October 17, 2009


This is a special blogroll to promote some of the bloggers and blogs I frequently follow, because I believe they are delivering quality content. I have also made a separate List of Taiwan blogs, it's a web page with RSS feeds, that shows all the latest updates. Enjoy!

BRENNPUNKT TAIPEH - German reporter in Taiwan
CHINASMACK - China through Chinese netizens
EXPAT HELL - expat life in South Korea
FOARP - A smart take on East Asia and China
HAD BLOG - no. 1 Slovenian blog
JUSTRECENTLY'S WEBLOG - German China expert
KOREABANG - South Korea through their netizens
METROPOLITICIAN - social issues, racism in Korea
PEKING DUCK - best blog about China
RANDOMWIRE - life in Hong Kong, travel, photography
TEA LEAF NATION - a blog explaining China
THE GRAND NARRATIVE - social issues in Korea
THIS BEAST - Apple, tech stuff, social media
TOKYO TIMES - photos from Tokyo

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