October 19, 2009

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What will happen to blogs in 50 years?

Did you ever think what will happen to blogs, Twitter and Facebook accounts and tons of other websites in 50 years? Can you imagine our blogs being 50 years old with an archive going from the top to the bottom of the whole sidebar? A Twitter account with possibly few hundred thousand tweets? A Facebook account with 1000 photo albums? Or do you think at one point in your life you will stop with all this?

Ok, let's imagine further. This may be a bit sad, so don't read more, if you're a pessimist. Let's imagine that things go the way they go now. All of us, who became blog friends, continue the same way and update the way we do now. Years pass and we really become like a family. One blogger gets married, one gives birth to a baby or becomes a father, another one moves to another coutry, new jobs, new betrayals, sweet vacations, family matters... but then one day it happens:

At one point one of your blog friends dies. Shock! Devastation! Sadness... No more updates in your Google reader. Days pass and the last update becomes older and older... And then you realize: This person is not among us anymore. You have never met them in real, yet you know almost everything about their life, the ups and downs, the happy and the sad moments. For me it would probably be as if I've lost a real friend, even a family member. I hope it doesn't happen any time soon, but I must say I did think about this for a while now. And I wonder what would happen to all the content a person uploaded during their long long (online) life.

Now that I made you emo and spoiled your mood, I'd like to cheer you up! ^^v

Hey! You're young, right? You have a life, right? Then, please, don't think so far. Enjoy your life every day to the fullest! Don't think about what will happen in 50 years! Another week started, many things may piss you off again... but it can't really be that bad, right? You have so many things to accomplish, so many adventures to embark on, so many wonderful moments await you in life. So all I'm asking you now is to drop a cheerful comment and then get outta here and embrace the world :P

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  1. in 40 years they'll find the cure for aging and in 50 years I'd be in space doing the Star Trek thing.. "To boldly go where no man has gone before".

    Or if you prefer, Buzz Lightyear "To infinity.. and beyond!!!"

  2. awww but that did make me sad. I hope one day we can all meet up. But damn, that would be just sooo expensive. =)

  3. In 15 years I'll be blogging from maybe another planet LOL. The images of losing a blog friend does make me sad but I figure I should make a prep just in case it happens, I would want one of my closest peeps to give one last update or something. So my blog friends know what's up. I'll entrust my blog email and password to several close bloggers and IRL friends. Oh yeah, you're definitely one of them. Will email you the details and password so when you get it, please save it somewhere you know you won't lose it :)

    But one thing for sure, meeting my close blog friends would be one of my big goals of things to do before I leave the earth.

  4. It will be cool for someone to read our blogs 10,000 years later.

  5. I hope there will be a way of archiving blogs, it's nice to reminisce.

    Also, I would want to be able to share my memories with my children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and so on.

    Yes, I'd be up for a "blog library" of some sort. That'd be ace!


  6. I'll be hitching rides on space ships... maybe one of Izso's. I hope they find that cure for aging fast. Then we'll seriously need to get moving to another planet to overpopulate.

  7. Yes, I've thought about this a lot. But then I'm not young. I give myself only 35 years more - maximum - and then I'll be 102.

    It has happened to a blogger friend. He just disappeared. I think he may have killed himself. I still have his comments preserved on my blog, and his emails too. His blog is still there, though he had deleted most of the posts before he disappeared. His last one is headed "Lots of things" and consists of just one sentence: "I just worry about some one or two in particular, but love to all."

    He was one of the most generous-hearted, most encouraging bloggers I ever met, and I owe a lot to him.

    And miss him. Where are you, Jim Charles?

  8. You know it's odd but i've never really thought about whether i'd still be blogging and tweeting in 50 years time....or even in 20 years time!! All i know is i'm enjoying it now so best not to worry bout the future :p

  9. @izso: Haha, ok, I'd like to see that. I will pay close attention to your adventures :)

    @Mel: Maybe one day Andhari can fly us in to Jakarta with a private jet ;) Kidding. Well, who knows, but I feel some of us will meet one day.

    @Andhari: Ok, I can be entrusted secrets :) But my post ended with a positive note. We're still young, we shouldn't worry that far. Maybe after 10 years of blogging? I'm sure we'll meet one day :)

    @Shingo T: Wow, 10,000 years? Not even I would think so far, hehe. Who knows, if humans will have eyes then, hehe.

  10. @LaiSan: Yea, I think so, too. That'd be ace. Maybe our grandchildren will proudly link to their grandparents' blogs :)

    @aka Mystery Lady: Hehehe... ok, I'll follow you and Iszo, you guys have some bold plans :)

    @Vincent: Wow. So you have personal experience on this issue. Thank you for sharing your story. I hope Jim Charles is doing fine, wherever he may be.

    @sabrina: That's a great positive attitude. I like that :-)

  11. I think you think too much lo!

    Hmm, I think in the future, maybe we don't need to blog, a family robot would help you record all the things you want record, you just need to tell it, and then when you finish talking and give the end, the robot would project the article with your thoughts on the wall. You can check the article and correct some parts, and then when you feel ok, you could ask the robot to post on your blog. (Of course the robot has wireless) And then the robot would project your blog on the wall again, you can check the post again, and check the amount of visitors and then tell the robot to yield the recourse analyze for you.

    OK, if someday we go to the heaven, our family could tell the robot to post the obit on our blog, and our friends could leave the comment under the obit.

