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Friday, February 5, 2010

How do Malaysians anticipate Chinese new year?

And what could you do while waiting for that reunion dinner

1 You could sing Chinese new year songs

2 You could play football with a lovely Chinese girl

3 You could ask Malaysians about the meaning of life

4 You could make Chinese new year cards

But be careful, if you have a dog, he may not be amused,
if you spend too much time with your cat:


Happy Chinese new year,
my lovely Chinese friends from all over the globe!

新年快乐! 恭喜发财!

Ok, the pics above were obviously meant as a joke. Do you really want to know how Malaysian Chinese celebrate new year? If yes, then please check the photos I made last year:

*How will you celebrate Chinese new year this year?


[Sources: Video via Vampie][Pic 1: Xiao Wei, Pic 2: Funky Downtown, Pic 3: Funny Free, Pic 4: by Lily]


Oh my, your post make me even more excited to go back!!! I'll be going back to my hometown to celebrate CNY. Haha, you are quite right on how Malaysian Chinese celebrated their CNY, but it's more to the Buddhists. Christians like me will go to church on the first day of CNY, to give thanks to Lord. And in my hometown, sharp at 12 midnight, you won't be able to hear anything except all the firecrackers and etc. Oh, and do you know before a family starts eating their reunion dinner, they will usually lit up the firecrackers too?

And for this year, my friends and I will visit all our other friends' houses. It would be so great! I can't wait for CNY!!!

Happy CNY to you too! :)

And hey, you can actually play mahjong! Wow, that's cool, coz I usually see Chinese play this, hard to see a caucasian playing mahjong. Wish you have a great time spending your CNY in Taiwan...:)

@FJ: Thank you :D Happy to make you excited, hehe.. Well, as I said, there's so many traditions. I happened to stay at a Buddhist family, so I just write about that :-)

Yea, I like to play mahjong, it's not hard to learn and understand, but it's a lot about luck, hehe. I did gamble and won about 50rm last year :-P This year I plan to play it in Taiwan and hope I can make many new friends :-)

hey! thats funny... mahjong a simply must must and theres the ang pau and mandarin oranges and loh sang.... i love loh sang!

@Lily Riani: Oh yeah, don't forget to bring oranges, always in pairs, hehe. And yeah, mahjong rocks! :-) Let's play :-P

I'm seeing lots of red and pink in the department stores and loads of discounts on every kind of stuff here. I don't celebrate it, obvs, but I'm still hoping for that little red packet from my Chinese relatives ^^

@Nashe: Hehe.. hope you get many hong baos :) It must be cool to have relatives from different cultures, then you have a lot of celebrations :)

Cool celebration for u man. I think I only practise 70% of the things mentioned. There are yet many thing I ought to learn about my culture :) So sad I wont be able to celebrate this year's CNY with my family and friends.

@Chris: Read my blog, you will learn a lot about Chinese culture, haha :P How come you won't be able to be with your family?

oh man... it's CNY already??!! @,@" i miss visiting my chinese friends and therefore eat like a pig (no pun intended)...

oh man...

p.s nino, i'm back :D

@Ejannnnnnnnnnnn: :P It's not yet Chinese new year... it's on the 14th, same as Vday :) This is a pre-CNY post, hehe.

Glad to see you back! Wow, that was fast :)

Play football with a chinese girl?

oh that's not innuendo?

Damn I have dirty mind.

@Andhari: I don't know, but the photo of the dog might be, hahaha. Ok, by reading your latest post, I understand why :P

You seem to be interested in the Orient very much. I am glad that understanding people increase.

This cat may need some diet.

Oh Andhari. hahahaha.

Anyways... I dont have sound so i can't watch the video but i can already tell its going to be hilarious just from that still shot. hahaha! ;P

How will i celebrate chinese new year? Well, it also happens to be Valentines Day so i don't really know! I dont actually celebrate Chinese New Year but since my bf is chinese by blood, i usually just have dinner with his family! :) nothing too crazy!

i just saw your little message before writing comments: hahaha!

@Ruma: Yes, it's obvious that I am very interested in the Orient. That's also why I follow your interesting blog. Thank you. And that cat is really a bit chubby, haha.

@Kym: Ah, that video is the whole point of this post :P Watch when you're free :) Oh, your boyfriend is Chinese, wow. Do you speak Mandarin, did he teach you? :)

Regarding that message: I needed to highlight it for those who still don't get that linking in comments is spam :)

I almost forgot about the Chinese New Year! I remember how my mum would bring home sweets, especially the wax (?) cakes, on Chinese New Year! Her friend knew how much I love the cakes...

And the dragon's dance on the streets...always loved it...

