January 21, 2010

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Singapore: My first Asian destination

Today is my 5 years anniversary of travelling to Asia

And that's why I want to commemorate this noteworthy moment: On 20th January 2005 I boarded a plane in Paris and flew 13h straight to Singapore. On 21st January 2005 my foot touched Asian soil for the first time. And to be precise, that happened at Changi International Airport in Singapore.

It was during a time, where I still studied and I had 1 month of semester holidays. I had saved up a big sum of money and wanted to do something extraordinary. It was pure coincidence, that I ended up in Singapore. I wanted to fly far and to warm place, because we had a cold winter around that time. I had someone from Singapore helping me and so she rented a room in an apartment for me. It was way cheaper than hotel. I was more of a backpacker at that time and I wanted to spend money for other things than accommodation.

After these things were settled, I could enjoy exploring the city. I have to say, everything was great: I saw the whole city with all its main sights and I even went on a short 3 days trip to Kuala Lumpur. At that time it was the best 3 weeks of my life and ever since I went on that trip, I continued going back to Asia, almost every year once. From that time on, I totally immersed myself in all things Asian (as it's obvious from my blog). I have a special bond with Singapore, it's a place I will never forget, because wherever I will go in the future, it will always remain my first Asian destination.

Here is my collection of my photos [29] I made during that trip. Please wait a little, it may take some time before they fully load. Thanks.

My Singapore trip started at Changi Airport and continued to Tampines, a lovely neighborhood in the eastern part of Singapore. I rented a small room in an HDB block and I felt like I'm living like a local Singaporean. It was a unique experience. Here's a little set of photos I took during my trip, a very small fraction of all the pics I took.

This was where I stayed. I miss the warm weather in Singapore, feels so good every day.

The toilet wasn't really a high standard, but I didn't mind. I was a student and used to it.

The room was small, but nice. I loved to watch TV, especially Channel 5.

I was amazed to see people carrying coffee in plastic bags. You won't see that in Slovenia.

One of my favorite shopping malls The Heeren. I spend a lot of time here.

I liked this old part of Singapore: Kampong glam ('kampong' is Malay for 'village')

This was also one of my firsts: the coconut drink. Cheap and refreshing.

One of my fav dishes in the region: roti prata. Later I liked the similar roti canai in Malaysia.

Photo of my fav spot, a beautiful garden near the zoo. Read article here>>

Singapore has an impressive downtown. Many banks and offices are located here.

A statue of Singapore's founder. He's more like Singaporean Washington, not Obama :P

One of my favorite breakfasts, Delifrance in Takashimaya shopping mall. Yummy.

Singapore Chinatown, located in Outram, is more of a tourist trap, but nice to see.

I found this statue somewhere on Orchard road, Singapore's most famous road.

One of my favorite parts of Singapore: Sentosa, a lovely island with nice little beaches.

Sentosa with the cute islets below, in the back ships and heavy industry. What a mix.

Singapore downtown seen from the Esplanade, a futuristic building resembling fly eyes.

A very colorful and clean neighborhood in Tampines. A lovely place to live.

Singapore Botanic gardens, one of my favortite spots. A must see, when you visit Singapore.

Never saw such huge cactus before. The climate is good for such plants to grow in Singapore.

Botanic gardens are full of small surprises, so it's really worth to take a long walk.

The so called Palm valley, a lovely spot, where Singaporeans love to gather for picnics.

There's so many turtles and ducks in a cute little pond. You'll even find koi fish.

One of my favorite photos ever taken during my travels. Ain't it lovely?

In my last days in Singapore, I looked for spots to swim, but I skipped this place, I chose Sentosa instead.

Last day before flying back to Europe, I spent in Sentosa. It was fun.

It took me one whole day to return home, after 15h of flying, I finally saw our mountains.

Almost landing in Slovenia... Reality was hard: A cold winter. I wanted back to Singapore!

This trip was a turning point in my life. It was really a great experience and I really had the best time in Singapore. Even if it was only 3 weeks, it was my very first trip to Asia and it was a great idea to start discovering Asia in Singapore. I highly recommend it to everyone, espeically if you're traveling in winter. You will fall in love with Singapore just like I did. And I still love the place.
  • What was your first destination on the other side of the world?
  • Have you ever travelled to Singapore? How did you like it?
[My SINGAPORE page][All pics by MKL 2005]


  1. Singapore is my second asian destination, i visited Malaysia first. this is not really related but omg ,those slovenia mountain peaks in your pictures collection are totally gorgeous O_O and snow-topped too eekkssss i want to go there! have you ever climbed one of them??

