January 24, 2010

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Italian female TV host grabs David Beckham's crotch

Where is the outrage?

Have you heard about this story? It's all over the news. An Italian female (supposedly funny) TV host and reporter thought she's really hilarious. While David Beckham, famous English soccer player, was so kind to grant her an interview, she groped his crotch. Yep, she went with her hand and touched his private parts. Check the photos:

The Italian woman, Elena di Cioccio, said she wanted to check, if he's really as manly as it appears on his advertisments for underwear, like for example this one here [*how many of you girls have saved this pic now?]. Apparently she's infamous for playing all kinds of pranks, but in this case she went too far in my opinion. And I'll tell you why:

1. This is sexual harassment and it doesn't make it less bad, because she's a woman.
2. She disrespected him, his wife and his children.
3. Imagine a male reporter groped Victoria Beckham's crotch:

  • Would the reaction be the same? Would it still be funny?
  • Why is it ok, if women grope or harass men, why is there no outrage?
  • Why is it not funny, if men play such 'pranks' on women?
  • Double standard? On which side are you?
[Photo source, the video and more reactions at: TMZ]


  1. I just saw it just now on the tv...shocking behaviour!!! But you're absolutely right about the double standards...it just ain't right. Plus he is a married man.

    If some chick grabbed my man's jewels, i would layeth the smack down on her ass...you can bet on that!

  2. @Saby: I agree. Well said. Every man should have a woman with your attitude and the jewels will be safe :)

  3. i totally agree with you here,
    it's totally disrespectful and very intrusive...if a man did that to a famous woman then it would be the end of his career.

  4. I watched the video this morning and to be honest I don't find it funny either. You should see Beckham's face when it happened. I would have slapped her. Period. A justified retaliation I believe.

  5. @P.T: Yes, I've seen the video and it's on TV here every hour. There's no outrage, it's shown more as something funny. If a man did that to a female star, it would be breaking news and police and trials... well.. there goes equality.

  6. seriously, he should sue her. that's sexual harrassment right there

  7. @Manju: Yep. But he won't I guess.. Not really fun thing to do.

  8. Totally agree with the double standard argument and he should sue her! Anyways man or woman, just don't do it! Not only is it disrespectful, it's just downright wrong and definitely not a thing to do in public!

    Lol...Groping should be kept for behind closed doors. I was shopping with my friend last weekend and there was this woman repeatedly stroking, squeezing and pinching her boyfriend/hubby's bum while walking and because the pavement was crowded with Saturday shoppers, we were victims of this...spectacle for a good 10 min -.-''

  9. @Kit: I agree with you completely. Wow, that is rather funny, woman pinching her guy's butt, haha.. You should've snapped some pics :D

  10. Call me primitive ... old-fashioned. But nowadays, many have taken away the true meaning of equality between the genders.

    Taking advantage of the opposite gender is definitely not the essence of equal rights that was fought for since the 60's.

    Don't only sue her, sue all the TV stations that are airing that disgusting act! Then no one would find it the funnier anymore.

  11. Oh that was not funny at all, that was just downright rude! tsk tsk. If some lady did that to my boyfriend she would probably have to answer to me. tsk tsk...

  12. Agree! Double standards. But it is everywhere in male/femme relationship. not just here. But we are man so we should shut up and put up with it. If Beckham is a man he should joke about it and definitely not sue her. What Victoria should do...well it is different. It is ok if she decides to sue i think.

  13. Celebrities tend to drive people to do crazy things.

  14. @Wenny: Yep, well said, I agree.

    @Mel: Hehe.. that's right. You would question her like an FBI agent. :)

    @Saša: Well, you're right, we need to put up with these things, but it's a double standard. And I don't like double standards. Maybe a male reporter should do that back Elena, hehe. Then we have 'equality'.

    @Ejann: I see. Who does?

    @Envoy: Or maybe people drive themselves crazy and forget that these celebs are also husbands and fathers?

  15. Yeah, I don't see the fun in it, it's just stupid. Didn't her parents teach her good manners ?

  16. If I can be totally honest here, I would love to grab David Beckham's crotch. Maybe more.

    I know, I know, I'm awful.


  17. @Carine: Yep. I wonder that, too.

    @ANdhari: Well, many women would love to do that, but they don't, because it's not right. Same as men would do who-knows-what to gorgeous women, but they can't ;)

  18. Well, just like your friend said, men have to put up with these kind of things. Who ask us to be born as guys? ;)

  19. Gorgeous men can grab me in the crotch.

    Wait, what?



