January 31, 2010

About my blog

Taiwan Explorer is a website consisting of 2 Blogspot blogs, that are interconnected: Main blog and second blog. Both of them have the same name and design, that's why you sometimes won't even notice, that you're hopping from one to another. The main blog is where I publish my most popular posts, the second one is meant for additional articles and pages, that help me to link to my most important content. I find this concept unique and exciting and very user friendly.

Although I've become quite known in the Taiwanese expat community in 2010, because I won a prominent blog award, I've never seen myself as merely a Taiwan blogger, but much more than that. This blog was about my life, travels, passions, and Taiwan as I saw it. In November 2013 I changed my blog name from the original "My Kafkaesque life" to "Taiwan Explorer" with the intent to focus more on Taiwan, and less on my personal life. My goal is to be one of the best resources for foreign travelers and immigrants to Taiwan. 

Nearly 1500 posts have been published on Taiwan Explorer in its close to 6 years of existence, and almost half of them are about Taiwan. With 75,000 page views per month, and with around 30,000 unique visitors (as of November 2013)Taiwan Explorer is one of the most successful Taiwan centric blogs in recent times. The total pageviews of both blogs are approaching 5 million, which is quite remarkable. If you're an advertiser, I'm interested to cooperate, but only with those that want to promote products or websites related to East Asia, Taiwan, Taipei, or traveling (contact me here). 

I enjoy vibrant discussions, be it here or on Facebook, and I'm not afraid to write about polarizing issues, but I try to be as sensitive as possible. I know there will always be people, who will disagree, that's fine. Sometimes I'm wrong, or my arguments are weak, and you're welcome to discuss. But I won't allow anyone to go out of control, and launch attacks at me, or at my followers. This blog is meant to be useful and sometimes polemic, but if you need an outlet for your frustrations, please create your own blog. Tip: Start exploring with the table of contents and have fun!

PS: Click here to see how my old blog used to look like on iMac and on iPad.