  2. yeay! am the first! ehhehehhe..... little things make me happy.

    i just have to ask this... KL pics?

  3. swweeet pics! Singnapore does look really clean! Btw ya about that guy that I'm training, maybe it is my hormones, hmm, I'll let you know how it goes after a few weeks haha!

  4. @Manju: We do have beautiful mountains, the highest peak is nearly 3000m. We're a nation of hikers, I used to hike at age 15/16, but only on hills, not mountains :)

    @Lily Riani: Sorry, not first :( I was moderating comments due to a hater, and so that was your impression. KL pics are many, but won't publish for now :)

    @Julie: Singapore is clean at the first glance. But I also have some pics where it's not. But that's rather an exception :) Looking forward to read about your hormonal developments :P

  5. singapore was my 1st asian destination and tbh, i wouldn't dream of moving to another country and settling there but when i saw sg, that made me change my mind! i love the shopping and love love love love love the FOOOOOOD...oh the food *drools*

    KL's got amazing road side stalls too...there's this uncle near Low Yat Plaza (I think? the electronics mall) and he sells the crispiest fried chicken ever. The stall's called Bob Chicken or sthing like that. Salt and grease my fave friends =D

  6. @Kit: Wow, what a coincidence :) The food is yummy, yes. And I love the weather :) Wow, that chicken must have been stuck in your taste buds, huh? You remember every detail. When were you in Sgp and KL?

  7. sweeet!!!i'd love to see pictures of those hills.
    i love singapore! myojo noodles FTW ;) hahaha

  8. @Manju: Haha.. those pics are in some old photo albums, I don't have them scanned yet :) Come to visit me in Slovenia, I will show you :P

  9. I have never been anywhere much but you know just getting started :P. Anyways, The pictures are so adorable. Visit India once... you will be bored of Rotis and Parata's for sure :).

  10. @Harini: Hehe... I'd love to see India one day. Who knows, I may go there, but that would certainly be something totally new for me :)

  11. There was a time where my mum and I used to go for our yearly trip to Sg and KL for the food and shopping but since 2005 I'm away at Uni so she goes with my sisters instead =(

  12. @Kit: Oh, I see. Just when you stopped going, I started, hehe. Hope you can go there again one day :)

  13. Yeah me too *sigh* The chicken rice anywhere, the claypot rice at Lot 10, the korean place in the basement at that funky graffiti-ed mall (is it heeren?) ahh...I miss good food *drools* Think of me when you'll be eating all that wonderful wonderful food yeah? ;)

  14. first touchdown at the other side of the world would be London, UK. :)

    p.s i miss malaysian food. esp chicken rice. fml.

  15. haha love your John Mayer comment. He IS a talented musician, I love his album "continuum" a lot. And honestly I think that women are more attracted to him because of his skanky bad ass atittude, cuz every woman wants to be "the one" that "change him" from his "bad boy" image to something good! Like that chick that finally "tamed" George Clooney. Me? I'm too lazy for all that work on a guy. HAHA!

  16. @Ejann: Chicken rice is really yummy in Malaysia. Simple, cheap and fulling. I miss that, too.

    @Julie: Glad you like my comment. :) Well, your theory seems good, we'll see which woman will tame him. Maybe he only has a bad boy image, but he's a softy inside :)

  17. Wow very beautiful pics never travel to Singapore seeing those pics make me wanna rush to this country and discover all these beautiful places :)

  18. @Gaia: Thank you. Who knows, you may get the chance to visit one day :)

  19. My first overseas trip was to London when I was 15 years old. Went to France and Belgium too.

    Malaysia and Singapore are definitely in my bucket list! I have to go there before I die!! :)

  20. @P.T: How did you feel so young in the UK? Was it a culture shock? :) You should see M'sia and S'pore, even if you only drive thru to Thailand :P

  21. what amazing pics!
    even if you live to be 100 you'll never forget your special Asian memories!