    Good idea, right? ;-)

  12. @LilyChen: I think too much? :P How about you? Hehe.. well, I must say that's an interesting idea, I hope you can write a script and they make a movie, hehe. You have a very vivid imagination. Thanks for making me smile, hehe...

  13. In 50 years from now, the Internet as we know it will probably be very different (think VR and holograms). I think even the structure of the Internet itself will be very different, more integrated with real life.

    So, not being able to predict any inventions so far away in time (or else I'll be a multi-billionaire and be posting about my fabulous fabulous 5 star vacations and mansions), I'll talk about a more realistic time frame - 10 years.

    Back in 1999, the main blogging platform was geocities, now it blogger and wordpress.
    the chatting app was icq, now its msn and a large variety of others.
    the main search engine was yahoo, lycos, aol, but now its all google.
    friendster is now replaced by facebook.

    I think in 10 years from now, all the famous websites as we know now - blogger, wordpress, wikipedia, youtube, twitter and facebook will be replaced by newer and more novel versions (under different names). Sadly, not many blogs last that long.

    Many personas on the internet disappear within 10 years for a variety of reasons, new family, new baby, a serious fallout, new calling, illness/death, the usual disasters etc. In fact, many disappear within the space of months, as on some forums I frequent.

    It'll be truly great, however, if one keeps up blogging throughout student days, thru work, thru starting a family, thru middle/old age. I'll certainly admire such a person.

    I have never had a hobby as convenient or cheap as blogging, so I think I'll be around for some time ;)

    You post actually triggered such a long comment form me that its like I'm guest writing on your blog :P

  14. @The Envoy: That's what I call 'a comment'. I'm glad when people write so many interesting things. You made excellent points. I'm sure new names will emerge, but some old ones will stay, because they became part of the culture, like Google. Besides those big ones are very powerful and have some experience on the web, it won't be easy to take their spotlight. But who knows. Everything's possible. The times they are a changing :)

  15. That's gotta be a long long long route and I can't see that far. But everything will change just like how it was in the past. Present is never forever, future is unpredictable. So live our life fruitfully, wisely and happily. You never know our blogs will be an article or history for the people in 50yrs to study what was like in the past?

  16. i never thought about this. in 50 years i'll be blogging about changing my grandchildren's diapers, dentures and backache maybe >_< who even wants to read that stuff

  17. @Vampie: Hehe, yes, they might study our blogs and think how weird we were back in the 2000s :) Who knows...

    @Manju: If I'm around, I'd probably want to read it. I will be in your age group, hehe..

  18. haha this post is so oxymoronic... one moment u're asking what will happen in 50 years and the next you're asking not to think bout it.
    i gave it a thought before but with the rate of growth in technology now it's hard to say, who knows if one fine day you will have little Ninos blogging in your blog hahaha now that'll be fun to read :D

  19. We did lose a blogging friend. She was killed in a car accident. It was devastating to us all as the word spread from blog to blog. It drew us all closer as real life tragedy crept its way into our tight virtual world.

    It made me realize that the friends I've made in blogging would never know if something happened to me without the crossing of lines between real life and blog life. I have phone numbers of blogging friends. They have mine as well. We still keep in touch and I know they wouldn't hesitate to call if they were worried.

    Now that Google owns blogger I doubt if our blogs are going anywhere for a very long time.

    Good thing too.
    I'd miss you.

  20. @Sharon: Hehe.. I didn't want to make people emo, so I tried to finish up with a positive perspective :) You think my blog will be passed on to my kids and grandkids? Hope their life won't be Kafkaesque :P

    @Tricia: Wow, that's quite an experience. I guess something like that bonds people. Glad you guys keep in touch. And thanks for the lovely words, very sweet of you :) I'd miss you, too.

  21. exactly... why would u wanna think so far? i think 50 years time... i would be... errr....

  22. @zewt: Well, bloggers usually ponder over the silliest things ;) So.. you would be... er...??

  23. i've often wondered how any of my online friends will know if anything ever happened to me...
    strange to think that our grandchildren might end-up reading our blogs in 50 years time!

  24. @adamatixx: Well, if you won't update for a while, I'm sure I'll post some comments on your blog asking about you. And I'm sure ZACL will, too :)

  25. Assuming that blogs and the internet will still be around... It will be helluva archive list. Probably need a search engine just for the blog. But considering there are those who are serial blog wasters (those who create a blog, abandon it and create another), there will be many unattended blogs out there as well.

    With the progress of technology, I think we'll have something far more superior than our current internet. Ok... I better stop b4 I write an essay and have my comment sent to the spam bin. ;)

  26. @pinkpurplelizard: Maybe they'll start deleting blogs that nobody updates, who knows. I also think they might be some new version of internet. Let's wait and see.

  27. In 50 years, I'd rather be dead.. ;)

  28. @Terra Shield: That's a rather pessimistic thought ;)

  29. Ouch. The part where you mentioned "no more updates in Google reader" was like taking a bullet. I am guilty of not posting and reading blogs this past month. :-( But I am still here and still blogging whenever I can.

    (raising imaginary glass of wine) Here's to blogging and twitter and internet and the next fifty years!

  30. @Angel Don't worry, offline life comes first, online second. I really look forward to your next post, hehe. i'm sure you have a lot to blog about :)


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