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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Winter is crashing the autumn party

My friends, who don't live in a climate like I, you don't know how lucky you are! I'm talking about Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Mauritius, Philippines, Taiwan, India... Let me shatter few myths: Snow is not romantic! Drinking tea and wearing thick socks is not romantic, too #FML. I'd exchange the climates with you any time -_-

That's how it looks like today, 15. October 2009, blue sky, green...

...and this is how it usually looks in February [taken in 2008]

It looks great today, even the sun is shining... but, it's only 9°C! And now they're showing on TV, that some parts of eastern Europe are already covered by snow. It won't take long and our weather will turn into bleak gloomy grey sky like seen on the second picture. I've spent last winter in Malaysia, so that will be my first winter in two years and I sooooo don't look forward to that. Please, someone, buy me an airticket to a warm place. I wanna sip cocktails on the beach not drink tea wrapped in a blanket.

Please, get me out of here...


Of course it's romantic! Hot chocolate and snuggle blankets are ;)
getting bitten by mosquitoes is NOT haha
i guess there are good and bad sides to all climates
but christmas is way more awesome if it's a white one :)

hey bro, let's change place. I never knew what snow is like, and anyways, I think you'd be okay with my spoilt air con. LOL.

@Manju: Ah, we had this kind of discussion already. When are coming to Europe for a winter? I will ask you to go and buy newspaper at 6am in the morning at -11 degrees Celsius :P Ok, ok, I've stayed in the tropical climate and in the 4 seasons, I prefer tropical. Sadly, my legs are full of scars of mosquitos, but still, I'd live there :)

@Selvy: Sis, can't change place, then we can't meet liao :P You come here for a winter, I come there for a winter. I'll fix your aircon, no problem :)

I'm with Manju, cold weather, sipping on hot choco, cuddling in front of the tv and hugs to keep warm. that is sooooooooooo romantic. Would love to switch places with ya. =)

@Mel: Oh no... Mel, you, too? Hehe.. Ok ok.. maybe one day you tropical galz come here and tell me, if you enjoyed :)

Oh I love the winter. I wish it snowed and got colder here! Warm clothes, snuggling up w/your loved one and fires.... ah can't beat it!

@Sheri: Ah, girls. You are so romantic :P Ok, ok.. you know what, maybe you'll make me like winter, hehe. Keep coming with these comments :)

well i like autumn but not so much on winter. dont like the freezing cold that much >_< autumn is the perfect season for me :D
it'll be nice to trade once in a while ;)

@Sharon: Oh, thanks. You're a tropical girl who spent time in the colder climates. I guess your romantic views on winter changed :) Yea, I can bear autumn... but winter... a bit hard.

Seriously, you know my pain man!!!
I was so excited about getting out of Malaysia. Couldn't stand the hot and humid weather.
So when my plane touched down in UK, it felt like heaven!!!!
And then, the wind starts to blow...the air starts to turn icy cold. And getting to bathe is sooooo torturing!!!
And now, I have been asking friends, has anyone read of people dying of winter? Lolz...I just thought I might be the first.

@Erny: Haha.. yea, many Malaysians come back from Europe and treasure what they have. No need to worry about jackets, gloves, icy mornings, cold breezes, heating, drinking tea... I remember lazying around in Penang on the beach 2 winters ago... and in Europe they had a very bad blizzard... I felt good :)

please get me outta here too.

its even gloomier up here :(

ive been planning to go to the beach or anywhere warmer but my guy friends are always oncall over the weekend that we still cant decide when to head away.

sad fact :(

@Girl in Stiletto: Alright. We need the beach. Where do we go? Portugal? Italy? Greece? You choose :) Up there, I assume Ireland, must be grey like there's no tomorrow.

Ironically, I like the cold but not snow. ;)

I think the low 20s is the best temperature.

It was 19 degree celsius when I was in Japan. The perfect weather to travel, if not for the daily rains.

Back here in Singapore, it's 30 degree celsius again. If there's something good about office work, it's the aircon.

Maybe I'm really lucky to live in Taiwan, because we have hot summer, colder winter, cool spring, and autumn. Although I felt really exciting when I saw and touched snow, but think deep, if I need to stay at this kind of cold weather, well...I may feel moody.

So I totally could understand your feelings. Maybe you can come here to avoid the bad winter. :-)

@pinkpurplelizard: Define cold :)

@The Envoy: I'd say mid 20s :)

@Shingo T: Yea, 19 is not bad for traveling. You can walk a lot and you won't sweat. You were lucky.

@LilyChen: Well, our winter can warm up a little, too. It would be between 5-10 degrees, if the sky is blue. If the sky is grey, it will be 0 or below. Some winters are more snowy, some less.. Really hard to predict these years. Yea, I'd go to Taiwan to avoid this winter, hehe...

I enjoyed the snow that I experienced, maybe coz it wasn't so heavy. The best part of winter is when you get to snuggle up with someone you like/love, isn't it? But I guess it can be depressing when you're all alone.(I still think it's amazing, though. All the coats and stuff.)

Tell me where to go to get a year-long autumn.

@Nashe^: Yea, if you have someone close to you, it's definitely more bearable. No idea which climate is like autumn all year long.

OMG I love Snow!!!! I Love Snow!!!! Yes I'll exchange the climates with you any time too! O_O I Loves snows!!!!

@Netster: Judging by your comment, I suppose you really like snow :P

I hear you. I live i Norway. There is nothing worse then waling to work/uni in a freezing temprature. And in the city, the snow doesn't even lay down.. it just becomes brown and wet slop! You know what I mean. That is horrendous. Yet there is something to be said for going up to the mountains, seeing nothing but pure wghite for miles, cosy up in front of the fire with a glass of red with great people.

These moments are romantic. I think each season comes with ups and downs. I prefer summer, but when it gets so hot you can't even lift a finger without breaking a sweat then that's to much. At least when it's cold you can put clothes on. When it's hot, when you are sitting there in swimwear, then what?

@Carina: You said it very well and we have some similar experiences on this issue. Maybe you even have more, because winters are longer up there. I'm ok with few romantic moments, but like 90% of winter is not romantic, so I rather prefer summer or warmer climates :)

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