  22. @adamantixx: Hehe.. I hope I will have plenty of stories to tell to my grandchildren one day :P Travelling costs a lot, but it makes you richer :)

  23. I didn't really feel the culture shock. It was more of a holiday-type trip. All I was concerned about was the food you know...lol

  24. @P.T: Hehe.. Food in the UK doesn't really have a good reputation. I hope it was acceptable for you :)

  25. Lovely photos! Lol, I never saw anyone carry coffee in a plastic bag around here either. What exactly is roti prata anyway? It looks like curry.

    Oh, and lol @ the cute turtle. I have that same specie of turtles as a pet. I'm surprised those turtles exist in Singapore though. I read somewhere Slider red-eared turtles were only natives to Southeastern U.S. (like Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, etc...)

    So what was the weather there like for the most part? Warm and humid? Or just warm?

    LOL, you'll be surprised at what my first destination to the other side of the world was. It's the same destination you're planning to go to this February--yep, Taiwan. I was there when I was 5, I think. It was pretty cool. The hotel we stayed in was really nice too.

    And nope, never been to Singapore. Wouldn't mind seeing it some day though.

  26. @Van: Thanks :) Roti prata is an Indian dish, a kind of thin bread, which you dip into a curry sauce.

    The weather in Singapore is hot and humid all the time. Maybe around 32 Celsius at day and around 30 at night, you need an aircon. Around Nov/Dec it rains more and it can get like 26 Celsius sometimes. I guess that's the coldest, hehe. I know the shopping malls are so cold, because they overuse the aircon, sometimes it's like 16 Celsius and outside 32, it's crazy.

    Wow, you were in Taiwan. Cool :) But was a while ago, huh? :)

  27. wow! You've been travelling for such a long time huh? Trying to find the best place that suits you huh?

    It's great that you like Asia :o)

  28. @Ai Shiang: Well, 5 years of travelling Asia is not that long. But I've been many places around Europe before, but once I flew to Asia, I feel that's where I broadened my horizons for real. Yes, I like Asia a lot. Besides Europe, it's a very interesting continent :)

  29. Sounds like an awesome trip... Singapore is one of the cities in Asia that I won't mind moving to. Well I guess I gotta visit there first to see if I really like it. I'm going to Asia either in June or November so I can't wait!

  30. You're a very good photographer. Each pic really sold Singapore. Now there should be an influx of backpackers to Singapore soon.

    Thank you Mr. Buddy Asia for being Asian-Friendly :)

  31. @ko0ty: Wow, nice. Where are you going to?

    @Wenny: Thanks, sis. I try my best, but I won't mobilize backpackers to go to Singapore, hehe :-)

  32. Wow, those pictures are quite good!! You can snap good pictures! Although I didn't go to Singapore before, but from your lovely pics, I think it's really a lovely and beautiful country!

    However, I have a question...didn't you use the shower head to shower for the 3 weeks? Is it normal?

  33. @Lily: Thank you. I can make some nice pics, yea. Although I'm not a photographer :-) No, there wasn't a shower head and no water heater. But Singapore was so hot, cooler water was good for my body :-)

  34. Waaaa.. I love your Singapore post!! ^^ So many pictures.. My bro insists that he wants to go to Singapore on his school holiday this June, so maybe I'll go to those places you've been too!

    If you want to travel to Asia again, don't forget to visit Indonesia ya?? Wait till you see Bali! It's so beautiful there.. oh and take your girl too! It'll be the most romantic holiday ever! Guaranteed! ;)

  35. @Ceecile: Thank you :D I'd love to see Bali, that's for sure. It's on my list, definitely :)

  36. My first destination was Hatyai, Thailand. :) I'd said it's a crowded place...I'm a Malaysian, and am really glad to see that you guys found Malaysia a quite nice country (I think it's too hot sometimes, making it not nice at all).

    I remembered seeing one of your posts on your trip to Malaysia. There were lotta pics and what you commented was funny. :) And Singapore is a super nice country. I'd love to live at Singapore!!!

  37. @FJ: Yes, I love Malaysia and Singapore. If you ask me where to live, I'd prefer M'sia over S'pore, because it's bigger and more interesting. S'pore is nice to visit though. :)

  38. I have always wanted to go to Singapore. The place is really pretty and super clean. The food is also amazing, so I've heard. Great pictures!

