February 13, 2010

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Bye bye Maribor, Slovenia, Europe...

My last post before moving to Taiwan

This will be my last post before Taiwan. Now I really need time to prepare everything for my upcoming trip and to say bye to my family and friends. I will be less online in the next days and in case you don't hear from me, please assume that I'm fine. Either I'm in the air or already walking around Taipei with my girl. Most of you will be able to track everything on Twitter and Facebook. Anyway, for my last post, I decided to do something special. I asked my girl to write about how she imagines our first meeting and what she expects and fears the mostand I will write about the same topic below her part. Most of you know, that we've found each other online and chatted for many months, but we've never met in real. And after I'm safe and sound in Taiwan, we will write another post and tell you what really happened :-) I assume you won't get something like that to read any time soon, so I hope you enjoy these two posts.

Her expectations:

I was asked to write about what are my expectations for the first meeting at the airport? Well, that's a good question. I don't have a lot of experience of welcoming friends at our main airport, and I only went there twice. So when I thought about it, this came to my mind:

- How to take buses there?
- Where will be the meeting point?
- What should I wear?
- Should I give him a hug first and then kisses on his cheeks like Westerners always do in the movies?

Hard questions.

I have to say, I didn't have any Western friends before I got to know him. When it came to foreign friends, I only had some from Japan and China, but I didn't need to pick up any of them at the airport. Most of the times, when I met them, was in a group along with several other friends and someone else would welcome them at the airport and bring them to a restaurant, where held a welcome party for them. But this time I have to do it all by myself. And since I'm so unexperienced, my expectations are very basic:

- I hope I don't get lost at the airport and that everything goes smoothly.
- I would like to wear long boots, a short skirt, with perfect make up and hair. I'll try my best to look hot. But I wonder, if the high heels would make me walk like a duck and I also hope that my new boots won't give me blisters.
- I'm still thinking about how to welcome him: I should give him a hug first, right? Then kisses? Friendly kisses on the cheeks or a short one on the lips? If the kiss is on the lips, ehm, that would be our first kiss (shy). OK, whatever will be, I hope I can do it well.
- My bags. I'm just not able to bring only few things anywhere I go. Even on a 2 days short trip I would bring big travel bags! Imagine me waiting for him and wearing high boots, a short skirt and with 2 bags? And he said he would only bring a backpack! I wonder who will welcome who at the airport? That would look like he's picking me up! So I hope I manage to bring fewer things with me this time.

In just few days I will meet him in real! Some of my friends ask me: "You must feel excited! Are you nervous?" I reply: "Yes! Of course." But I don't feel nervous because of him, I'm nervous, because it's my first such experience.

I'm already nervous now.

My expectations:

I must say, unlike her, I've done something like that before. Most of you know, that my ex was from Malaysia and so I was in this kind of situation few years ago. The only difference is, that I am a bit older and more experienced in travelling and meeting people, especially around some parts in Asia. It's true, I've never been to Taiwan, so the first fear that comes to my mind is the unfamiliar airport. But from the information I have, it's very modern and visitor friendly and I guess, it can't be that different from Singapore and Hong Kong. All I need to do is pass the immigration, find my luggage and spot her among all the people who wait for their sweethearts at the arrival hall. I told her, she better spot me, because while there will most likely be only few young blonde men, I'm expecting a lot young Taiwanese girls waiting for someone. And I guess I will be the one, who swings his head like a mad rooster all over the place, hehe. Maybe I should just keep my calm, walk slowly and let her find me? I shall see. Maybe I will pass by her and she'll jump on me from behind? Or maybe cover my eyes with her hands and ask: "Guess who?!" Haha.. No idea. I guess I need to pay close attention and start spotting cute girls right on [a skill I've mastered to near perfection by now, hehe]. Anyway, I think we will be fine. I will hug her when I see her, but I'm not planning beyond that, what happens happens. The more plans you have, the more likely they fail [oh, yeah, I've been there...]. I don't really worry about our first meeting, we're so close already, we'll be fine. My real worries are that I won't miss a train or the plane, that everything goes smoothly at the two immigrations and that my luggage won't be lost. I hope there's no delays, no bad food [ok, how could that be, EVA Air is Taiwanese!]. Anyway, my flight will be nearly 15h long and I really wonder, how I will be able to take that. I flew the longest from Paris to Singapore, it took me 13h and it seemed endless! And now even longer? Wow. I just hope I will be able to sleep a little, best would be 8h, but if I manage to sleep for 6, I will be happy already. It's funny, I can sleep like 10h straight in my own cozy bed, but I always have a hard time sleeping on airplanes. Of course coach is not same as my bed, but well. I still see most people dozing off easily and I'm one of the few who keeps turning their head around wondering how can everyone sleep but me. Ah, whatever.

