May 24, 2008

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Malacca City, Malaysia

I want to introduce to you one of the most beautiful and famous Malaysian towns - Malacca (Malay Melaka). I've been to Melaka in 2007 for just a day. I must say I didn't see everything, just the main part. Me and my ex came all the way from Penang to Batu Pahat in 1 night (took us 9h by bus accross whole Malaysia, that is around 1000km!). We only had to days to stay in Batu Pahat and visit her family. The next day we decided to go to a short trip to Melaka, took us 2-3h, I don't remember anymore. But it was a long ride, yet definitely worth it.

So why is Melaka so significant? Because it gave the name to the whole nation of Malaysia. The second thing so speacial about Melaka is the history. Melaka was ruled by the Portuguese, Dutch and British. And those influences are seen until today, be it in architecture, food and religion. Also famous from Melaka is the Peranakan culture also known as Baba-Nyonya. This is the culture of Chinese immigrants who adopted Malay culture and kept some of their Chinese characteristics and created a mix, which became a culture on it's own. Nyonya food is very famous everywhere in Malaysia and Singapore and can be found even today and offered as something special. The Nyonya people are declining in their number though. However, Melaka still has to offer a lot and you should visit it if you have the chance. It's one of Malaysia's top tourist destinations, you'll see many people from all over the world.

Here are my photos of Malacca (Melaka):

The famous Dutch Mill.

A nice roundabout.

The Christchurch of Melaka.

The interesting Dutch paving.

A lovely fountain refreshed the air for us.

We went closer to the fountain.

Here are also many museums.

Famous A Famosa fort from the 16th century.

This famous ship is a Maritime museum.

[My MALAYSIA page][Photos by MKL, 2007]


  1. I've been to Melaka, too, only for a school trip. Didn't check out that big ship, though...

    And hey, I'm studying linguistics, and your whole translator job kinda fascinates me actually. We should talk about a few things!

  2. Very good article! You can definitely see the Dutch Influence in the flowers, the English influence in the layout, and the Portuguese influence in the monuments. I like the Martime Museum. It looks really cool. Plus, that fort looks like something I'd like to visit. One of the things I miss about living in Germany is that we could tour old castles. I like old stuff like that.

  3. @Nashe^ Thank you for your comment. I'll definitely contact you through your email and we can talk about few things.

    @Brad, yea, you got that right. In Malaysia you have Melaka and Penang as historic towns/cities and they are really worth to see, if you have the chance.

  4. Great pics ^^ My mom's family is from Malacca so I go there every once in a while.

  5. @Envoy Wow, you seem to find my old post more interesting lately :) Thanks a lot for commenting :)

  6. Cool post, bro.

  7. Nice post on Malacca!
    Have a good weekend!

  8. @Anonymous: Thank you.

    @黄清华 Wong Ching Wah said: Thank you.


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