gf of course :) ). i think, scratch that, i KNOW you will be fine with your new journey. if things ever go wrong, say for example, it suddenly rains when you plan to go hiking with lily and suddenly you get diarrhoea, you know we are all here to listen to your ramblings. (don't dump everything on lily cuz hey, we still wanna hear from you) :)

    you make me want to find a man to call my own....

  34. @Ejann: Thanks :) I won't change, hehe. I will keep rambling here, but I'll skip diarrhea, I think Lily will hear about that first, hehe. But there will be more about Taiwan, but also same Kafkaesque (read random) stuff.. Thanks for sticking around. You're really one of my dearest buddies here. :)

  35. Becoming one of your dearest mean you'll send me Chinese/Japanese/Thai food once you move?! :)

    Chinese/Japanese/Thai food is like ambrosia to my soul!! ;)

  36. @P.T: Yes, why not. I'd send you, but no sushi, haha. It will melt in your Carribean dreamland :P I can send you some sweets from Taiwan later :)

  37. this is really sweet and I totally share your sentiments :) I flew over to the states just to find out whether what we had online was real enough to turn it into something more serious - especially when it was going to be long distance most of the time.

    I'm happy to report that it was the greatest turning point in my life and in his too, if I may say so. We've come such a long way in just about 2 years even most of the time we had to be apart.

    We're getting married this year and each time I jot down details for our wedding, I can't help but be extremely happy and grateful that I took that chance to fly over last 2 years.

    I hope your outcome will be great too :)

  38. @HaniRose: Wow, thank you so much :) Your love story really inspires me and gives me confidence. Thank you so much. And I wish you guys all the best in the years to come and of course that the wedding will be supurb :) Thanks for dropping by, come again ;)

  39. Sweet.

    Gosh, I'm falling for you.

    Oops. =X

  40. aaaaw that's so sweet. I wish somebody would do that for me :)

  41. @Shingo: Hahaha :P

    @Carine: Why not? Someone might one day :)

  42. OH MY GOD!!! I had a dream like that last night!!! Omgwtfbbq! Me and him were hugging so tight in the dream just like the picture has shown! WAAAAAA!!!!

  43. @Stefanie: Ah! Is that good or bad? I hope it's good or maybe just bitter-sweet? Hope you're fine :)

  44. Haha! Sweet dream ever! Not talking about the brazilian, it was a new/another guy in my dream. Hmm, can't really see clearly who was that. A bit sad la.

  45. @Stefanie: Ahhhh... actually it's good that it's a new guy, you need to move on. I feel that you'll be in love this year, woohoo :P


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