  39. @Mel: Thank you. :) If you have the chance, go visit :)

  40. U lost your virginity to Singapore. To put it another way. :P

  41. Next time you go there, ask Nashe to take you around. I'm planning a Singapore trip like soon. I'm checking future concerts of artists I like who'll make a stop there but not over here so I can go.

  42. @Andhari: Good luck on your trip. I'm looking fwd to read about it :)

  43. I have never travelled to SE Asia. It sounds so interesting. Your idea of renting a place was an excellent one.

  44. @ZACL: Thank you. SE Asia is definitely fun to travel to.

  45. I don't know how people can just up and go to a foreign country all by themselves for vacation! I'd be terrified! But oh how much fun it must be!

    The first place I went to was Malaysia. I was like..5 and we were visiting my dad's relatives. I remember...pretty much nothing of it except for the toilets in the ground.
    Many of my relatives reside in/work in Singapore. I hear it's super expensive !

  46. @applePIE: Well, I always had someone who helped me in that country. As you see, I have many friends from all over the world :) Oh wow, Malaysia. So bad you were too young to see more than those horrible toilets, hehe. I don't like these. :)

  47. neeeeeners! hmm first destination on the other side of the world? hmmm well i moved from philippines to hong kong and then from hong kong to canada so i guess that was my first time! oh no wait! before i moved to canada, i visited USA. so that would be the first time! hehe! never been to singapore though, i would LOVE to one day! i want those coconut juice thingys in your pix... yumm!!!!!!!

  48. My 1st backpack trip was Singapore. :) I like the country, it has very clean enviroment, unlike here. :S

  49. @Kym: Oh I see.. So you're an Asian moving to the West and I'm a Westerner moving to the East :) I thought you have those coconuts in the Phillies.

    @Stefanie: Singapore is clean, yeah. But near KLCC is also very clean ;)

  50. I'm from malaysia, and the currency is way smaller than sg's. So the first time i went there, i didn't enjoy shopping at all. Cause everything was so dang expensive>.<

    As for the food, i think i still prefer Ipoh's one lah. HEHE.

  51. I hope you're having a great time in Singapore! My gf is in Thailand at the moment. Totally missing her -it's a bummer to go clubbing alone or with random strangers you meet :(...
    My parents were both born and raised in Malaysia so Malaysia was my first Asian stop (unless you count an overnight stay at Narita Japan airport an official stop). Singapore was nice too. Just too darn hot there in that side of the world LOL. I actually like it a bit cooler - the humidity killed me. But the food is great. I did miss home after about 2-3 weeks - the culture and food is just soo different for me to adjust any longer than a 3-4 week period.
    How long is your trip?

  52. @Mabel Low: I know that for Malaysians, Singapore is not thaaat interesting as for us Europeans :) Ipoh food not bad lah ;)

    @Karen: I'm not in Singapore, this post is about my trip 5 years ago, in 2005. You can check some of my previous posts, I intend to go to Taiwan next month :) And I hope to stay there for a while, at least for this year :)

  53. Hehe, I think we in Singapore still waiting for your next visit. Or maybe Indonesia, perhaps, hehe, come and visit sometimes! ;)

  54. @Selvy: Sure, we'll meet, be it Singapore or Indonesia :)

  55. That photo you made is amazing. And you took it from the plane? Really? By yourself? Looks too good....hmm it must have been luck :)
    My photos made from inside of a vehicle are always blury...and you made such a perfect photo at speed of 1000kmh!!
    Good job!

  56. London, baby, London. Bit busy to write about such times now though.

  57. @Saša: Thank you. Well, the photo was taken, when we were descending, the plane felt like floating, so it wasn't really hard. :)

    @The Envoy: Hehe... I'd love to read and get to know you better :)