  20. @kyh: Being a man... *sigh

    @Andhari: Haha.. ok, ok. You should wear a tshirt saying that, haha.

  21. It's because women only want equal opportunity when it's convenient. When it's not convenient, then they just want to be a woman so they can fall back on that as a defense. In this case, it would be an affront to David's manhood for him to openly complain about an attractive woman groping his junk, regardless of how it made him feel.

    What she did was inappropriate.

  22. seriously?! never heard bout this but man, that's crazy! that's not funny (but why am i chuckling?).


  23. @Brad: I agree.

    @betz: You don't know David Beckham? That's funny :)

    Oh, btw, no linking in the comments, I reposted it for now, next time I will have to delete it.

  24. Yes I agree, there's a limit to what can be done :S That is just out of bound.. especially for a professional journalist O.o

    If it's not ok for guys to do it for girls, I guess it should be the same the other way round too...

  25. I never had a crush on Beckham. I like Victoria better. I think Beckham should sue the reporter and the networks and get his dignity back!

    But, think about it: how many men--celebrities or not-- have actually sued anyone for sexual harrassment?

  26. Unsolicitited touching = harrassment.
    It doesnt matter who did it to whom but its just not right. I never really liked Beckham. I respect him as a talented footballer. Nice to look at but not pleasant to listen to. :P

  27. OK I must say I don't watch TV here and now you all know why! ;-) I don't know this "reporter" and I haven't even heard the story... It's really embarrassing being Italian nowadays. Not only because of our clown prime minister, but also because it seems that TV has sunk to such a degree that I'm afraid of even switching it on... I prefer German TV (luckily)... Though I don't like Beckham, I really dislike Mr. B and I can't stand our pope... things that are going on in Italy lately makes me really ashamed of being Italian... Disgusting.

  28. @JaiMie: Yes, I agree :)

    @Angel: He probably won't sue, a story like that is a lose-lose situation for him. He'll get over it, I guess.

    @Lizzy: Yes, that's right.

    @...daisy...: I can understand your frustrations as an Italian, I'd probably feel same as you. But the Italian people are awesome and everybody loves Italy, the food, the history. I guess it's just that things don't always run well there, especially in Rome and south of Rome :)

    Amo l'Italia! ^_~

  29. If we go on like this everybody will only love our food and laugh at us... :-(
    But it's ok as long as there are people who are aware of the mess, there will be hope in an improvement! :) I can't help being optimistic! :-)

  30. oh for sure it's not funny if it happens to anyone. I've been in similar experience and I'll say that I stopped talking to the guy that night and haven't really spoken with him since even though it was a drunken night all together. But then again David Beckham is a celebrity, and a sex symbol, which makes him "better" than the rest of us so in a way I chuckled a bit when I saw the news! BUT i still feel bad for him, and if I was the reporter I wouldn't have done such a thing!

  31. ohh I heard about this in radio... wow didnt know Beckhem was that lucky!

    The lady is really rude! look at her expression! wow! "I did it!"

    I am not sure what's Victoria gonna say about this. luckily she wasn't doing the American Idol when it happen! phew!

  32. @...daisy...: Let's have hope and let's be optimistic. Berlusconi won't be around forever. :)

    @Julie: Yes, you're right. Well, what to do. This story won't be remembered, it's best for Becks to be forgotten :)

    @Netster: She's rude! She mocked him: "It's small, it's small..."

  33. David Beckham looks great, but I seen better ones at the mirror.

    I better wear crotch guards when I go out. Haha, kididng.

    But seriously, I agree with the many people above that this is disrespect, even for a nation with open thoughts.

  34. Ouch! It is disrespectful!
    Anna :)

  35. If some particular guys do this on female, for sure the case would be much more serious compare to this. But then, in the mean while, I think this attitude is sick enough. Why the hell they want to do this? Just because of curiosity? Fun? And I thought reporter should be higly well educated? :S

  36. eww... why isnt he suing her? It it a male or a female, groping someone is considered sexual harassment for sure.

  37. @...daisy...: Yes :)

    @Shingo: True, true.

    @Anna: Exactly.

    @Stefanie: Well, she was a kind of a joker here, supposed to be a prank. She even mocked him later by shouting: It's small, it's small...

    @Harini: Yep, that's true.

  38. In America, there is outrage if a woman grabs a man's crotch. Everyone sees her as a whore and being immoral as well. Americans also suppress women for that.

  39. @Anonymous: Tell me more about that America of yours!


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