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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dawn Yang, best Singaporean blogger

The more you'll know her, the more you'll like her

Dawn Yang is Singapore's finest female blogger.

Can you imagine that there's a female blogger that hot like the girl on pictures below? Yes! It is possible! You probably know this incredibly sexy and smart girl: It's Dawn Yang, Singapore's best female celebrity blogger. She's just unbelievably attractive. But let me tell you something more about her, because there's so much more to this girl than just what is obvious to the eye:

She was born on 5 December 1984 (remember the date, guys, to send her some warm wishes on Twitter). So that would make her some sweet 25 years. Ain't that the best age in someones life? Well, she's certainly making the best of it. If you wanna see it for yourself, check her incredible blog ClapBangKiss Me Life at, it's a blog with almost 11 million hits! Can you imagine? She started blogging in 2003 and gradually became more and more popular. In October 2005 she was voted the hottest blogger (by, which doesn't come to a surprise to me. There's no other Singaporean blogger who would match up with her beauty (I mean look at that perfect hair, the lovely figure, the sexy legs: Amazing!). In the same year, she was even voted as 'Babe of the year' (by readers on The New Paper's annual Flame Awards 2005). She appeared on few magazine covers (among others on FHM) and was in 2006 even voted into 21st place in FHM Singapore's 2006 list of 100 Sexiest Women. Impressive for a newcomer.

Besides being hot, she's really smart. She is an alumna of elite schools Singapore Chinese Girls' School and Raffles Junior College, as well as a scholarship holder to Marymount Community College and University of Southern California in the United States. Besides that, she doesn't need degrees to prove how intelligent and interesting she is (unlike some other trashy Singaporean bloggers) - you can just check her blog! That girl is really well traveled! She's currently in New York (which is awsome!), but she's virtually been everywhere and you have plenty of pictures of her trips, and she includes museums and historical sights. Of course you'll find photos of her hanging out with a lot of people, having fun, taking it easy. No wonder people wanna be around her, because she's a really kind and nice person. And she loves to snap photos and post them. Wow, her snapshots are really great. She can make cute lovely pics of herself, or she makes some very deep, artistic photos. With Dawn Yang, you get everything! Literally. She's the perfect blogger, a mix of photos, travelogues, journals and deep thoughts. She even cares for charity and encourages people to engage. If I really wanted to describe her whole blog, I'd need like 10 pages. You have to see it for yourself. You can't just label her with one word (unlike some other Singaporean bloggers, who are plain trashy and shallow). And you will never see Dawn Yang creating controversy, because she's peaceful and respectful towards others. Of course, she's international, because she's so well traveled and has an excelent upbringing. Compare her followers and their comments to those of some other so-called celeb bloggers from Singapore. Hers are smart, educated and thoughtful.
You won't see her allow racist comments or bashing others. She doesn't need that! She's classy. She has some insightful things to say. She doesn't mock others, she doesn't have an angry mob behind her as a tool to attack someone. She's really that type of celebrity, who is not petty and vain and she's totally down to earth. She's someone that makes you wanna hang out with her, be friends with her and have tons of fun. Some other bloggers are nasty hate spewing people. Eww. Wouldn't wanna hang out around these losers.

DawnyThat's why, if you happen to have a lot of free time, sacrifice one afternoon and go thru Dawn Yang's fabulous blog and check her phantastic posts and especially the pics. She will lighten up your day! Of course she will: She's smart - Cute - Sexy - Kind - Interesting ;-) If you look for trashy shallow posts, you know where to look.

Always support and follow the best Singaporean blogger:

Dawn Yang.

Update: As for now (November 2009), Dawn followed me back on Twitter and she also commented on this blog, which really made me happy, because I admire her as a fellow blogger and I appreciate her accomplishments. And I stand by this post, even if many people drop negative comments. I like Dawn a lot.

Sweet Dawny
Dawn Yang in Dec 2011 from Plixi. Ain't she cute?

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I love Dawn! She's way classier that the other one... what's her name? :)

Hey, good post and I'm also her fan :)) People spread so many lies about her, always insult her, but we know whose supporters do that. I also think she's a good blogger and she's really the hottest Singaporean blogger. :))

@Anonymous, S_Goh, couldn't agree more with you.

@Dawn-haters, I won't publish your long hateful comments on Dawn Yang, especially because you keep spreading same old lies about her that I read on various other wannabe-blogs. And I did not bash anyone in the post above, I was just drawing the line between Dawn and some other bloggers. I didn't mention anyone by name!

I think there was a major scandal a year ago or more where she was caught plagiarizing a lot of entries (on her blog and some other celebrity website she participated in). She did confess to it too and justified it by stating that she didn't know she had to cite sources or put "quotations." Not exactly the brightest bulb out there...

@Anonymous, that's true, but that was years ago. Should I judge you by the mistakes you did years ago? Can't a person learn from his/her mistakes and mature? I admire people who do and I commend them for that. Dawn Yang 2009 is exactly what I said. That's my opinion. Opinions may vary, but hey, if you don't like her, don't read your blog (or mine, for that matter).