@P.T: I don't know any wax cakes, hehe. But as I said, there's so many traditions. :) Glad you love CNY :)

EATING....that's how i spend it xD
mwahahhahaha chinese food buffet FTW
oh and i think the 'wax' cakes are a chinese-mauritian thing, not sure

Most Chinese New Year traditions are more towards Taoist/Confucian/folk religions, not so Buddhist. :)

I think that girl would really spice up CNY, lol!! And yes, I'm looking forward to the hols! :D

playing football with that charming Chinese girl wouldn't be the first thing that springs to mind but would still be lots of fun!

@Manju: Oh you! Only food is on your mind xD I hope one of you Mauritians shows me a wax cake, haha. Now I'm really curious :)

@kyh: Thanks for the heads up. 10 more days, yay!

@Adamantixx: Haha.. The girl was for you, hehe. Glad you liked her :)

How can you miss the eating part?

Man.. if I had such a hot babe in that football outfit, I wouldn't be playing football anymore. *ahem*

Gong xi fatt chai!

@Izso: Haha.. Didn't find anything funny related to food :) Besides, food is holy for Chinese :P

Gong xi fa cai to you, too :)

Yea @Manju and @MKL I think the wax cake is a 'Mauritian' thing :) but oh! so delicious!!!

@P.T: Do you have any photos of that wax cake? When I think about that, I associate Madame Tussaud's wax museum, hehe..

ZOMG!!!!!! Who is that hot babe??????? Love the outfit!

Happy Chinese new year to you too :)

My mom's family usually have a reunion in the south every Chinese new year (they're all Chinese) where all the kids get little red envelopes containing money. That used to be the best part for me when I was a kid. It's still the best part now, actually :D

@Van: Yea, those are ang pau or red packages. I know kids in Malaysia love those, because they can keep the money. No adult would touch it, because it's for good luck :D

Ang pau, really? What dialect is that? My mom's family calls it "lai see" but my dad's family calls it "li xi." I think "lai see" is in Cantonese though. I don't know what they call it in Mandarin.

Not sure about adults not touching it. I saw my mom giving one to my grandma. I guess the culture varies with different Chinese 0__o

@Van: Oh, your name is from Cantonese, I think. 'Ang pau' is Hokkien and proper Mandarin is 'hong bao' (=red package).

I meant adults usually won't take that money from the kids, at least where I was, they didn't :P

That makes sense. I recognize "hong" to mean "red" and "bao" to mean envelope" in Chinese. I never heard of ang pau though. But I guess that's just 'cause I'm used to my family's dialect, lol.

Lol, I'm surprised the adults don't expect to get the money back once the kids are older then. I don't think it's a requirement in my family, but just to be nice, I think it would be considered charitable if the grown up children gave money to their parents now that they all have jobs, lol.

No Chinese New Year in Malaysia is complete without firecrackers.

Hey, that's something you don't see in Singapore.

No lah... this year I don't celebrate CNY lo... since mom-in-law passed away we don't CNY till next year.

Anyway, Thank you for the CNY wishes! you're awesome :)

Cheers XOXO

@Van: Ah, miscommunication, I guess. :P I was talking about small kids of age 2 to 10. They usually don't keep any money, but the hong bao they receive, they can keep, hehe. In Malaysia it's a custom that only married couples need to give the red packages to everybody. In Taiwan it's every person, who has a job. So in Malaysia, all unmarried are happy, they only receive, but never give, hehe :)

@Shingo: Singapore so clean, ah? And it seems Singapore bully the Chinese :P

@Netster: Oh yea.. You don't celebrate, but you will go to temples, right? Still wish happy new year to you :)

Yes! Chinese New Year is next weekend. I'm very excited about ... the food! Mwahahaha! Seriously!

I was just reading the previous comments. I'll take some pictures of the wax cake and post it on my blog for CNY to satisfy your curiosity!

@Angele: Oh cool! :D I wanna see the famous wax cake, hehe.

Ya lah! Luan luan lai! Play football with a lovely Chinese girl? LOL! What lah? Hahaha! Why so random one! Do you know the story of why there's no meow meow in the list of Chinese zodiac? I bet you've known it lah. Just asking only. :p

(Ok, I fully utilised the lah in a good way.) Hehe!

@Stefanie: Walau! Randomness got here many time lah, is my blog's trademark leh. Plz dun mad leh, I wan play football wif you, chop chop lah, bring the ball liao :P

Walao, yours more typical than mine. :D

@Stef: Arrigatou gozaimasu, Stefanie-chan! ^_^

Believe it of not, I still have no plans for CNY! O.o Need to make some quickly! hahahhaa!!

@JaiMie: Wow, you better hurry up. Only few more days :P

hmmm... dont recall me doing any of that hahahaha....

@zewt: Isn't your blog about 'to lah or not to lah'? :P

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