  58. I'll go back in history now. Hope you don't mind.
    I've been going through some of your older stuff. Man you had some interesting topics!! I am like you very much interested in Asian woman. I find them to be special and so attractive. Japanese in particular...but that may be only because I had been in contact with J-girls only. If i would visit Singapore for example, i dont doubt i would find great babes to which i would be attracted too.
    There are Japanese girls and there are Japanese girls. They are not all the same. They are mostly all very very pretty. So i had to learn how to make a difference. At the beginning i was always so confused with the sheer amount of amazing girls in Japan. Shibuya 109 in particular. I wanted a date, but i didn't know which girl to approach. I thought "There is a beauty. There is a beauty. There is a beauty" >>>>OVERLOAD<<<because i am a western guy<. When my head was clear, i could see what girls really thought of me. It was like before i was drunk and now silver. I knew exactly "this girl likes me...this one just wants to be friend...this one is curious...this one definitely wants me...this one is not interested at all..." And so on. The topic you were writing about was "Are Asian woman really attracted to western man?". I can tell you from my experience that they are only slightly more attracted to western man than to Japanese guy. They are though highly curious. They all wonder how it would be and feel. But most of them i think feel scared quite a bit. So they rather choose a J-guy whom they know well and they know when they are safe with them. With a western guy, they don't have that feeling of normality, safety and trust. Anything we do is new for them and seems risky or crazy. They want someone who looks gentle and soft. Even has a girly look. Sure they are curious about us, they WANT TO TRY US, but in the end...they go for what they know and understand. A MR.Nice guy. A J-guy whom they've known since ever. I can say for my self that i am a bad mf. I like to make trouble and even in Tokyo i did it and was chased by a police car. I have no fear from any man except those with a gun. I have a short fuse and could even say about my self that i am a bit crazy. Still i lost my long year Japanese girlfriend to "a Mr.Niceguy" how her mother called him when i asked her about the man who took away her daughter from me. I got furious hearing what kind of man stole my woman from me. I could destroy him with my hands, and still i was helpless. She chose. She made her decision to walk on a safe side. A boring side if you ask me. I was asked by my Japanese friends not to do anything violent and to forget about her. I accepted knowing that violence is not accepted in this country (it is hard for me to think that the men here were once samurai). Because today most of them are soft as pudding. And still a pudding took away my love from me. That is what i will never understand. So my dear Slovenian friend, i have a request to make. A homework for you. Using your network of asian friends, especially females because i know they are the majority of your fans, could you investigate: not what attracts asian woman to western man; but what attracts hot asian woman to not so hot asian man (there are hot asian man, but it is not a question why woman are attracted to them). If somehow possible to concentrate on Japanese, because of the obvious reasons. I hope it works out and it solves a mystery for me and many more man.
    Sorry i lost my self a bit now so i wont be going any further. :D I think i made my point and that you will understand what i wanted to say.
    Btw i like what you wrote:
    "Once the initial phase (of being in love) fades away, you basically have the same issues like any other relationships."
    True. Honto desu.

  59. @Saša: Wow, thanks for your long and insightful post. You know, stuff like that you could write on your blog, I'm sure many people would like to read, especially Western guys, who may have similar experiences.

    I really can't say much about Japanese men or women, I have few online friends from Japan, but I'm not very close. As you can see, I mostly connect with people from SE Asia (Malaysia, Singapore) or with Chinese speaking people, because I speak a little. I am fascinated by Japan and Korea, too, but my ex was Chinese Malaysian and the girl, who I'm about to meet is Taiwanese. So again the Chinese connection. That's the culture I know and like and feels like second home to me.
    It was interesting to read about your experiences and adventures in Japan. Wow, chased by a car. That never happened to me. You know, I'm more of a calm and laid back person, I can be passionate, but I don't have a hot temper. So I can't relate to that. I never had trouble in my travels :)
    As for your question, I think I can hardly help you, I don't have Japanese girls reading my blog :) Do you mean to say that there were lots of beautiful Japanese women dating not so handsome Westerners? Well, that's a tough issue, because each case (couple) is different, have their own history and reasons why they are together. And define beauty ;)
    If you ask me personally, best is to be yourself, be kind, be interested in their culture, learn language, respect the girl, treat her well and you will be able to find a woman anywhere in this world, be it Asia or Europe :) So what are your plans now? Will you return to Japan? Did you work there? How long have you been there all together? Do you want to have a Japanese girlfriend again?
    Sorry, I have many questions again :) Thanks again for the effort. Your story is different than mine, however, it's interesting to read :)