Some people never mature, in fact they become worse and worse.

I like her too. HAHA omg dude I didn't know you actually read her blog! Respect my fellow Singaporean aiite :))

@Nashe^ Of course I do :) She's my fav (besides you and some others).

@LosersWhoBashDawn, I just have to laugh, how some people write whole essays about how bad she supposedly is and that they have proof that she had surgery. So what? Do you think I F***ING care if she had surgery or not? If she didn't quote sources on her blog or not? OMG, you are such retards. She's an awsome blogger and a great person and you know you will never be as good as her, because it's you, who write the garbage about her and she's the successful woman you always dream to become (and you know you never will).

ya, and that angmoh wannabe blogger (forgot her name) is just trying to mimick her

Hello. I am a random passer-by who mean no harm. Haha.

Anyway, the feeling I get from this post is that you're just posting about Dawn 'cos you don't like the other blogger. Well, this is just a feeling I get considering the time this post was posted was in the midst of the heat of the whole argument (which I have no knowledge of and am not interested to know now).

I stress that I mean no harm and that is not meant to be a critisism of your blogging style and whatnot. You absolutely have the right to choose the time and day to blog about anything you want, that's true, but given that timing, don't you feel that it's a little... Idk, too coincidental?

Oh yeah, &I've met very pleasant Singaporeans, I'm sure you did (and will still do) too. I hope no stereotypical views of Singaporeans will arise from this heated argument. I think this all boils down to misunderstanding? It's usually the root of most arguments. (:

I don't hate Dawn Yang, I don't hate you, I don't hate the other blogger you are talking about, I don't hate your friends who've been attacked, simply because I don't know you all personally at all.

But I am entitled to my own opinion, just like you all, right? &IMHO, Dawn is not the best Singaporean blogger. She may be wonderful, just as you described, but in my eyes, she is not the best blogger. No offence to anyone.

Though that is an interesting post of yours to read.

We all have our own ways of conveying our opinion; some just not as tactful as the rest.

I hope you understand what I mean and are not offended by me. Like I mention above, I'm just a random passer-by who mean no harm. (:

Take care. I wish you well.

@A Gust of Wind, agree.

@Anonymous, So what if I wrote about Dawn Yang now? Been meaning to write about her for a long time. So I did it now... It's my own choice. Even if your feeling was right (which we will never know), so what? The post above is frank and meant seriously. I'm moving on back to topics I like. THAT blogger is history for me. Don't wanna be talking about her at all. Unfortunately when talking bout Dawn Yang, you just can't avoid it, because some blogger's supporters just wanna bash her. But I won't allow my blog to become their forum.

And who is best is up to personal taste, isn't it? For ME she's the best Singaporean blogger, for you she may not be. That does not offend me at all :) So you needn't be so careful, but I respect your comment, because it's way different than the garbage I recieve from haters.

I don't hate anyone, especially not that blogger. I even liked some things she did or wrote before. But the recent events were over the top, so from now on I don't f. care about her anymore.

Thanx for dropping by ;-)

Wahahaha... What a good post XD That other one must be furious. Been following your blog and what was happening lately: crazy!

New low for Singapore blogs... Dawn Yang would never do something so stupid. I'm her big fan also ^^

Peace, man!

@Singaporette, haha, peace back at ya! :)

@People who can't read the rules above:

Hate speech, spam, insults and mentioning 下雪 or relating to her in any way and your comment won't be published.

You post a lot of gorgeous women pictures on your blog lol..Yeah I find Hyori and Dawn attractive women (because of their smiles..)

@izzie, finally someone who doesn't judge me, that I post women. These are all famous singers, models and actresses. I like to enjoy beautiful women, but that's it. I don't have a 'fetish', it's just something I like and I think it looks nice on my blog. Well, Dawn and Hyori have gorgeous smiles indeed, and a wonderful personality. For me a woman is not sexy if she behaves like a child. They are graceful and selfconfident. That's why I like them on my blog ^_^

Eh, it's normal. They're celebrities for a reason, right? Lol. In the past, I used to post too many pictures of G Dragon on my blog :P And I keep his pictures in my laptop :PP

@izzie, Yes. And I'm not only focused on one person as you can see... I just like my sidebar having some nice pics, why not attractive women that I like? :) These are all lovely pics. And sometimes I change them, put new ones up... It's just for fun :)

so your favorites are..korean or all of them? lol

@izzie, I like all kind of music and all kind of artists from various times. It is in recent years that I discovered Asian music (Japanese, then Korean & Chinese). I have few favs, but I'm just a normal fan :)

nowadays, im addicted to korean music..can't help it

Honestly, im also someone just happened to drop by I'm really shocked that Dawn still has some fans out there.

I'm sorry to say that but there is no right or wrong. I used to be her fan since she started blogging during my college time, i adored her very much and i kept intro this girl to my friends, telling them how pretty she was, how kind-hearted she was(from the way she wrote)..

Time flied, and... well, some truth reveiled and I won't say I don't like her, just that... hmm, i doubted the personalities she has been created all this while and I have to believe my eyes..