To be honest, I have real fears, but those go beyond the flight and first meeting. Will I be able to get a job? Will I find one fast? Will I be able to perform well? It's a totally new life I'm about to start and so many things are unknown. If I was the old me, I might freak out, but the new me tries to be optimistic. I say to myself: "At least I'm trying. My worst case scenario is coming back from Asia in 2 or 3 months, because I haven't gained ground there. But even in that case I will have one of the most awesome times of my life." So there's will be no regrets. We'll see what happens. I hope I can be as bold as a tiger.

Au revoir!

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  1. gosh! i am sooo "kan cheong"..... this is like a movie, and the best thing, i get to know it first hand.... i thk i will looking out for your blog updates with pumping heart..... suspense.

  2. @Lily Riani: Haha.. yeah, well, you'll know it first hand :P I just hope it'll have a happy end ;)

  3. Oh...I thought that you'd met your girl before, this is so fairy-taleish! ^^

    The year of the Tiger is supposed to be a tough but rewarding one, hope everything goes fine for you!

    p.s What's your Chinese sign?

  4. @Kit: Nah, we haven't met yet :)

    I hope it will be rewarding, yeah. Thank you.

    Well, I'm monkey :)

  5. Aww this is so sweet Nino! I am excited for you! ♥♥

    PS: I hope you will be able to catch some ZZZ's in the plane ;)

  6. But then again I doubt you'd be able to get some sleep because you'll be too excited! :D

  7. I was a nervous wreck when i was meeting my guy for the 1st time. We hadnt seen each other but were in a relationship since an year (thats a very long time). I knew how he looked, he knew how i looked yet sometimes ppl are so different than in their pics. So yeah, i was thinking how will i recognize him. But thankfully, we dint meet in an airport but in a restuarant for dinner. And guess what the 1st time i met him was last vday. So yeah, i will celebrating... not cauz its Vday but cause its been an year since i met him in real. And coming to you guys... you know all the nervousness and tension will go the moment you see each other. The best thing is just take things as they come :).

  8. Oh I'm feeling excited for you both. It's natural to feel nervous in this kind of situation. Expectations are high. But I'm sure both of you will heave a big sigh of relief when you see each other and say 'finally!'...

    Wish you both happiness...:)

    Nino have a safe trip!

    And Nino's girfriend, a short skirt paired with boots sound fine to me! :)

  9. best of luck on your journey
    even i have to make a trip in 5 months time to US
    and im nervous form now itself :P

    anyway i know you are a tiger and will do great :)


  10. that's sound so romantic just like romantic movie ... wish you both many memorable moments and sweet times...

    Bon Voyage and Happy Chinese New Year too

  11. hey nino. first time commenting here. dotn worry you'll do fine and love taiwan. its a buzzling place. just rememeber to find wherei can get the best bubble milk tea (chen chu nai cha) in taipei! hahah... im the #1 fan.

    anyways, i wish you and your new found love the best and happiness in everything!

  12. She's not only pretty (because I am sure she is!) she's a good laugh too! Nice!
    "The more plans you have, the more likely they fail" I couldn't agree more... really... as I always daydream about meetings with the guys I like and obviously it's never like that... it's not even closely like that... well Valentine's day: I will spend it with the person I love the most right now... the only one I have a strong relationship with... and the only one I will be together with forever: ME! :-) Happy Valentine's Day to you and your wonderful girl! ;-)

  13. You guys sound so sweet...! I hope things go well for you two at the airport, especially for your gf. She sounds so nervous, lol. Yeah, I have to add that the Taiwanese airport is pretty modern. Its streets, buildings, hotels...mostly everything. So don't worry about getting confused and/or lost in the airport, lol. Eva Air is a pretty cool company too. The flight attendants were really friendly to me last time I flew to Taiwan with it. They even gave me free toys and stickers! (Haha, I was a kid then).