  60. You really respond to every comment right away. No wonder you have so many readers. Thank you for giving me the idea that i could post such things on my blog. Maybe later i will do it. But for now i should only write about tourism I think. I have a friend in Japan who owns a small business over there. Tourism oriented. He asked me to help him promote Takayama. That is why my blog was created in the first place. I can write whatever i want but always mention Takayama. I liked his proposal because i already love the town of Takayama so much, so why not do something useful with it. Maybe, but just maybe it can be my entry ticket to living and working in Japan. It is a small chance but worth trying.
    I understand your interest in Chinese culture completely. I'm not trying to talk you into changing sides haha :D Stick with what you love. I am very curious about SE Asia. Would love to get to know it better. One day.
    About my troubles…Well don't get me wrong. My Zodiac sign is Taurus. And i am a genuine bull :) I even work with bulls. Love to lay down after a good meal and enjoy my peace and quiet, but for some reason trouble goes with me. Usually i mind my own business but still get sucked in. Even last time, just before New year, i was minding my own stuff, eating a sandwich somewhere in Tokyo metropolis, when trouble fell upon me. Fresh prince of Bel-Air would say:
    When a couple of guys
    Who were up to no good
    Startin makin trouble in my neighborhood
    I got in one lil fight and...
    Well those guys didn't like me kicking their ass after they attacked me first, so as a revenge they decided to call the cops. And it is really a bad thing to get arrested in Japan. So when the police car came with their red lights on!!! i had to run very fast. Luckily i outsmarted them and by jumping over few fences and climbing on some fire stairs i got away. You can understand that i didn't feel like visiting that part of Tokyo again :)
    Anyway what i wanted to say is that the trouble follows me around and i can't do anything about it. Never mind. At least i always have cool stories to tell.
    The other topic...Nope i meant hot J-girls dating J-boys... and i really mean BOYS who look like they are still in their teens and dating hot woman. I couldn't understand that. I was hoping you could share some light on that.
    An example: Hot girl, 28, her bf 23, looks more like 15. And so terribly childish. I even told him he is a kodomo, a child, and he laughs and says "yes i am like a child" !???!!??! She told me he is gentle and that is what she likes. When i told her i can be and I like being gentle to my girl, she disagreed and said i cant possibly be gentle.
    Why? I am a bad bad western guy? I can't be gentle because i don't look like that soft japanese kid?
    That is so wrong. I treat my girl like she is my baby. She is my flower and i am extremely gentle to her. Man must know when they are to be men and when gentle lovers. I know that well. But for some Japanese girls, it seems western men are rude dogs. And it is so wrong.
    I think Japanese man only know how to be soft. I was told that by other Japanese men. It doesn't come from me only. I would love to change Japanese girls taste for men. I would love to teach them what is a real man. So that they stop liking those softies with girly hairstyles and faces with make up. I know they would be much happier when they would discover how western men really are. I don't mean the jerks and the idiots. But you got jerks and idiots in every nationality.

  61. I think you would agree if I would say that European man really take good care of their woman.
    Thanks for the advice on how to be with girls in Asia. It's a valuable advice.
    No i didn't work in Japan. Forgive me if my writing has made you think i lived there. No i just visited there twice on my holidays. I stayed there twice for 21 days. So it is 42 days of Japan. Not bad at all, but I want more. It only seemed so long to me because i tried not to be a tourist but instead tried to behave like i live there. It made me feel like i had spent longer time there than for real. I always tried to spend a lot of time with Japanese friends and exgf's family. That gave me the feeling of how life is really there. That's why i can write about it a lot. I got a good insight.
    You can visit my blog again. I think i posted an answer to your previous questions.
    Btw. how did you come to my blog? It is still new so it is hard to find it. I wish more people would leave their comments.

  62. @Saša: Ah, I see. Now I have a whole now idea of you, hehe. So you only stayed 42 days, eh? Well, I lived in Malaysia and Singapore, all together I was 9 months there in the past 5 years. Only this Singapore trip (in the post) was my first 21 days. After that I stayed like 3 months each time, lived with my girlfriend. In Singapore and Malaysia, you can easy cross the border and you get another 30 days to stay in the other country. Many do that. So I did that few times, yes and I could stay longer and see and experience more of those 2 countries. :)
    Now I know what you mean by trouble finds you, hehe. Glad to see that your escaping skills were so good :)
    Well, I must tell you, that I never heard of this thing what you described, older Japanese girls with immature younger men. I think I never seen this in South East Asia or among Chinese girls. Actually in Malaysia and Singapore, white guys dating local girls is not really uncommon. And I know some of my female followers from that part of the world would love to date a white guy, some even told me and exactly because of the qualities you mentioned. So... as I wrote in one of my posts, your chances with the girls will increase there and you can ever find true love. You also have all kinds of girls of course, not all are loyal. But most are, if they say they want true love, then they're wife material. Seems as it's similar to here, but I don't know, haven't dated a Slovenian girl for many years now, hehe. Don't know how the situation in Croatia is, hehe.
    Anyway, Japan is very different from the Chinese world, so I can't really help you with that. I think you could make another blog, you can have many blogs, you know. It's easy, when you sign in your Blogger account, create a new blog and you can write about your experiences, about your life. If you write well, your followers will find you. I found you, because you commented on Ruma's blog, a Japanese woman, who always posts kanji characters, calligraphy. I subscribed to comments and I noticed your comment. When I see your name, I knew you were somewhere close to me, hehe. So I checked and liked your post :)

