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Monday, October 12, 2009

About followers and followers

Do I have the Twitter blues? Because sometimes I wonder why some people communicate on Twitter with me, yet find it hard to follow me. Are my tweets so annoying? I've seen worse ;-)

I have this policy on Twitter: Unless it's a news source or celebrity, I would follow people who communicate with me at least sometimes. I mostly add bloggers, because it's the easiest way to connect outside the blogosphere. You can exchange links, ideas, thoughts. It's fun. :-)

I guess everybody has a group of people (twiens, friends) to chat with daily and a bunch of news sources and random people to chat with occasionally. I try to keep my number low, because I want to connect with those who I want to follow. But I'm pretty open-minded when it comes to adding people. Just talk to me, I'm nice. I would always reply back [*unless you're a spam bot] and I would follow you back, if you seem friendly and really interested in getting to know me. I delete spammers immediately, but sometimes some random [*real] people follow me, but never @me. I don't block them, but I don't follow back either.

But recently I decided to unfollow some people who silently unfollowed me and I deemed them as twiens. That's no biggie. It's a free #tworld ;-) Like in real life, people come and go, so that's nothing special. Same goes for blogging. Followers come and go... So may I: I may come, I may go. In the blogosphere I usually give more than I recieve, but now I need to focus on those who give me the same attention that I give to them (be it on Twitter or blogs). Some people could be more appreciative, I guess, but then again, I live by my standards and they live by theirs. So..., whatever. To each his own [*my favorite saying for online issues].

[*Don't we all have some complaints about twitteres and bloggers? Hehe...]

Ok, a serious question: What are your blog or Twitter policies regarding following and commenting?

[Photo: My cat on my bed while I'm tweeting. She doesn't really care about Twitter]


have had similar experience especially with my blog
used to follow quite a few blogs, few of those blogs went off, few of them i met at blogger meets, few association led to other blogs, one lead to a lost friend, another to a new found frnd

but many of those connections keep breaking up :)...

My policy is..don't let online people make you feel down. Respect those who respect you, always comment back or at least try to. There are many big blogs out there and if you show your interest and they decide to be a bitch and ignore you then they don't worth your time. Believe me there are lots of bloggers like that.

Ps. Did I tweet you pretty tipsy last night? Damnnnn.

@desh: Well, I guess it's just in the nature of online relationships to be broken up easier. Everything's fast-paced here...

@Andhari: Well, you are the kind of person who always gives so much back to the people who follow you. You are really amazing. That's why you are so popular, people feel it, they know you're down-to-earth. So your popularity is well earned. (ps: I like tipsy tweets, haha, no biggie)

as you already know, I'm not much of a Twitter addict :p but i dont mind reading other ppl's tweets as long as they're not too much. You know, like the same person's tweets clogging my whole Twitter page, that's just too much!
and ermm at the moment, I'm still too lazy to login to twitter than often to read or reply tweets but i do appreciate tweets for me and love replying them :)
so.. can i say, i have yet to establish my policy?

@Sharon: I know, you're more of a FB addict :P If you have just few people you follow, it may happen that some twiens, who tweet more, clog your whole stream, yes.. Follow more, it'll be more fun. It will grow on you :) And then I'm sure you'll establish a policy :P

i've never heard of twiens before. what's that?

i recently lost a follower for giving vote spam :( hehe. oh well. thinking i should unfollow her too now. its not like i even really 'knew' her.

i got off twitter, it was becoming wayyyy too much of an addiction Lol

As for in the blogosphere, i follow blogs i enjoy reading generally and i also try to follow everyone who follows me, just to get to know them, coz it feels pretty weird to have people 'listening' to whatever it is you're saying if you don't even know who these people are. and it's really fun too coz you get to know so many different people ^^

you get lots of hypocrites who follow you just to boost their own traffic though. that's a bit sad. but it takes all kinds of ppl to make a world, and it's the same for the blogworld i guess

@floreta: Twien is twitter friend :) There's so many expressions with tw- regarding some Twitter phenomenon :) Well, some people don't like some kind of tweets, maybe overly sensitive? I don't know.

@Manju: Oh, you're off Twitter? Bummer :-( Would be fun having on. Maybe make another account and only give to some people, keep it locked ;) I think you have the same blogging philosophy as me. I also try to connect with people and those who comment here, I try to be friends with. I feel the quality of their comments is bigger and I'm happier. Yea, blog world is a reflection of real world, with slight differences, though.

tweeter is something i have yet to get myself into... hopefully i can remain a stranger to it for a long time to come, thus... no principal ahaha!

silently unfollow those who silently unfollowed you... wow... so chim!

@zewt: I'd love to see you on Twitter. And you're really popular in Malaysia, you'd have tons of followers. But it would steal time from you, I guess. Think well :) The Twitterverse is a mysterious place.

Honestly, I'm not really that active in Twitter so I really have no principles on that.