    And OMG, I can't understand why some people are able to sleep on planes either! It bothers me too somewhat. I look around and see everyone comfortably asleep except me, even though I'm in desperate need of sleep XD


    1. be safe
    2. keep me posted
    3. before you go, tell Ma to get my room ready.

  15. Bon voyage, I hope you have a really good and successful adventure MKL.

  16. i hope you're not too drowsy from the journey to greet your girl with a beaming smile and a massive hug!

    i can't wait to hear about your Asian adventures!

  17. I wish you all the best!! :) I'm sure it's gonna be a wonderful and unforgetable experiance! Have a great time!
    btw, how long are you planning to stay there?
    Share some pictures asap! :)
    Have a safe trip.

  18. Yeah a real fairytale. Brings back memories. I had this before. It wasn't an airport though but a bus station in a small japanese town.

  19. EEEKKKKK! THE DAY IS FINALLY HERE! i can't believe its come so fast! Maybe she'll have the same reaction as me when the olympic torch came by "HES HEEEEEEEEEERE" hahaha! So cute that she was worrying about whether to hug you first, give you a friendly kiss ,cheek? lips? hehe! I'm sure it will all go well! I agree that in certain situations, the more you plan and think about it.. the more the plans go down the drain! haha! Can't wait to hear all about it! Have a safe flight neeners.

  20. here comes the boy, here comes the boy (sing in the tune of here comes the bride! here comes the bride!)

    oh oh oh! i'm so excited for you nino!!! finally! so right about planning... just go with the flow. when you see her and you feel like kissing her, why the heck not? right??? :D

    have a safe journey nino! my lucky irish penny will be with you all the way!

  21. Guys, thank you so much, I've read all of your comments. Let me reply briefly:

    @Krissy: Thank you :P I'll try my best to sleep, hehe.

    @Harini: Thanks for sharing :) Happy 1yr anniversary :)

    @P.T: Thank you so much for your kind words :)

    @Amogh: i'll be fine, thanks ;)

    @Gaia: Well, it does sound romantic, but we'll see, if it really will be, hehe :P

    @Zeek: I'll let you know about the best bubble tea :) Thanks for all the nice words and happy to see you comment here :)

    @Daisy: Thank you :D Hope your Vday was good and that your date was nice to you, lol :P

    @Van: Thanks a lot for the reassurance. I think I should be able to find my way. Not sure about the sleeping part, we'll see :)

    @Steph: Haha... ok, will be safe, will keep you posted and Ma is already expecting you. The room is ready for you xD

    @ZACL: Thank you :)

    @Adamantixx: Thanks. I'll try to be fresh and perky, hehe. I'll keep you posted.

    @Kasia: Thanks :) I'll try my best to make it unforgettable. I don't know how long, depends how things go. I'll share soon :)

    @Saša: Wow, I'd like to read about your first encounter. Hope you share one day :)

    @Kym: The day is close, but not yet here :P Oh, we'll see how the first meeting will be, but she'll definitely not gonna pull a kymchi on me, haha. Thanks, Kymmy! See you :P

    @Ejann: Thanks thanks thanks :) Your lucky penny is my protection :) And I'll do with Lily whatever may come to my mind in that moment, haha. We'll see :P

  22. Please have good Taipei walking.

  23. i vote for something like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTLDLWhgV1c
    but im sure i dont really get a vote anyway ahahaahahaha
    ahhhhhhhhhh im so excited for you two!!!!!!!so excited!!! xD
    you have to tell me all about it ok? ok? :D

  24. Next post should be entitled 'The Meeting' :D

    This feels like the Train Man story. Anticipation from those connected virtually.

  25. awww.. that is just so sweeettt... ^^ You can write a novel based on you two's true story.. I believe it will be so beautiful! ^^

    My best wishes and prayers for you and Lily! Have fun in Taiwan ya.. v(^_^)v

  26. @Ruma: I will walk gracefully :-)

    @Manju: Oh, that Notebook kiss. Good. You'll get to know everything: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, haha :P

    @Lizzy: Next post will be Hello Taipei, hehe :-) Haha, yea, it's like a virtual drama and you wait for the next episode, lol.

