June 26, 2008

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Tropical rain in Penang

We had so much rain lately here in Slovenia. Luckily there wasn't any floods where I live, but it was pretty bad in Austria and Czech republic, whole towns were flooded. But the rain here makes me depressed. It just doesn't stop, it can go for days or weeks without a break. I remember few years ago, one October, we literally had 14days of rain. Crazy! Well, now it was like 4-5days, still bad, but not as bad as autumn rains. This rain made me browse my old photos and I stumbled accross my Penang pics from 2007. One folder says 'rain torrent'. Then I remembered: It was the heaviest rain I ever saw! It was May and one of those periods in northern Malaysia, when it rained a lot. It poured like crazy, but it stopped pretty fast. That's what I love about tropical rain. It's finished fast and it's not so cold when it rains. And few hours after the rain, everything is dry already. I like rain, but only the tropical one. I hate the rain here in the northern hemisphere. Here's the pics from Penang in May 2007. It was taken from Sunrise Tower near Gurney plaza, from the 6th floor, where I lived. Amazing view and a very nice part of Penang. 5 min from the fabulous shopping mall and caf├ęs and condos. Full of tourists and locals, very vibrant... Especially because of a big foodstall area near by, every night was crowded. I have very fond memories from that time. So, here's the pics:

It starts off slowly...

...getting stronger...

...and stronger.

Soon the whole road is flooded.
Look at the bikers, they're like on water scooters!

Soon there's a lake...

Cars having a hard time...

They're almost sinking.

That rain started fast and finished fast. And the lake was gone fast, too. In the evening, everything was dry already. If this were in central Europe, it would take days. That's why I love the climate in Malaysia.
[Photos by MKL, 2007]


  1. I really enjoy the rain. Maybe I'm weird but I just always have. I like overcast skies and rainy days. There's something very relaxing and comforting about them.

    I've seen flooding like that in El Paso, Texas. The city isn't built right for drainage. Once a year it rains a lot and the place is like a disaster. The flooded areas stay flooded for days.

  2. Haha...I see my beauty parlour. The first picture, red roof on the left!!!

  3. @Brad, I hate rainy days here... arrgh... so depressing. I only enjoyed them in Malaysia and Singapore.

    @Jerine, wah lau eh! I used to go to that parlour, too, but they always threw us out, because they said the Queen was coming and she needs space and peace. That was you!!! :P Kidding.

    It's a small world, huh? :)

  4. This is so beautiful to me. I grew up where it rained all the time and I really took it for granted. The past decade I have been in the desert and let me just tell you how much it makes you appreciate the beautify in life. I read your post about people thinking you were a girl and it made me laugh. If they were to go to the about you page or even see your twitter picture it is obvious. That's still really funny to me and makes me giggle :p
    Also- YAY!! Congrats on the win in Slovania!

  5. @vpaege Hehe, thanks for your lovely comment here. Well, I never lived in the desert, so I can't really feel how you feel, but I'm sure it must be quite hard.
    Well, I did keep this blog a bit more anonymous before, without a pic, hehe. However, they could read my 'about me' page :)
    Thanks for the congrats, hehe ;)

  6. which part of penang is this! hahaha cant seem to recognize my own hometown lol

  7. @Jess: Gurney :) Taken from Sunrise tower, a condo north from Gurney plaza shopping mall.


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