  63. Wow you really spent a lot of time in Asia. I admire that you managed to do that. Still i wonder how come you didn't manage to settle down...You had plenty of time i think. I understand the fact that you lived in a small town and there was no job for you there. But still if you and your girl were in love you should have got married. There was plenty of time. If i had only a fifth of the time you had, i would have been married with my girl long time ago.
    So in a way you also failed like i did. Luckily you changed your approach and decided to be more on forward and go straight at what you want. That is a good decision and the right attitude. I believe this time you will be able to conclude your relationship in the way you wanted all these years.

    Good to know about girls of Malaysia and Singapore. I didn't know anything about them. I just saw some beautiful photos and that was all. Girls overthere really are pretty.

    Ruma's blog...hmm i don't remember. Can you give me a link? Thank you.

  64. Saša: Well, I've been a lot to Asia in recent years, yea. But I guess it wasn't meant to be to marry. I'm a careful person and it's hard to explain everything here, but believe me, it wasn't always as easy as it seems. But I don't want to go into details here. Every story and situation is different and sometimes I am smarter later, but I realize that at that time I did right. So yeah... let's move on :) Hope next time will be better. I'm working on it :)

    I think I found you on this blog:
    Calligraphy in the Landscape

    I'm not sure any more, hehe.

  65. You are an authority of China.

    Welcome to the Orient.
    Have a wonderful trip.

  66. @Ruma: No, I'm not an authority of China, haha. Thanks anyway ;)

  67. I'm Asian but it's a pity I have never been to another Asian country. I travelled outside of the Asian region and went to North and South America. Part of my plan for this year is to travel to an Asian destination, probably India.

  68. @Angel: Wow, India. That sounds awesome :) Good luck with that :)

  69. My first oversea trip was GoldCoast Australia! Most of my friends work in Singapore but for some reason I dont feel tempted going to Singapore I prefer less hectic place, like Slovenia ;)

    Anyway, i was at the Changi Airport when I was on transit to Australia so I guess Singapore was theoretically my first foreign country my foot step on


  70. @Netster: Yay! We're alike, haha. Cool.

  71. Great pics, I can relate to every single one of them except the botanic garden pics. I seldom go to that place, I don't like to feed my blood to mosquitoes. But I used to go there annually for the annual Teddy Bear picnic.

    You know what? I think you will make a great ambassador for your country. Just something fo you to consider when you become too bored with what you work as.

  72. @Shingo: Thanks a lot. Speaking of mosquitoes, I guess you have some sweet Malaysian blood :P I can be an online ambassador, hehe. But sure, in case Singapore, Malaysia or Taiwan open a Slovenian embassy, I'm ready to serve :)

  73. Singapore is more like... my first beyond-the-border destination. Hopefully I get to go to other countries (like Australia, US, UK, France, China...) in future.

  74. @Joan: I hope so, too. Good luck :)

  75. Hi MKL. Thanks so much for those glowing comments about my lovely homeland Singapore. Those pictures are really beautiful and some of them brought back memories of my childhood as I used to live in Tampines.

    Looking through your wonderful blog about all things Taiwan, I managed to get some good ideas about where to go for my upcoming Taiwan trip from 14 to 18 Dec 2013 with my Mum. We will be going to Kaohsiung, Taitung and Taipei for our short, whirlwind Taiwan holiday.

    Once again, thanks so much for the insightful blog. :)

    Warmest Regards, Lance from Singapore


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