    @Ceecile: Thank youuuuuu.. hope everything goes fine, then I might :P

  27. Au revoir Nino =) Hope you have a lovely trip to Taipei! Bon voyage.

    I will wait for your next post from Taiwan. =D

  28. This is very sweet, almost like in the movies. I'm getting this kind of silent "kilig" ─ that's a Filipino term that would be like a giddy, happy feeling. I can sense butterflies in your stomach, but I'm sure you'll do perfectly okay. Keep us posted and have a safe trip.

  29. @Angele: Thank you :)

    @Russ: Thanks! I will keep posting, hehe. Will post in a couple of days.


    Sorry for neglecting everybody's blogs. Will catch up with you once I have time there :-) See ya...

  30. Good luck to you lol!
    Will be interesting to hear more stories. Anna :)

  31. Reading this already makes me excited about reading the afternath after the 2 of you meet in the airport.

    Yes, have fun bro. Blog less if it means you go out more.

    Seeing the world, through your eyes.

  32. Hope you'll weather it all! Good luck to you, and a great adventure is awaiting you ahead! Happy CNY!! ROArrrrrsss, LOL!

  33. Safe journey babe. Can't wait to hear from you!

  34. Everything happens so quick. I think it was like yesterday when first you announced to go to Taiwan.

    Have a nice time in Taiwan :)

  35. This post made me "awwwwwwww" throughout my read.

    I sense that your a good guy so I wish you luck.

    Go get that girl and show Taiwan what you are made of. Cheers!

  36. Awww, best of luck with you and your girl! I'm excited for you :)
    I also wanted to let you know that I tagged you on my blog. Feel free to get to it when you have time/feel like it :)

  37. Uhmmm, excuse you Nino. I'm pretty sure you've already landed. And i'm pretty sure you have access to the internet so can you please explain why there is no new blogpost covering everything about your steamy first meeting?

    haha! just buggin' - hope you're doing well! :)

  38. All the best Nino! Take it easy and worry not. Enjoy your trip and look forward ... everything will fall into places it should be when the time comes.

  39. Have a safe trip! Enjoy yourself in Taiwan! This sounds like something epic in the making...

  40. Cool stuff dude. My wife and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary last week (two days before Valentine's Day...we picked a great weekend to get married :-). So hows about posting some pictures of your sweetie instead of nameless bikini babes?

  41. its tough moving to a new city let along a new country! I do hope that you got there safe and you had a great valentines day with your girl. Keep us posted!

  42. @Anna: Thank you :)

    @Shingo: Hey bro. I'm fine here :) Yeah, walking around a lot, have less time to blog, but I already have tons of ideas to write about :)

    @kyh: Thank you :) Happy new year to you, too :)

    @Saby: Thank you, hehe :)

    @Junjie: Time flies and now I'm here :) Thanks a lot.

    @SoggyCereal: Thank you for your compliments :) I'll do my best :)

    @Karen: Thanks a lot :) I'll check out your blog asap and see, what you have tagged me with ;)

    @Kym: Well, yesterday was a bit crazy. A long day, everything new. I didn't have the time to write a post. But I will write one today :) I'm doing fine. :D

    @Wenny: Haha.. I don't know, if it's epic, but it's very interesting. Thanks.

    @马克: Happy for you and your wife :) Well, as far as my blog goes, my concept is not to post private pics of me, my girl and my family. I tell a lot here, but not everything :)

  43. if you get lost at the airport... just flash your smile and say... ni ke yi pang wo mah?

    watch their reaction..! hahaha...

    have a good trip.

  44. aw this is too cute. i love her thoughts. especially about how to kiss and the cute comment about bringing two bags and looking like you're picking HER up. hehehe.

  45. @zewt: Thanks, bro. I'm fine now, safe and sound here, hehe.

    @floreta: Hehe, I picked her up actually. She overslept, I was first :P

  46. I know you'd a great and nervous Valentine's day. :p


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