Anyway, maybe you might be offended by this kinda comment again as I saw someone wrote nicely to you but in return you also acted a bit extreme. Just wanted to express my feelings.

take care!

What truth was reveiled that shocked you? Feels like you say something but don't back it up. Well, if it's the controversy that she didn't quote her sources or the supposed surgery, I say so what? I like her blog from this year, haven't read it years ago and I don't care what she wrote in 2004 or 2007, that's so yesterday... She matured, she writes stuff that's interesting to me, so I like her. If you don't, good for you. You can't argue taste. U like this, I like that: No offence, because that's how the world is.
And labeling me extreme... well, imagine you are attacked by 100 commments by ppl who don't know you and call you stupid and worse? Would you be able to respond in a cool and laid back way? Well, maybe I couldn't at that time. But extreme us relative. Maybe it's extreme for you, but not for me. And I can pretty much spot someone who wants to insult me, but puts it in nice words.

I am not offended by anyone here, only annoyed :) That's my feelings expressed, Sun.

Thanx for sharing.

Take care.

you say such nice things about her that i must go and see her blog for're right too, she's a very beautiful girl.

@adamantixx, sure, check her out. I like her, but that's my personal taste.

you have very good taste, i also liked the post about Tiffany Wong too...
Asia seems full of gorgeous women!

Oh, thank you. I love beautiful woman and because I traveled to Asia a lot, lived there for a while and also dated them, I have a special bond to these incredible women :) Asia is big and populated, maybe the percentage of beauties is same as in the West, but because there's so many of them, you can find so much more beautiful women.

hey MKL, I'm sorry that I couldn't find any other suitable spots to bring myself to your attention.

You must have found out my blog because of some other bloggers, eh? Anyway, thanks for your will to read my blog, can't help feeling proud about it. ^^

I enjoy reading your posts and your stand which consist of solid reasons, unlike some other blinded people. =)

@wenwen, thank you very much ;-) And thanks for dropping by. Hope you come more often. I read your opinion on some other blogs and I like your thinking and reasoning. Always nice to come across a blogger like you :)

haha, i don't really that fancy Dawn. I must confess that I like her because I hate the other one (angmog wannabe)

@A Gust of Wind, fair enough. I like Dawn, though :)

@A Gust of Wind, I can totally see that. But mind telling me why? ^^

I don't really fancy any of them, but I think Dawn's blog is a better one, for the reason that it is more worth reading, that's all.

@MLK, I'm interested to read those comments tho. I think it's usually posted by a person named "Anonymous". HAHAHAHA

@wenwen, yea, anonymous or he has a certain nickname, but I won't write it down just to make him happy. He's a loser anyway.

You are unusually defensive about these comments. Most of them were simply opinions. This is a comment box, not another place for you to defend your arguments, that was accomplished above in your post. People have opinions, they don't need you to harshly argue against them.

@Anonymous, how do you know what kind of comments I recieved? Btw, I don't take anonymous commentators seriously.

Funny. I always thought a comment section was an area to further explain the points that you were trying to make in your post to people with questions or who don't quite understand what you're saying. I also thought it was a place to engage in conversation. That's why comment systems like Disqus and IntenseDebate are so popular. They encourage user interaction and conversation and debating of the topic.

@TalesOC, I can do whatever I want here, right? Funny that some anonymous comes here to lecture me what am I supposed to do in my comment section.

If people argue my post and my points, I can defend that and argue mtheir points. Because I am also allowed to comment under my post.

I know where that guy came from, it's not a democracy, so he doesn't get it ;-)

@MKL: Well, last time I checked it was your blog, so as far as I know you can do whatever you want with it, and run it however you want, and use the blog for whatever you want, and if someone doesn't like it they should pull down their pants, give themselves a "thumbs up", then sit on that shit and spin.

It's so obvious that u're Dawn Yang yourself or someone in her camp, disgusting as usual, enough of this self praising

@Anonymous, nyahahahaha.....

If you really read my blog, you would find out that it's impossible that I am Dawn Yang. I am male and from Europe. What is her camp? The 'normal' people? If that's the case, yes, I am on the normal side. Glad that I upset another hater, nyahahaha...

aha envy she has brain and beauty eheh

She's also a blogger on STOMP or you could go down Orchard Road maybe you'd bump into her. I did, nah, kidding.

She's still on Xanga though, I should have never deleted my Xanga.

@E: Yes, I know. I read her on STOMP too sometimes. And I have a Xanga blog, too.

chanced on this blog post....i can understand why you like dawn seeing she's pretty a perfect picture

but, she's so fake.

listen to her. read her. watch her.

somehow, very distant..

@Anonymous: You probably haven't read well, but Dawn is very nice to me, even commented on this blog here few times. Yes, she's hot and everything, but I like her blog and on STOMP's star blog and we follow each other on Twitter and keep in touch. I like her. And the more I'm getting to know her, the more I realize what a nice person she is.

Be positive, it won't hurt ya ^_~

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