On blog comments, I'm pretty much fine with anything except the obvious spam like go to my site to buy this and that....***** enlargement, viagra ads (you get the picture). Good thing is, so far, I've only had one such comment.

@The Envoy: You see, you still have some policies. Everybody has them, hehe. No policy can also be a policy.

What is a twien?

I don't twitter, no comment to make on that issue.

Interaction in blogging is important not just for sociability, but also for a diverse exchange of ideas and views.

Policies = rules? If so, most people have their own codes/rules they abide by, I believe.

I've known a very few bloggers who set out to be provocative, verbally harangueing, verging on being offensive. I have no truck with that. One such blogger changed identity and thought it would revive readership and comments. However, content and style did not alter, I don't think anyone was fooled, comments remained at zero.

@ZACL: Twien is a Twitter friend. Many new words are created with tw- like tweeple, twittersphere, twalking, twaiting etc.

Yea, I call them policies in my own virtual world :)

I understand how you feel. I generally try to give back to the people who support me or initiate the giving. As with real world friendships it's good to support, care for and give to each other.

Personally, I don't understand twitter... blogging allows you to express yourself... what does twitter allow you to do? Is it like RSS for people instead of websites?

@Jamaipanese: Good thought.

@attesa: Well, Twitter is more a tool for communication, especially if you have friends from all over the world, you can share thoughts, link to your blog, link to other interesting things. plus you can always meet new awsome people so easily. But it takes time before you understand and like Twitter. It's fun :)

its better to have 10 followers that really follow you rather than 100 porn followers that dont really share informative updates. lol.

if you want followers, you have to understand what they wanna hear from you. what is your meant of sharing?

anyway, i dont count by how many followers i have in total, but count by friends/strangers who cares n shares perpectives. thats the idea that makes my world beautiful.

@drops of jupiter: Yea, you're right. I also prefer quality over quantity, hence I'm very selective. But my circle of twiens is growing slowly and that's great :)

I think the best thing is to do without expectation....follow someone, comment on their blogs or tweets...without expecting them to do it in return. Cos then you wont be pulling yur hair out wonering why they didn't bother following you back or commenting on your posts :)

@Sabrina: That's the old yet always useful premise of having low expectations. It's timeless, though. I actually do that.

Usually people who are interested in yr updates might not follow you but they do often visit or follow you online. Eg: my blog counts is more than the comments given, bcos most of my readers maybe doesn't want to me to know they are reading my blog. Name it pride or secrecy, I respect their choice and rights.

@Vampie: Yes, I also have much more hits than comments and I notice some people comming on my blog daily, but never comment. I have to live with that, because my blog is public and exposed. I myself like to comment, if I follow a blog, to support the blogger and as a way of courtesy, because I feel like I'm entering into their private world somehow.

Good constructive comments will make that particular blogger feel good and he/she will be delighted to know that someone out there likes or matters what he/she is blogging. Motivate each other on blogging is always a great gesture.That counts. =)

@Vampie: Yea, I try to be positive. I have seen some nasty stuff in the blogosphere and I feel it's a waste of time. I try to spread some good mood now and then and it works fine for me. I have more followers lately :)

You don't have twitter twins, you have tweins.......... yet;

there is a twittersphere (that's understandable):

but not tweople - it becomes tweeple...not even tweepel;

The English language being full of oddities of spelling, could that become twelling? Maybe not, because that could be confused with 'telling'.

Then again, you don't need 'twelling' for 'telling', as you already have 'twitter' and 'twittering'.

Am I confused or confusing, or should that read, twonfused, or twonfusing?

I generally don't comment to comments but sometimes I do. Maybe I should start doing that lol I always follow those who follow me if I notice a new follower and it isn't a follow bot or something. I don't tweet.... never got into it I guess. I like your blog though and am going to follow right now :)

@ZACL: I see you're getting the hang of it ;) Click on the link #tworld in my post and you can check the twitter dictionary. It's fun :)

@Sheri: Welcome on my blog and glad to see you coming here often. Well, I reply everyone who writes a comment here, because I appreciate it and I like to exchange view points. But every blogger has its own rules, hehe :)

If someone follows me I will follow them. I try to comment when I have time. I haven't been tweeting as the blog keeps me busy enough for now plus I'm getting ready to move. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I would have commented back sooner but I've been packing. Cheers!

@aka Mystery Lady: Thanks for sharing and no problem for commenting late. The thought counts :)

Joining the discussion a bit late but here is my two cents. I'm with Sharon, I don't have policies.. I try to comment back, but if i feel I don't have anything to say I wont. I hate it when people say something just to say something..

Maybe if I became a more active user i would get rules? Maybe you could share yours for us who haven't completly embraced tweeting yet ? :o)


Hey, don't worry, I like it when people comment on my older posts :)

Well, as for my Twitter rules about followers and me following, I did write about it in the post above :)

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